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« Je serais tellement plus utile au chômage

« Je serais tellement plus utile au chômage

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crowd computing A couple of days ago David Gelernter – a known Computer Science Visionary who famously survived an attack by the Unabomber – wrote a piece on Wired called ‘The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It’. In it, he summarized one of his predictions around the web moving from a static document oriented web to a network of streams. Nova Spivack, my Co-founder and CEO at Bottlenose, also wrote about this in more depth in his blog series about The Stream. I’ve been interested in the work of David Gelernter for quite some time and thought this might be a good time to revisit some of his previous predictions. In 1999 he wrote a piece on Edge called ‘The Second Coming – A Manifesto’. While there are many pie in the sky things in there, I found some key takeaways that are highly relevant today:

A Non-Mathematical Introduction to Using Neural Networks The goal of this article is to help you understand what a neural network is, and how it is used. Most people, even non-programmers, have heard of neural networks. There are many science fiction overtones associated with them. And like many things, sci-fi writers have created a vast, but somewhat inaccurate, public idea of what a neural network is. Most laypeople think of neural networks as a sort of artificial brain. Neural networks would be used to power robots or carry on intelligent conversations with human beings.

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Black Framed Mirror, 46x76 I want to lean it up against a wall on a tiled floor. What should I use to ensure that is doesn't slip and fall?? How often do you shop on Every few months How often do you shop in a Kirkland's store: Every few months Describe yourself: Moderately concerned about price How often do you change your décor? mathematical Jokes undefined To Return to Home Page Mathematical Jokes Maths and Alcohol don't mix, so... Then there's every parent's scream when their child walks into the room dazed and staggering:

Exploring New Knowledge: The Relationship Between Perimeter and Area Scenario Imagine that one of your students comes to class very excited. She tells you that she has figured out a theory that you never told the class. She explains that she has discovered that as the perimeter of a closed figure1 increases, the area also increases.

Researching the unknown Science is much stranger than fiction. It suggests that our Universe may just be one of infinitely many which constantly pop in and out of existence like bubbles in a bubble bath. There may be many more dimensions than the three we can see, rolled up so tightly we can't perceive them. And our Universe is riddled with black holes at whose centres time and space tear themselves apart.