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Smithsonian X 3D

Smithsonian X 3D

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The 25 Must Have Resources for Science Teachers Here is what I have been preparing for you over this weekend. Below is a list featuring some great resources for science teachers. These resources provide a wide variety of materials for teaching science from lesson plans, printables, activities, technology resources and many more. I invite you to have a look and share with your colleagues. This is a periodic table of chemical elements ( around 180 ) with an illustrative video around each element. 25 Websites To Download Free STL Models For 3D Printers - Hongkiat 3D printers are going mainstream, as more consumers warm up to and adopt the idea of 3D printing. The Micro, for example, is a Kickstarter project for a 3D printer for consumers. It was funded in mere minutes. But you can’t start printing once you get your printer. You will need to get the materials and more importantly the blueprint to printout your product. If 3D modelling sounds difficult to you, fret not, the Web is filled with sites that offer users free 3D models to print on their printers free of charge.

14 YouTube Math Channels February 10, 2014 Since the posting of "20 Great Math Websites for Teachers and Students", I have received some requests from math teachers asking for websites that provide quality math videos. Upon checking my archive and some other online resources, I deemed it necessary to compile this list of Math YouTube channels to share with you. These are basically channels where you can have access to a wide variety of math videos and tutorials to help your students with Math. I have included only what I believe are the best Math channels out there. Check out this selection and share with your colleagues. 1- Mr. This is how the Smithsonian made Obama's historic 3D printed bust Museums are replete with exquisite, lifelike busts of U.S. presidents and heads of state. Many were made when their subjects, such as George Washington and Ben Franklin, were still alive. Yet, for all their verisimilitude, they’re still artists’ interpretations of what these historical figures looked like. President Barack Obama’s bust, by contrast, is a kind of facsimile never seen before in a presidential representation.

5 Great Science Websites For Kids 1- Science Made FunScience Made Fun wants kids to love science by showing how fun science can be. The site is colorful and makes silly sounds as you move your mouse around the page. Kids can read science trivia, science jokes, and play science games. The site also has just over a dozen experiments that kids can perform in school or at home under the supervision of their parents. This site from the BBC offers information, games, and quizzes on a wide variety of scientific topics. Quick Start Guide: Printing With a Makerbot Rep 2: 14 Steps In order for your model to print correctly you will need to customize the settings. What type of material are you using? PLA or ABS - If you don't know check the label on the spool on the back of the Makerbot (There are pros and cons to each material, you have to choose which is best for your print) Resolution- Do you want it to be faster or prettier or a happy medium?

Real-World Math Problems? Try Google Earth! One of the most common questions math teachers hear from their students is, “why does this matter?” They are constantly trying to convince students that math is useful and could help them in their everyday lives. But it can be a tough sell. State of 3D Printing Industry Credit: Alexander Kirch/Shutterstock Although additive manufacturing has been around for nearly 30 years, it's within the past five to 10 years that it has exploded in popularity among consumer and business applications and been redubbed 3D printing. Within the past year, 3D printing technology has continued to evolve and catch the interest of some major players as it becomes more versatile and cost-effective. Cost decline will have the biggest impact on how the industry changes, according to a Sculpteo report on the state of 3D printing.