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Startups, This Is How Design Works

Startups, This Is How Design Works
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Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking it is a skill to do a good solder joint, it comes with LOTS of practice. so most people who rarely do it will ever get good at it. Bingo. Of course, part of the issue is having a soldering iron at the right temp with a properly tinned tip. Newbies aren't using soldering stations but a cheap iron they got at rat shack (You have questions? We have deer-in-the-headlights... erm... answers!). I don't expect to ever master tricky stuff like smts or even multilayer pcbs so I'm not much better then a newbie, anyway - and I totally suck at sweating pipe joints. Ah, well... SMT is actually a bit better than through-hole once you get the hang of it.

How to Motivate People: Skip the Bonus and Give Them a Real Project Science has managed to reveal some crazy things that fly in the face of almost every commonly accepted management practice. Here's the latest: Rewards for top performers lead them to worse performance. And if you want to foster innovation, bonuses won't work either. Rather, it's all about letting people slip from under line management and strike out on their own, on projects they care about. Dan Pink lays all that out in this new video, which illustrates a talk he gave at the RSA (a kind of British version of TED): Wild stuff, and all the more unsettling because of the current mess on Wall Street. The fact that science has also created a new vision for workplace performance--fueled less by management and more by individual goals--is shocking. Pink tackles those themes at length in Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

42 Free Online Magazines for Designers Art and design magazines are designers close companion. Not only it feeds us with latest trends and news in the design industry, it’s also a good source of inspiration, particularly useful for those who hit the design block frequently. Just in case you weren’t aware, there’s a huge pool of free design magazines on the net; we meant those softcopy magazines you can either browse online or download (.PDF, .SWF) for offline viewing. More? Our Top Picks GizMag Weekly web magazine full of neat stuff. A List Apart It’s not really a ‘magazine’ since it don’t come in .PDF or any downloable format. Bak Magazine Artzmania Veer Catalog PDF Mags Nothing but lots of PDF magazines, for free. Destructed Magazine Art- and Designmagzine in .PDF format released quaterly with each issue deals with a unique topic. Magwerk Love Pics Komma Delve Magazine Delve was created to explore visual culture through experimentation in design, photography, illustration, and other related visual arts. Kino Mag CRU A Magazine Wag True Eye

How to Keep Kids Engaged in Class Have you ever plunked yourself down in a staff meeting where some of your colleagues were, for lack of a better phrase, not paying attention? Grading homework? Having private conversations? Texting? As we know all too well, kids aren't a whole lot different than adults: If they aren't absorbed by what's going on, they'll find something else that interests them. Getting all your students focused, eager, and on task at the beginning of class is challenging enough. Still, unless you manage to capture and keep students' focus, whether at the beginning of or midway through class, the engine of student learning that you are trying to drive simply isn't even in gear. From Dead Time to Active Learning I call this lack of engagement dead time. I have come to feel that dead time is so pernicious that I will do everything I can to prevent even the hint of an outbreak. They call students at Level 4, the lowest level, the work avoiders, and on level 3 are the halfhearted workers. Building Your Arsenal

Most Viewed Photoshop Tutorials Under Articles - Photoshop is recommended for this tutorial - Under Photoshop Tutorial, Text Effect In this tutorial, you will learn how to bring a simple text to life and place everything in fantastic, colored and glowing 3D space. Some neat techniques covered here will allow you to bring your art to the next level. Under 3D Effect, Photoshop Tutorial In this tutorial, it will demonstrate you how to create a realistic 3D snooker ball. Under Drawing Effect, Photoshop Tutorial Sometimes, you may want to draw / create a flower in digital form. Under Photo Effect, Photoshop Tutorial In lots of cartoon programmes or legends, you may have seen a human face on tree which is able to talk or move. There are various text effects. To design a 3D cap, it is similar approach as other 3D object. This tutorial will explain how to make nice castle from a several photos in photoshop. Chinese painting look very difficult to make, as it requires a lot of techniques and deep knowledge in this.

Education 2.0 – Social Networking and Education In the last decade, the Internet has changed how teachers and students learn in the classroom. Companies like Google, Wikipedia, and WordPress have opened the door to instant exploration of subjects and questions that haven’t been available in the classroom before. Students are now able to explore the ancient Egyptian pyramids using Google Maps, see updated facts and information on a wiki, or read a famous explorer’s blog posts on their expeditions, all safely from their desks. With our culture’s shift to “social,” companies have created tools that offer free platforms for blogs, wikis and private social networking sites. Blogs share the knowledge of the classroom, projects, and/or experiences with others who can greatly benefit from the shared knowledge. Wikis are an excellent tool for open collaboration and knowledge sharing because they allow everyone to contribute. Sources: National School Boards Association (NSBA),, Grunwald Associates LLC,

What’s new for designers, January 2014 The January edition of what’s new for web designers and developers includes new web apps, jQuery plugins and JavaScript resources, web development tools, responsive design resources, collaboration tools, coding resources, and some really great new fonts. Many of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there. As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been included, please let us know in the comments. And if you have an app or other resource you’d like to see included next month, tweet it to @cameron_chapman for consideration. Duo Duo is a web browser that lets you view both mobile and desktop versions of responsive websites you’re designing. TimeTracker TimeTracker is a software-integrated time tracking app that offers automatic time capture, real-time analytics, and more. makes it incredibly easy to comment or otherwise provide feedback on any URL. Adaptive Backgrounds Layrs Control

5 Words You’ll Never Hear on the Campaign Trail In this (and every) election year, I find myself amazed all over again at the phenomenal effort our elected and would-be elected officials put into the denial of their own mistakes. They don’t ever want to fess up to anything, it seems. 5 words you’ll never hear on the campaign trail: “Here’s How I Screwed Up.” I get it; I understand their motives. I understand that leadership in the political arena is, in many ways, different from the day-to-day, up-close-and-personal leadership you and I practice in our places of work. There’s no such thing as a perfect human being, and the minute one tries to appear to be perfect, he or she is automatically suspect. So, how about we all stop trying so hard to market ourselves as flawless? In fact, how’s about we boldly talk about our mistakes and share what we learned from the experience of falling and failing and flailing? Here’s the question: How bold and public are you willing to be with your own valuable screw-ups? How have you screwed up?

Develop a Job :: What is a Web Developer? A web developer is a software programmer who is focused on developing sites and applications for the World Wide Web. Simply put, a web developer writes the code which is used by computers to display webpages. Here are some everyday tasks for a web developer: Work with a web designer to create new webpage designs.Discuss the layout and structure of a website with the website manager.Write the code to produce a new page layout for a website.Create a database for a new web based application. The role of web developer is very flexible, and that flexibility is what makes it a good career choice for a large number of people. Being a web developer offers benefits most careers cannot. You do not need a college education to be a web developer. There are two components which deliver a website. Every web developer has an understanding about both components, but many developers choose to focus on one of those components for their career. Web Development on the Server Web Development for the Browser

Test Your Creativity: 5 Classic Creative Challenges Fascinated by how brains and creativity work, we frequently share new research on the 99U twitter feed, showing how everything from drinking alcohol, to taking vacations, to moving your eyes from side to side can make you more creative. What’s particularly interesting, however, is that most of these studies rely on just a small group of core creativity tests – and you don’t need any special lab equipment to take them. Below, we’ve collected five of the most commonly used creativity challenges for your self-testing pleasure. 1. Developed by J.P. Hold papers togetherCufflinksEarringsImitation mini-tromboneThing you use to push that emergency restart button on your routerKeeping headphones from getting tangled upBookmark The test measures divergent thinking across four sub-categories: Fluency – how many uses you can come up withOriginality – how uncommon those uses are (e.g. Try it yourself: How many uses can you think of for a spoon? 2. 3. 4. 5.

Conference 2011: Key Insights on Idea Execution (Pt. II) More insights on making ideas happen from the 2011 edition of the 99U Conference… Laura Guido-Clark onstage at the 99U Conference. LAURA GUIDO-CLARK /// Principal, Laura Guido-Clark Design At Laura Guido-Clark’s design studio, she focuses on the color, materials, and finish, working with companies like Apple, Dell, DWR to “skin” products. “60% of what I do is about ‘passionate consulting’ and 40% of the time, I focus on my dreams.”Actually setting aside a percentage of your time to work on projects unrelated to your day-job (however much you may love your day-job) will ensure that you accomplish what really matters to you.Spend less time on what to do, and more on how to be.Be mindful about yourself and your actions: Are the things you’re spending your time on consistent with the person you want to be? Linda Rottenberg onstage at the 99U Conference. LINDA ROTTENBERG /// Co-Founder & CEO, Endeavor If you’re not being told you’re crazy, you’re not thinking big enough.Crazy is a compliment.

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