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organizing Happy Tuesday everyone! I was roaming the aisles again ( I wish that could be a full time job) and found a great product...Chalkboard Contact Paper! Yes, chalkboard...actual wipe away and rewrite chalkboard paper. It's a dream come true for a person, like me, who likes to change things all the time. Here's where I used it first. I LOVE tools. but they are much cuter with chalkboard labels! The only problem is my third grade hand writing. I also used the labels under my table for my fabric filing. I have a big file cabinet for quilting fabric, but these boxes are the over flow that didn't fit. Cheap cardboard file boxes, turned inside out to show the natural cardboard look so they all match and then use file folders to hang your fabric on. Click HERE for the original fabric filing post. How to make your own Chalkboard Labels... You will need a roll of chalkboard contact paper and a template. The paper was about $5.00 for the roll at Michael's Craft Store. Draw on the back of the paper. ~Karen~

pottery barn kids | building blocks Fathers Who Read We had a busy weekend around here. A four soccer game kind of busy weekend. As I sat down to write a blog post, I thought I might take the easy route and post this great picture of Rob and Katherine with a quote about dads and reading. Instead, I found a super alarming statistic. One study out of Modesto, California, showed: (1) boys who were read to by their fathers scored significantly higher in reading achievement; and (2) where fathers read recreationally themselves, their sons read more and scored higher than did boys whose fa- thers did little or no recreational reading. Only 10 percent of dads reported having fathers who read to them as children. I know in our house, I do most of the reading.

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