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Parent Resources Archive A Guide to Indoor Camping The next time you’re staring down the barrel of a snowflake-induced “holiday,” why not try something that I (as a parent and a child) ... Read more 5 Everyday Sights in Nature (and Why You Should Notice Them) The next time you take the family for a nature walk in your neighborhood or town, here are five everyday sights in nature to examine in a new light. Read more Winter Olympics 2014 For Kids From February 7 to 23, I’ll be encouraging my kids to watch TV, and lots of it. Read more “Dear me…” – A Letter To The Future If you could send a letter to your future self, what would it say? Read more Working with Scale If your child is in upper elementary or middle school, scale is on the menu for math. Read more Family Nature Walk— Patterns in Nature I don't know about you, but I find it more difficult to get outside in the winter. Read more 6 Fun Rainy Day Activities A rainy day provides that perfect excuse to stay in, get cozy and hang out with the family. Read more Read more

pottery barn kids | building blocks The Key to Successful Homeschool  - Home - Homegrown Learners The key to accomplishing A LOT in your homeschool is actually staying HOME. When my children were younger we were always on the go - fun field trips, park days, and getting out "just because". Now that Anna is in 7th grade, the work is getting HARD (more on her Challenge program in the next few weeks!) and we must stay home the majority of our time to give this beautiful program the justice it deserves. *This post contains affiliate links. This week we spent A LOT of time at home. Confession: Staying home is hard for me. And, to be honest, it used to seem like a "sacrifice" to me, but now it's just what we do, and wouldn't trade it for anything. Here's what our week looked like: Anna - Challenge A Anna's days are quite structured, but the Challenge A program allows for HER to design and maintain that structure. Basically, she has six "subjects" she is studying this year: Math, Latin, Rhetoric, Geography, Science, and Writing. 1. 2. 3. 4. Grant - Foundations at Home Work 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Little Things Handmade Charlotte | DIY Crafts and Design for Kids My 4 Sweetums Homeschool World: Oklahoma Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups Oklahoma Homeschool Groups Add Your Homeschool Group! Information Out of Date? Just click the link by each group to submit a change! Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of Oklahoma P.O. Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation, Inc. AMBLEcommunity Tulsa Metro Area Contact: Christa Bartlett or Donna Smith Email: Form / Contact We are a community of home-educating families in the Tulsa, OK area. Choctaw Community Homeschool Co-op Midwest City Contact: Tina Bridges Phone: (405) 641-0490 Email: ptbridges@mcloudteleco. We are a homeschool group which has been meeting for 5 years. Christian Education Alliance 840 W. 81 St., Tulsa, OK 74132 Phone: (918) 445-3145 Fax: (918) 445-3043 Email: ceatulsa@cox. A ministry of Tulsa Hills Church of the Nazarene. Christian Home Educators Encouragement Resource (CHEER) Serving the Tulsa, OK area and surrounding communities.

you clever monkey Song of My Heart: Five in a Row Units I decided to organize all of our Five in a Row units as links on this page, so that they wouldn't get lost in the sidebar. You'll always be able to access this page by clicking on OUR FIVE IN A ROW UNITS under "Categories" in the right-hand sidebar. But first, a few notes about Five in a Row in our family: 1. 2. 3. Now for the links to our Five in a Row Adventures: Cranberry ThanksgivingKaty and the Big SnowLentilMadelineMake Way for DucklingsNight of the MoonjelliesOwl MoonStopping by Woods on a Snowy EveningThe Bee TreeThe Glorious FlightThe Salamander RoomThe Snowy Day (Before Five in a Row)The Story About Ping Hope this has been helpful for someone!

American School of Warsaw: Learning » Elementary School » ES Curriculum » 5th Grade The Fifth Grade is taught within a language rich setting. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are integrated across the content areas. Learning is viewed as a meaning seeking process best accomplished when students are actively involved with authentic tasks. While the children are encouraged to develop abilities to reason, problem-solve and make personal decisions, they also learn to see themselves as part of a cooperative learning unit. For this reason, opportunities are given for both individual and group work and expression. Homework for the regular classroom in Fifth Grade, which includes assigned reading, is intended to be completed within one hour. Projects and field trips are scheduled to enhance the study of various subject areas whenever appropriate. One of the most important components of academic success in achieving curriculum goals is communication and cooperation among students, teachers and parents. Language Arts Reading Writing Speaking Listening Social Studies Science Art

Corkboard Connections Homeschooling with Five In A Row: Your Unit Study Homeschool I am so thankful that I found (in my very first year of homeschooling!) a homeschool curriculum called Five In A Row. It's hard to fully explain on a website page what this curriculum has meant to me and my family. I don't even think of it as a curriculum anymore, but as a way of thinking and teaching and as a very precious set of books that represent my place in a big family that I call my FIAR family. The Years I've Spent "Rowing" The term we use for spending our five days studying one of the wonderful picture books used in Five in a Row is "rowing." The years I have spent "rowing" with my young children will always be some of the best memories I have. How Five In A Row Works Five in a Row is a unit study-based approach to learning in the elementary years, using the very best children's literature. I would suggest that anyone thinking of homeschooling take a look at all the benefits of Five In A Row. Purchasing Five In A Row Five In A Row Digital Links to Help You with Five In A Row