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MRI Math Connections: Intel Math + MLC

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HCPSSAccessibleMathematics - home. Intel expands math course for teachers. By Intel Corp. is going nationwide with an intensive math course for teachers that the company has successfully piloted in the Bay Area and New England.

Intel expands math course for teachers

Expanding Intel Math is piece of a $200 million, 10-year commitment in science, technology, engineering and math education, known as STEM, that Intel announced with President Obama at the White House last week. Continuing Intel science competitions and the International Science and Engineering Fair (this year in San Jose in May) is a bigger piece. Intel Math is an 80-hour program that explains math concepts and teaching strategies to K-8 teachers. It’s co-taught by a math professional – usually a college professor — and a veteran math teacher. Research has shown generally has shown that math students do better when their teachers have a thorough understanding of math concepts. With the state cutting funding on professional development, teachers are lucky to be trained on what’s inside textbooks, not to mention the fundamentals of math. UMass Medical School.

MLC Program Selected for National EvaluationAfter a national vetting of math professional development programs, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) selected the Mathematics LearningCommunity program and the Intel Math course for a national evaluation.

UMass Medical School

The evaluation team to perform this study will be selected by a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP). Six states will be involved with the goal of identifying the improvements in math teaching and student math achievement with the use of these two professional development programs in conjunction with one another. The RSRC will provide the MLC Facilitator Training to the cohorts of the study. Massachusetts was the pilot state for both of these aligned programs with funding from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Intel Foundation and the Noyce Foundation.

In MA, 83 districts have downloaded the MLC materials for use in professional development. About the MLC MLC Materials Available Online. Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education. Library of 2009-10 Interdisciplinary Colloquium Series Title: What is Stem Education?

Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education

President Jack M. Wilson University of Massachusetts Thursday 8th October 2009; 4:30-8pm, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center, Fall RiverAbstract and further details Watch the Talk Title: Sensible TechnologyDr Nathalie Sinclair Simon Fraser University Monday 30th November 2009; 3:30-5pmAbstract Title: Building Mathematics Learning Communities: A Focus on Looking at Student WorkDona Apple Consultant & Professional Development Provider Wednesday 16th December 2009; 3:30-5pmAbstract Download Presentation Watch the Talk Title: Multiple Dimensions Involved in the Design of Teaching Learning Situations Taking Advantage of Technology: Examples in Dynamic Mathematics TechnologyDr Colette Laborde University Joseph Fourier and IUFM of Grenoble, France Wednesday 3rd March 2010; 3:30-5pmAbstract.

K-8 Math Progressions. K-8 Math Progressions (formerly known as Intel Math) Stephani Burton, who just started her fourth year as a pre-kindergarten teacher at John Winthrop Elementary School in Boston, decided during her first year on the job that she wanted an extra dose of professional development in mathematics.

K-8 Math Progressions

So she chose to hone her skills with a program called K-8 Math Progressions. Burton was looking for a challenge. K-8 Math Progressions is an intense program designed to provide teachers in kindergarten through the eighth grade with a thorough and deep understanding of math. In Burton's district, it takes place during a five-to-eight-day stretch over the summer and an additional five to eight days during the school year. 80 Hours of Training Altogether it amounts to 80 hours of training -- roughly the time it takes to walk 240 miles, watch four seasons of Lost, or in Burton’s case, make an entire collection of 70 to 80 pieces of jewelry.

New Insights on Mathematics. The University of Arizona - Intel Math. Intel Math is an 80-hour professional development course in mathematics content for K-8 teachers.

The University of Arizona - Intel Math

The program was adapted from the Vermont Math Initiative developed by Dr. Ken Gross. The course is collaboratively taught by a practicing mathematician and a mathematics educator. One of the goals of Intel Math is that teacher participants deepen their own understanding of math through problem-solving. Intel Math “is designed to close the gap between insufficient mathematics training of elementary school teachers and the demands of the contemporary mathematics classroom” (Kenneth Gross, on VMI ) and places emphasis on deepening the teacher participants’ understanding of core K-8 mathematics concepts. Intel Math is grounded in a problem-solving approach to topics such as integer arithmetic, the decimal number system, place value, rational number arithmetic, rates, linear equations, and functions. Pedagogy comprises approximately 10% of the course. Achusetts Intel Math Initiative (MIMI) - 2013 Professional Development Institutes.

Vermont State Mathematics Coalition.