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US Grand Lodge, OTO: Main page

US Grand Lodge, OTO: Main page
Peace, Tolerance, Truth; Salutation on All Points of the Triangle; Respect to the Order. To all whom it may concern: Greeting and Health. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The letters O.T.O. stand for Ordo Templi Orientis, the Order of Oriental Templars, or Order of the Temple of the East. O.T.O. is dedicated to the high purpose of securing the Liberty of the Individual and his or her advancement in Light, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and Power through Beauty, Courage, and Wit, on the Foundation of Universal Brotherhood. Ordo Templi Orientis is the first of the great Old Æon orders to accept The Book of the Law, received by Aleister Crowley in 1904 EV.

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Sekhet-Maat Lodge Register for this event. Sekhet-Maat Lodge is pleased to announce its 2012ev Vulgar New Year’s Celebration ~ “A Night With Nuit” this December 31, 2012. The evening’s festivities will include a sumptious buffet feast, (including offerings for vegetarian, vegan, and paleo guests), a carefully-selected wine bar featuring complementary pairings for all main dishes, gorgeous decorations, dancing under our disco ball, and toasting in the New Year with a glass of bubbly. From 7pm to 10pm, the Lodge will host our Vulgar New Year’s Eve Buffet and Wine Bar. Tickets for this special event are $20.00 per member and $25.00 per non-member for the Buffet, and $15.00 per member and $20.00 per non-member for the Wine Bar. Persons purchasing a Wine Bar ticket will drink free-of-charge for the rest of the evening.

The Jesuit Vatican New World Order The Four Inns of Court to the unholy Temple Globally, all the legalistic scams promoted by the exclusive monopoly of the Temple Bar and their Bar Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn. These Inns/Temples are exclusive and private country clubs; secret societies of world power in commerce. Aleister Crowley After an unsuccessful attempt to climb Kanchenjunga and a visit to India and China, Crowley returned to Britain, where he attracted attention as a prolific author of poetry, novels, and occult literature. In 1907, he and George Cecil Jones co-founded a Thelemite order, the A∴A∴, through which they propagated the religion. After spending time in Algeria, in 1912 he was initiated into another esoteric order, the German-based Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), rising to become the leader of its British branch, which he reformulated in accordance with his Thelemite beliefs.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Preface Introduction Who are the Elders? Protocol I The Basic Doctrine Protocol II Economic Wars Protocol III Methods of Conquest Protocol IV Materialism Replaces Religion Protocol V Despotism and Modern Progress Protocol VI Take-Over Technique Protocol VII World-Wide Wars Protocol VIII Provisional Government Protocol IX Re-education Protocol X Preparing for Power Protocol XI The Totalitarian State Protocol XII Control of the Press Protocol XIII Distractions Protocol XIV Assault on Religion Protocol XV Ruthless Suppression Protocol XVI Brainwashing Protocol XVII Abuse of Authority Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents Protocol XIX Rulers and People Protocol XX Financial Programme Protocol XXI Loans and Credit Protocol XXII Power of Gold Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler Back to Table of Contents/ . . .PREFACE(Translated by Victor E. Marsden)The author of this translation of the famous Protocols was himself a victim of the Revolution. Indeed they do!

Irish Order of Thelema » “…and Ireland, how has it been partitioned, where have things been therein?” ‘…and Ireland, how has it been partitioned, where have things been therein?’ ‘Easy to say,’ said Fintan: ‘knowledge in the west, battle in the north, prosperity in the east, music in the south, kingship in the centre .‘ ‘True indeed, O Fintan,’ said Trefuilngid, ‘thou art an excellent shanachie.

Brotherhood of the Bell by William Dean Ross by William Dean Ross The majority of people worldwide do not know what the terms Black Operations and Black Sciences mean or how they are used. Black Operations were developed after World War I; but, really flourished after World War II during the Cold War. Congress allocated money to the Pentagon, the CIA and other Defense Department sectors to make the United States military as strong as possible, but certain projects became more secret than others did. The more secret projects were funded by the civilian sector at first - such as "pet peeve" defense contractors already in the loop.

Neo-druidism Neo-druidism or neo-druidry , commonly referred to as Druidism or Druidry by its adherents [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] is a form of modern spirituality or religion that generally promotes harmony and worship of nature, and respect for all beings, including the environment. It is considered to be a Neopagan faith by some adherents, along with such religions as Wicca and Asatru , though "some assert that Druidry is not a religion at all, not even necessarily a spirituality, but simply a philosophy of living" [ 4 ] that can be adhered to by followers of any religion or by atheists . Originally inspired by 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century Romantic movements, modern Druidism was based upon theories about the Iron Age Celtic druids which are no longer considered to be historically accurate. Full article ▸

Brotherhood of Saturn Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the Illuminati House of Borja House of Breakspeare House of Somaglia House of Orsini House of Conti House of Chigi House of Colonna House of Farnese House of Medici House of Gaetani House of Pamphili House of Este House of Aldobrandini These Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers are in Full Control of the Company of Jesus, High Grey Council of Ten, and the Black Pope This is some good info on the Black Pope: The ‘Black Pope’, Superior Jesuit General (The President of the World), speaks at Loyola ‘Military Fortress’ University in his un-ratified 14th Amendment ‘Little Rome’ D.C United States Corporation.

Thule Society Thule Society (aka Brotherhood Of Death Society) In past programs, we have stated that the New World Order could not have been realized had it not been for the intense activities of various secret societies throughout the world. Types of Pagan Faiths A lot of times many pagan faiths are lumped together under Wicca. I'm here to give you a more broad outlook on all of our pagan brothers and sisters. In this part I will talk about the general faiths and approaches of the pagan follower. The second part will attempt to delve in to the myriad of religions we practice. Sorry if this has been done before, but I think it is sorely needed by the community.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn The three founders, William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers were Freemasons and members of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.).[5] Westcott appears to have been the initial driving force behind the establishment of the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn system was based on hierarchy and initiation like the Masonic Lodges; however women were admitted on an equal basis with men. The "Golden Dawn" was the first of three Orders, although all three are often collectively referred to as the "Golden Dawn". The First Order taught esoteric philosophy based on the Hermetic Qabalah and personal development through study and awareness of the four Classical Elements as well as the basics of astrology, tarot divination, and geomancy.

Crown Temple - History of the Protocols Michael EdwardEcclesiastic Commonwealth Community (ECC)July 15, 2003 The Crown Temple The governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, is owned by the “Crown,” which is a private foreign power. Before jumping to conclusions about the Queen of England or the Royal Families of Britain owning the U.S.A., this is a different “Crown” and is specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the “Crown.”

Kemetism Kemetism (also Kemeticism ; both from km.t , the native name of Ancient Egypt ) is a term for Egyptian neopaganism , i.e. neopagan revivals of Ancient Egyptian religion which developed in the United States from the 1970s onwards. There are several main groups, each of which take a different approach to their beliefs, ranging from eclectic to polytheistic reconstructionist . Pan-Africanist or black nationalist : The Ausar Auset of Ra Un Nefer Amen is a syncretic approach targeted at the African diaspora .