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Moi, ça va. Je ne suis pas opprimé.

Moi, ça va. Je ne suis pas opprimé.

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What You Can Do to Support Women’s Rights, Part III: Men in the Women’s Movement As both a male peer ed­u­ca­tor and a rad­i­cal fem­i­nist ac­tivist, one of the most com­mon ques­tions I hear from men about fem­i­nism is, What can I do? It is true that many men are open­ly hos­tile to­wards women and to­wards fem­i­nism, and most men (in my ex­pe­ri­ence) are at best am­biva­lent and some­what sus­pi­cious of fem­i­nism and fem­i­nist groups. But most men that I talk to at least pay lip ser­vice to the fun­da­men­tal doc­trine of fem­i­nism, that women de­serve the same rights as men and that any just so­ci­ety must in­clude an end to gen­der op­pres­sion. Tone argument "Just because you sound polite, doesn't mean your words aren't hurtful. Just because you sound acerbic, doesn't mean your words aren't kind." -- Comrade Squinky A tone argument is an argument used in discussions, sometimes by Concern trolls and sometimes as a Derailment, in which it is suggested that feminists would be more successful if only they expressed themselves in a more pleasant tone. This is also sometimes described as catching more flies with honey than with vinegar, a particular variant of the tone argument.

36 More Stunning Photos of African American Women in the Victorian Era Earlier, this year we shared 10 stunning photos of black women in the Victorian era, and now we have more stunning images to share! Many of these photos are the work of a photographer named of Alvan S. Harper. Harper’s photos featured many teachers, business owners and leaders from a then burgeoning black community in Tallahassee, Fl. In the last decades of the 19th Century, white Southern society began to pass laws to reverse the gains African Americans made during Reconstruction. By 1900, the Age of Jim Crow (legal segregation) was in full swing.

5 Simple Ways Men Can Better Respect Women I’m noticing a trend lately — over the past couple of years especially — where we feminists really want to get dudes on board. “Come on, guys,” we’re collectively calling. “It’s time to get your shit together.” Je ne suis pas féministe, mais… Did you ever start a sentence with “I’m not a feminist, but—”? Do you sometimes ridicule feminists because they’re so extreme/illogical/irrelevant? Do you feel that being described as a feminist would be insulting? Then I have news for you: you might be a feminist anyway. 101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women I’ve considered myself a feminist and male ally to women for quite some time. When I took my first Women’s Studies class two years ago with Professor Denise Witzig, little did I know that it would take me down an unsuspecting, beautiful, and transformative path towards feminism. Below, I’ve complied a list of 101 everyday ways for men to be allies to women. I must acknowledge that this post was written with cisgender, heterosexual men as a possible, target audience due to the lack of support from this group. However, I feel that many of these points are applicable on a broader scale.

You Might Not Be a "Male Feminist." You Could Just Be an Asshole. Earlier this week, BuzzFeed's Grace Spelman became the latest woman to demonstrate the risks of being online while female by tweeting screenshots of the belligerent exchanges she had with Ben Schoen, the former host of the Harry Potter podcast MuggleCast. When Spelman politely rebuffed Schoen's advances, he lashed out at her via a series of abusive messages and emails. For his part, Schoen strongly denied he was harassing Spelman. In a statement to the Daily Dot, Schoen not only refused to apologize for his actions but claimed he couldn't possibly be sexist, as he has "done more for the cause of advancing women's rights than any of the people who are criticizing me." In the wake of the incident, Schoen has tweeted erratically in his defense and even held a disturbing "press conference," raising the possibility he may be an attention-baiting troll. (Schoen has also hinted at having mental health issues on Twitter.)

10 Stunning Photos of Black Women from the Victorian Era Amazing what wonders surface on the internet. Recently we came across these incredible images of women of color from the Victorian era (mainly from 1860 to 1901) on Downtown LA life. Not much is known about the gorgeous women pictured outside of the time period. However, that doesn’t stop us from appreciating them! Check out some of our favorite photos of the timeless beauties below:

Why As A Man, I Need Feminism Originally published on The Sanctuary of Reason and cross-posted here with their permission. “I am a feminist.” This statement has caused several kinds of reactions when coming from me, a male. The Truth About “Pink” and “Blue” Brains Cross-posted at Ms. and the Huffington Post. I loathe to weigh in on the “war on men” conversation, but… alas. While one can use both logic and data to poke gaping holes in Suzanne Venker’s argument that women need to surrender to their femininity and let men think that they’re in charge if they ever want to get married, I just want to point out one thing — one endlessly repeated thing — that she gets very, very wrong. Venker claims that there has “been an explosion of brain research” that proves that men and women have different brains. This research, she claims, shows that men are loners who like to hunt and build things and women are nurturers who like to talk and take care of people.

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