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[sans titre] unlimitedtrashworks: ecstaticunicorns: channellingebert: kylos-knight: TEDxWomen Talk about Online Harassment & Cyber Mobs I was excited to participate in this year’s TEDxWomen in Washington, DC, an annual event organized by the Paley Center for Media. I presented a 10 minute talk about sexist online harassment, cyber mobs and both the destructive and uplifting power of online communities. In this talk, I use the analogy of an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) to explain how these types of large scale harassment campaigns operate. ~ @Livable4All - Housework Under Capitalism Housework Under Capitalism by C. A. L'Hirondelle written March 2000, revised March 2005 ShareThis (A shortened version of this article was published in the U.S. magazine "Off Our Backs" in Jan/Feb 2004)

AMBIVALENTLY YOURS Anonymous: okay I know this probably isn't the right place but my boyfriend and I just got into a fight and I need another opinion so here goes. he says that women shouldn't complain about being forced to do housework if the expect an engagement ring and how girls never have to propose and how it's just some thing about how women are greedy. I agree with him on some points but not that its women's fault there's this societal norm? I'm just frustrated I'm sorry First things first, you don’t need to apologize for having emotions and opinions, especially not on this Tumblr.

 Videos in French News & Web-TV: hundreds of interviews about Startups, Entrepreneurs & Innovation! Best Web Conference in Europe : LeWeb ’11 Feminist Disney hmmm this is an interesting continuation of the “how to let kids be kids” argument from yesterday. I get what you’re saying but I also think there is a LOT going on in that moment, and once again, the solution of “just act like you can’t see your kids and let them do whatever they want” is sort of ignoring the overarching social context that kids are never removed from, even if we think they should be. I haven’t seen the special and the referencing is likely too vague for me to find it among a hundred clips of her, so I will infer that Wanda, as a black child, is acting as most children do, misbehaving or making funny faces, whatever Mother sees child doing this, does not want child to reinforce a certain idea of “what black people are like” to white people watching the child. I will assume her mother is also black, since I couldn’t find much info about Wanda’s family online. A new Stanford University study predicts that the black student will be punished more harshly.

thxsexism Should we tell them that there’s no such thing as “contracuctually obligated to have sex” with somebody? Eeerr… actually, it does. You think you’re smart ? No, you’re sexist. How I Stopped Letting a Man Tell Me My Body Was "Too Wrinkled" For Him Originally published on The Huffington Post and cross-posted here with their permission. Naked, I stood at the closet doors with the lights on and made myself ready. I took a deep breath and positioned the mirrors so I could see all of me. 6 Things Feminists Hate – That Aren't Men I can’t believe it’s 2016 and we still have to talk about this. Look, feminism isn’t about hating men. It simply isn’t. By saying that it is, you are misrepresenting what feminism is and not allowing for rational discourse to take place. This is a logical fallacy called a strawman. When you say that feminists hate men, you make yourself seem reasonable because you don’t hate men.

The female way of coworking - deskmag A few days ago we published results of the Global Coworking Survey, which revealed some significant differences between female and male coworkers. We decided to dig beneath the statistics and ask some female founders of coworking spaces for their thoughts on the results. Why do women work on shorter projects and earn lower incomes, but are more content with their coworking spaces?

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