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Animated Video Production Services for Your Business. Right now, animation is big – really big – in the entertainment space.

Animated Video Production Services for Your Business

Across the world, mainstream animation films make as much money at the box office as other blockbusters do. They get screened and reviewed alongside major Hollywood releases. They run to packed houses at multiplexes. There are several big-ticket celebrities who are jumping on to the bandwagon by lending their voices to characters. In fact, the movies are so popular that the producers are scrambling to make sequels and spinoffs. Animation has always been an integral part of creating effective corporate films and television commercials.

In addition to such embedded animation sequences, Razzmatazz Films also has experience in animated video production for various applications like creating customer awareness, product demonstration, employee training, etc. Training Video Production in India - Razzmatazz Films. With their innate ability to engage the eye, the ear and the mind, films have emerged as a highly effective training tool. Numerous studies indicate that a training film creates far higher levels of learner engagement, content retention and content recall in comparison with the same material delivered via lectures (Talk-and-Chalk), PowerPoint slides or textbooks/printed courseware. Training films also encourage repeat viewing which is very important for recapitulation and retention. After all, nobody wants to see a PowerPoint presentation all over again – but watching a film is fun! At Razzmatazz Films, we have been in the training films and e-learning space for a very long time.

We are pretty high on this learning curve. We have comprehensive resources and capabilities for handling full-cycle training video projects – right from subject matter research, content creation and script writing to video shooting, post-production and final master production. Advertising Films Production House - Razzmatazz Films. While the making of mainstream films may indeed be considered an art, but the video ad production is definitely a science. It needs an in-depth understanding of aspects like branding, brand identity, the communication process, marketing strategy, communication strategy and creative strategy. It also calls for a knowledge base that encompasses the many complex layers of advertising: defining the target audience; zeroing in on the desired response to be evoked; identifying the triggers to be used for evoking the desired response; and then evolving a creative strategy that activates the triggers.

Razzmatazz Films is an advertising films production house with extensive experience in the nuts and bolts of advertising. Being a ad production company, we understand the intricacies of making television commercials (also referred to sometimes as commercial videos), and the challenges involved. Documentary Film Makers In Delhi - Razzmatazz Films. While Mumbai is the heart centre of commercial film production in India, one finds many documentary filmmakers in Delhi. That’s probably because Delhi is a centrally located gateway to a wide range of destinations, heritage sites, historical locations and pilgrimage centres. In short, Delhi takes you to places that have stories – and that’s what documentary film production is all about: stories… stories that educate, inform and engage… stories that stir passion and emotions… stories that empower. Documentary filmmakers aren’t just film makers – they are storytellers, recreating in a new medium the ancient art of weaving tales. A documentary film maker uses digital films as his or her canvas for narrating a great story… a compelling story… a story that must be told.

You can choose to work with us using two models. In the second model, you can approach us with a story or a script – and we’ll take it forward from there. Animated Video Production Services in India - Razzmatazz Films. Corporate Video Production Services - Razzmatazz Films. The domain of corporate film production is a highly specialised one.

Corporate Video Production Services - Razzmatazz Films

It’s not something that mainstream film makers would be able to do without prior exposure to the challenges of corporate video production and the special skills that go into compressing a corporate story into a duration that is ideally between 7 and 10 minutes. Right from scripting the story and crafting the narrative to shooting the key elements of the story and weaving it into a cohesive corporate film, a corporate video film production company leverages a whole new set of skills, talents and communication devices that are radically different from those used in mainstream film production.

Advertising Films Production House in India - Razzmatazz Films. Corporate Film Production Services - Razzmatazz Films.