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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

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Study debunks notion that men and women are psychologically distinct By Eric W. DolanMonday, February 4, 2013 17:33 EDT A first-of-its-kind study to be published in the February issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has dealt a devastating blow to the notion that men and women are fundamentally different when it comes to how they think and act. Deadly conformity is killing our creativity. Let's mess about more I began to notice the creativity of the manager of the Pret a Manger coffee shop, close to where I live, after he showed extraordinary kindness to a woman with Down's syndrome in her 20s. Well, maybe it wasn't that remarkable, but it was certainly natural and spontaneous and beautifully done. Having been asked by her carer, the woman cleared their tray and tipped the rubbish into the bin.

Plastic Surgery Disaster: Powerful Animation About Trying to Obtain "Female Perfection" - 10 Daily Things This disturbing, powerful and eye-opening animation, “Supervenus” by Frédéric Doazan doesn’t mince… meat with getting its message across, does it? In it, a female anatomical drawing goes for plastic surgery. She is cut up, given botox and liposuction, and is finally transformed into a blonde bombshell. The procedures do not stop there, however, and take on nightmarish proportions.This animation is painful to watch—it documents the pressure that women face as they feel like they have to look a certain way, as well as their love-hate relationship with their bodies.

Positive Exposure – The Beauty of Difference – media voices for children December 10, 2010 | Rick Guidotti My career as a photographer started in 1982, shooting in the fashion and beauty industry as a freelance photographer in New York, Paris, Milan and London. My clients included Elle, GQ, The New York Times, Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oreal and Revlon. The Top 25 John Lennon Quotes 1. “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” 2. “As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot.” 3. Dove releases rogue Photoshop action that undoes 'real beauty' manipulations Skin care company Dove has targeted airbrushers and photo manipulators with a Photoshop action in an attempt to take its "real beauty" campaign viral. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty was launched just under a decade ago with the aim to "change the status quo and offer in its place a broader, healthier, more democratic view of beauty." After multiple ad campaigns, Dove is this time trying to send a message to the artists that manipulate photos by releasing a Photoshop action called "Beautify" that reverts images to their original state and overlays a banner proclaiming "don't manipulate our perceptions of real beauty." As a concept, Dove's tactic is novel, although its video revealing the scam fails to mention how many times "Beautify" was downloaded, nor how its attempts to lure artists to download it via Reddit failed to gain traction. We actually gave the action a trial, and found that it was fairly ineffective.

Random acts of kindness should be incorporated in startups. It's good for business! Ole Kassow knows that using words like "love" and "kindness" in the boardroom will probably get you kicked out. Nevertheless, he's on a mission to persuade young startups and established businesses alike that they should persist; that it's these two things that will make their companies a successful, exhilarating, happy place to work, where employee and customer alike are incentivised to stay faithful. Speaking at The Happy School's Summer Camp, the man behind Danish company Purpose Makers explained he first realised how powerful the cyclical nature of kindness could be, and how rapidly the happiness it brings can spread, when he spontaneously decided to give nursing home residents a lift on his rickshaw. Kassow lives in Copenhagen, a cycling city, and everyday he would pass on his morning ride by a nursing home. He knew that one problem with them is the employees never had time to take the residents out for a some fresh air.

The ‘Active Shooter’ Is Never Far Away Photo Thirty-two hours after Omar Mateen began murdering people with a Sig Sauer MCX rifle at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. — the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history — an entrepreneur named Jeffrey Isquith arrived at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, a cavernous Art Deco building overlooking the Chicago River, for the NeoCon trade show, which bills itself as “North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors.” The show would bring the official debut of a product that his company, Ballistic Furniture Systems, had been developing for five years: bullet-­resistant panels that could be fitted inside chairs, cubicles and doors.

Ex-Victoria's Secret Model's New Clothing Line Displays Bible Verses August 1, 2013|2:49 pm Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti has launched a new clothing line that seeks to bring the Word of God back into public schools by actually displaying Bible verses on jeans, tops and accessories. (Courtesy of God Inspired Fashion) (Courtesy of God Inspired Fashion) (Courtesy of God Inspired Fashion) "God Inspired Fashion is all about spreading God's word everywhere and making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God's love.

The Unexpected Antidote to Procrastination - Peter Bregman by Peter Bregman | 9:00 AM May 10, 2013 A recent early morning hike in Malibu, California, led me to a beach, where I sat on a rock and watched surfers. I marveled at these courageous men and women who woke before dawn, endured freezing water, paddled through barreling waves, and even risked shark attacks, all for the sake of, maybe, catching an epic ride. After about 15 minutes, it was easy to tell the surfers apart by their style of surfing, their handling of the board, their skill, and their playfulness.

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