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First Things

First Things
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Uncommon Descent - Serving the Intelligent Design Community Agência Ecclesia - Flock The Nation Pomomusings – Technology, Theology & Ministry Dissent Magazine » Introducing Anamnēsis Anamnēsis (an · am′· nē · sis) n. [Gr. ἀνάμνησις remembering < ἀνά up, again + μιμνήσκειν to call to mind, attend] a recollective ascent or ascensional recollection Welcome to Anamnēsis, the weblog of Dr James S. Cutsinger, a professor of theology and religious thought at the University of South Carolina. Further information concerning him and his work can be found on his website, As a teacher and author, Professor Cutsinger regularly finds himself on the receiving end of questions and challenges—outwardly diverse, to be sure, but inwardly connected in one way or another to God and the spiritual life. The issues he is called upon to address are sometimes theoretical and sometimes practical. It has seemed to Professor Cutsinger for some time that his responses to a select few of these queries, those having a more general import and thus of potential interest to a wider audience, might be usefully shared in a public forum. Why Anamnēsis?

O mundo visto de Roma - Flock ZENIT to Return April 22 Happy Easter to All Our Readers New York, ( | 80 hits ZENIT will return with its regular news dispatch on Tuesday, April 22. read more Pope's Urbi et Orbi Message "Christus surrexit, venite et videte!" Vatican City, ( | 832 hits Here is the translation of the Holy Father's Urbi et Orbi Message given in St. read more Pope's Remarks After Via Crucis Procession "Before the cross of Jesus we can almost touch how much we are eternally loved" Vatican City, ( | 187 hits Here is the translation of the Pope's remarks after the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross), which took place at the ancient Colosseum of Rome on Good Friday. * * * God put on the cross of Jesus all the weight of our sins, all the injustices perpetrated by every Cain against his brother, all the bitterness and betray... read more Pope Francis' Homily at Easter Vigil "Horizon of the Risen Lord, horizon of the Church; intense desire of encounter Let us be on our way!"

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan In another video from Dave Cullen, Truvada user and bestselling author, he addresses the anticipated backlash from Fox News and Limbaugh when PrEP drugs are more widely used: The idea that gay sex requires more justification than straight sex is deeply embedded in the culture – even within gay culture. Two other themes have emerged as well in talking about this with my fellow homos. I think there’s also a resistance to the good news in the same way that there was intense resistance to the good news of the cocktail therapy eighteen years ago. cover-essay for the New York Times magazine. Meanwhile, readers are responding in droves via Facebook and the in-tray: Thank you so much for your writing on Truvada and celebrating it for the godsend that it is. Another: I’m a married straight guy. I have to say, I almost physically attacked my computer screen when I read the quote from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation president, Michael Weinstein, who called Truvada a “party drug.” Read On

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