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Grand Designs - Earthship - Brittany Groundhouse

Grand Designs - Earthship - Brittany Groundhouse
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Final days for this round in Comalapa, Guatemala The Earthship crew has completed the 3-week build that donated a home to a family in Comalapa, Guatemala for the second time around. Working with Long Way Home, a non-profit organization in Comalapa working to build sustainable schools, we were able to raise the appropriate amount of money as well as gather volunteers and organize to allow this project to take place. We are thankful for all who participated and donated to this project. The 3-U Survival Pod for Romeo Apen and his family has been enclosed with power and water systems in place. A final Q&A session was held by Phil Basehart, the project director, which included all of our volunteers as well as the crew of Long Way Home who with the help of a volunteer translator, were able to ask about the building and the principles of Earthships. Black and grey water cells have been planted and seeded to house established plants that will work to clean the water as well as edible vegetables. Comments comments

E-cat : se chauffer pour 20 EUR par an dès 2013 Avec la montée du prix des hydrocarbures, se chauffer risque de devenir problématique dans les années à venir. Reste le chauffage électrique? Encore raté, EDF va augmenter ses prix de 30%. Reste le bois, pas l’idéal pour tout le monde…. Restera alors l’E-cat lorsqu’il sera en vente dans le commerce, une technologie toute neuve et pleine d’espoir qui permettra de se chauffer pour seulement 20 euros/an, dans la mesure ou les lobbys laissent l’entreprise vendre ses E-cats. Si tout se passe bien, vous devriez bientôt pouvoir adjoindre à votre chauffage central actuel un dispositif révolutionnaire de 400 à 500 dollars / euros vous permettant de chauffer votre maison avec une simple cartouche recyclable à base de poudre de nickel, pour moins de 20 dollars/euros par an.Jusqu’il y a peu le prix du dispositif avait été estimé à 4000 dollars.

Hobbit House ~ Living In The Future 33 Awesome Inspirations for Your Dream Home Each of us probably have an idea about what our individual dream homes would look like. Maybe your dream home would have a hammock ... or maybe an indoor slide that leads outside into a pool filled with Jell-O. You can have whatever you want, after all, it's YOUR dream home. But if you need some inspiration, here are 33 awesome things you might want to include in the house of your fantasies. 1. 2. All aboard! 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Too cool. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Tubular. Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content:

Simple Survival Earthship Design Simple Survival Earthship Design by Michael Reynolds. The Simple Survival Model Earthship evolved from the very basic prototype we constructed in Haiti. The purpose of the original Haiti build was to reevaluate the concept of necessity. This was important because the budget for the Haiti prototype was basically non existent. Haiti is a third world country and the people there have nothing… and even less after the earthquake. SOURCE: Comments comments Globo Channel – web, curiosità, scienza, tecnologia, record mondiali, video-tutorial dall'italia e dal mondo » La bottiglia con la candeggina che illumina gratis trionfa nelle periferie di tutto il mondo Alfredo Moser è un meccanico brasiliano che ha avuto un’idea brillante nel 2002, dopo aver subito uno dei frequenti black-out che interessano Uberaba, la città dove vive nel sud del Brasile. Stanco di guasti elettrici, Moser ha iniziato a giocare con l’idea della rifrazione della luce solare in acqua e in poco tempo ha inventato la “lampadina dei poveri”. “Wit” è semplice e disponibile a chiunque: una bottiglia di plastica riempita d’acqua da due litri a cui si aggiunge un po’di candeggina per preservarla dalle alghe. Il flacone è stato posto in un foro nel tetto e dotato di resina poliestere. Il risultato? Illuminazione libera e organica durante il giorno, particolarmente utile per gli edifici e baracche che a malapena hanno finestre. A seconda dell’intensità del sole, la potenza di queste lampade artigianali si aggira tra i tra 40 e i 60 watt. Anche se l’inventore ha ricevuto piccole ricompense per le installazioni di Wit nelle case e in aziende locali, la sua idea non lo ha reso ricco.

Hobbiton - New Zealand 48 epic dream hotels to visit before you die - Page 2 of 2 Did you miss part 1? Click here. 25. Boscolo Milano, Italy Built in the shell of a 1920s structure overlooking Milan’s golden square and the Milan Cathedral, the Boscolo Milano combines colorful avant-garde decoration with the luxury of five-star restaurants and spas. 26. Half resort, half elephant camp, Anantara Golden Triangle sits at the convergence of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar in the heart of northern Thailand’s mountainous jungle. 27. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but suspend your disbelief for a moment so that I can tell you that not only are those the remains of Luke Skywalker’s home from Star Wars, but also, you can stay at them for $10 a night. 28. The Cambrian provides yet another option for luxury accommodations coupled with some extraordinary views of the Swiss Alps. 29. 30. Marataba Safari Lodge is not a for-profit hotel, which alone should be a major selling point. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. << Previous Page 1 2

10m² Micro Earthship - Living Big in a Tiny House | Living Big In A Tiny House After watching the film Garbage Warrior, kiwi couple Nathan Rushton and Jess Fitzgerald were so inspired by Earthships that they actually travelled to New Mexico to study Earthship Biotecture with pioneering architect Michael Reynolds. After returning to New Zealand and finding an ideal location, the couple then began the process of designing and building a downsized version of an Earthship at their property in Raglan. Despite its small size of only 10 square meters, this Earthship will meet all the necessary design principles including thermal / solar Heating, solar & wind electricity, contained sewage treatment, building with natural & recycled materials, water harvesting and food production. The first phase of construction was completed in record time, from locally found materials and with the help of a small army of volunteers including friends, family and a number of Earthship enthusiasts from around New Zealand.

Les trucs à l'oignon ! S'il y a bien un aliment dont on dispose à peu près toujours dans sa cuisine, c'est l'oignon ! Et vous n'imaginez pas le nombre d'ennuis de santé qu'il peut résoudre ! Voici un petit échantillon de ses bienfaits : Un rhume ? Si vous êtes enrhumé, coupez un oignon en deux et posez-le sur votre table de nuit au moment de vous coucher. Une fièvre importante : les pieds dans l'oignon ! L'oignon est un super moyen de faire baisser la fièvre (qui, si elle est utile pour chasser les microbes, peut devenir ennuyeuse quand elle monte un peu trop !). Vous pouvez aussi posez un oignon cru sur votre estomac, c'est également efficace, même si peut-être un peu moins rapide. En sirop contre la toux Émincez très finement 100 g d’oignons et faites bouillir dans 20 cl d’eau pendant dix minutes. Ou bien : Ou en décoction Coupez trois ou quatre oignons en quartiers. En cas de coupure Appliquez sur la blessure la fine pellicule qui sépare chaque couche de l’oignon : c’est un pansement antiseptique sans égal.

Part 2: Man building amazing home with shipping containers BC's First Earthship is Still Standing Strong, and Growing Ever Greener In July 2009, Sandra Burkholder and her family began building an Earthship in Kamloops, BC; a sustainable house built with used tires and pop cans. Known as the Darfield Earthship, the home features green building methods, water conservation, organic growing techniques, and renewable energy. In 2011, this inspiring project won $5,000 in the So Nice “A Better Organic World” contest, and both the home and its surrounding gardens have been evolving beautifully ever since. Family members and friends have all pitched in to help the home grow and evolve, from ramming earth into those old tires to create the foundation walls to building the greywater systems and establishing gardens all around the house. Hugelkultur mounds dot the landscape around the house, providing great nourishment to heavy feeders such as squash and cucumbers. It’s been amazing to see how their home has evolved over the last few years, and it’ll be exciting to watch it continue to grow over the coming years!

Rahmabaman Se preparer à autoconstruire Des sessions se succédent dans le Gard à Vauvert* et à Salinelles* à des dates et à un rythme qui devraient s'établir autour de 4 par an, selon les demandes de participations. Les trois premières ont eu lieu le WE des 30 et 31 octobre 2010 et le WE des 16 et 17 janvier 2011 et les vendredi 6 et samedi 7 mai 2011, si vous souhaitez être informé-e sur la prochaine session, dites-le nous par courriel ou courrier postal *Gares SNCF : Lunel 34 ou Nîmes puis navettes vers Vauvert ou bus vers Salinelles Cette formation/préparation a aussi pour vocation d'être peu à peu organisée ailleurs par celles et ceux qui le souhaitent, en ont les compétences et partagent l'éthique qui la fonde : transmission et autonomisation solidaire, recherche et pratique d'une alternative au prix du marché de l'éco-formation. Nous partagerons notre travail et notre expérience de formateur. Contactez-nous. * Prendre en compte les projets et les questionnements de chacun. Nombre de participant-e-s limité à 8.

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