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Urban Sketchers, Sketchbook Pages and Moleskine. Tips for producing an amazing GCSE or A Level Art sketchbook. This article contains tips, examples and guidance to help students produce an A* grade GCSE or A Level Art sketchbook.

Tips for producing an amazing GCSE or A Level Art sketchbook

It outlines best practice in terms of annotation, content and page layout, and gives ideas and recommendations for students of any discipline (including Painting / Fine Art, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Textiles and Fashion students). It is likely to benefit those studying under a range of examination boards, as well as those producing sketchbooks for other high school qualifications, such as IB Art (the Investigation Workbook / IWB) and NCEA Level 3 Scholarship.

NCEA Level 3 Scholarship workbook exemplar, sourced from NZQA: What should an A Level or GCSE Art sketchbook contain? A sketchbook is a creative document that contains both written and visual material. The sketchbook is an important part of your Coursework project. How to annotate an A Level or GCSE Art sketchbook What subjects / themes / moods / issues / messages are explored? Art Journal Every Day: No More Blank Pages.

If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, all the posts can be found here.

Art Journal Every Day: No More Blank Pages

Please read this post first. There is a flickr group for sharing right here. Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day! No need to finish anything or even like it. Just play! I will have the sign-up for May posted on May 1! On Saturday I went bowling. So how did I get so much better? Well, my brother is a very good instructor. Sketchbooks, Art Journals and Journals. Urban Sketchers, Nature Journal and Sketchbooks. Fashion Sketchbook, Fashion Design Sketchb… Educational Resources on Pinterest. Art /conceptualize on Pinterest. Environmental Design on Pinterest. Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative examples. This article features twenty outstanding sketchbook pages that have been produced by high school Art and Design students from around the world.

Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative examples

Exploring topics such as abstract sculpture, figurative sculpture, installation, architectural design and product design, these sketchbook pages illustrate the range of excellent presentation techniques and styles that are possible. It is hoped that these examples will motivate and inspire those who are working on their own Sculpture or 3D Design sketchbook as part of a high school Art or Design project. Enjoy! An A Level Art project by Bette-Belle Blanchard: These A2 sketchbook pages show the development of curving, organic sculptural forms, inspired by Henry Moore.

An A Level Sculpture project by Robert James Hawkins from Tiffin Boys' School, Surrey, England: At its essence, a student sketchbook should emulate that of a practising artist. This is another comprehensive IGCSE Design and Technology sketchbook page by Rhea Maheshwari. Featured High School Art Projects - an outstanding student gallery. (2) Elisabeth Couloigner. Art Ideas on Pinterest.

MOLESKINES on Pinterest. Art - sketchbooks journals notebooks on Pinterest. Beautiful Notebook Pages on Pinterest. Art journals + sketchbooks on Pinterest. (2) Pin by Laura Millard on Sketch. Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 20 Creative Examples. A Level Textiles: Beautiful Sketchbook Pages.