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Home - Patrick County Public Schools. Mr. B-G's English Class Resources. JOURNAL Prompts. Curriculum-map_reading-9.pdf. Loyalton High's 9th Grade English Class. ALL GRADES - Mrs. Moore's English Documents. Download File Download File Download File Download File Download File.

ALL GRADES - Mrs. Moore's English Documents

Wiggio Parents - English Class 9th Grade. Literary Texts - Mrs. Carreno  (9th Grade English) Ms. Shindledecker / Portfolio Requirements. Throughout the year, we'll be adding many items to your e-portfolio.

Ms. Shindledecker / Portfolio Requirements

All portfolio requirements must be saved to your student network drive here at DAHS. Remember, you can upload assignments from home by saving your work to a flash drive, emailing them to your web-based email account, or using Access DASD at home. At the end of the year, completing your e-portfolio will take the place of a traditional cumulative final exam for the course. After ninth grade, your e-portfolio serves as your graduation portfolio. You'll be adding and updating this project during the next few years of high school, and it will eventually be used in your senior interview and post secondary educational plans. The first step in the portfolio process is to set up your network drive with the portfolio format. Organizing Your Electronic Portfolio In order to organize your Ninth Grade English portfolio on your network drive, you’ll need to complete a few simple steps:

MaloneEnglish - I-Search Project Overview. Ms. Dyer's 9th Grade English Class - Glog Link. Loyalton High's 9th Grade English Class. Ms. Regan's English Language Arts Classes - Home. Lesson Outlines and Homework - Ms. Ewig: Integrated Language Arts - Team 7A. The lessons and homework for the present week and the previous week can be seen below.

Lesson Outlines and Homework - Ms. Ewig: Integrated Language Arts - Team 7A

Please click on the week in question. I will only put needed UPDATES on this page. Handouts can be found on the "Helpful Handouts" page - look for the category you need. NOTE: Very current h.w. (during the present week) can be found under "A Helpful Folder. " Please click on the file below labeled HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEK OF _____________ to review the homework. Below - with the most recent coming first - and that I will add it as a Word document by the following Monday.

Check back as needed! Click below for specific homework links. Questions? Please let me know if there's anything wrong with any homework links I add, so that I can fix. WEEK OF Monday, 6.15.15, through Friday, 6.19.15 Set up a new entry, as follows: Please READ the comment I wrote on your last PCR of the year. Monday, 6.15.15 We had a last book meeting and returned our books. We received a handout to guide us when watching Hairspray.

Grammar Units - Ms. Blain's English Class Website. Expert 21 Student Page. Ms.Zupa's Webpage. Mrs. Wyrwa's Website. 8th Grade Workshop 1 - Ms. Van ~ Middle School Language Arts. Jsahlin. Miss Sansevere 6B ELA. Helpful Handouts and Links - Mrs. Rubins 8th Grade English / Language Arts. Mrs. Milchuk 7th grade ELA. Welcome!

Mrs. Milchuk 7th grade ELA

It is suggested that students have the following materials in class EVERY DAY--binder with paper, pen and pencil, Post-it notes, WNB, a highlighter, your Chrome, and a DEAR book! Because ALL 7th grade students will participate in the Expert 21 Reading program this year, regular and consistent access to the Internet at home is necessary. If this is a problem, please let me know. This page will provide an overview only of what is going in class. Because on any given week there can be unexpected interruptions--drills, calls from Administration and Guidance into the classroom, students needing extra time to grasp a concept--this overview is not set in stone.

Students who are absent should contact at least 2 classmates to get an idea of what happened in class, check this website and Schoology, and also check the absence folder for any handouts that might have been distributed (remember: lack of handouts doesn't mean we "didn't do anything" while you were absent).

Mrs. Force CTB. Study Guides - Ms. Marotta's 8th grade LA class site. Downloads - Language Arts 6B. Helpful Handouts and Practice - Ms. Ewig: Integrated Language Arts - Team 7A. Helpful Handouts and Practice - Ms. Ewig: Integrated Language Arts - Team 7A.