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What works best This page has now been revised (May 2010) in the light of John Hattie's recent apparently definitive work Visible Learning; a synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement (London; Routledge, 2009). The first thing to change has been the title, which used to be "What works and what doesn't". Hattie points out that in education most things work, more or less. The questions are around those which work best and therefore best repay the effort invested. This site is mainly about your own individual practice as a teacher, and as such it tries to take into account your particular circumstances, such as the students you teach (assumed largely to be over school-age), your subject, your setting (school, college, university, work-based or informal adult education). What works best
Prezi Tutorials: How to Prezify your PowerPoint Slides
Academy: 10 ways to say it with prezi by Adam Somlai-Fischer on Prezi
712: Digital Media Group Project by Virtual Experience on Prezi Techno-kinship: the new virtual (background image sourced at Materiality Watch the clip below: Digital technologies allow the construction of virtual spaces and objects. These spaces are constructed in such a way that they appear to possess the physical objectivity that we traditionally experience within our ‘real’ environment. 712: Digital Media Group Project by Virtual Experience on Prezi
EEE Club by kai liu on Prezi
더 필판이 만든 페이스북 에티켓 by 수야 水也 on Prezi
Las organizaciones como sistemas políticos PeSO by Carlos Alberto CorreaVega on Prezi Las organizaciones como sistemas políticos PeSO by Carlos Alberto CorreaVega on Prezi Las Organizaciones como Sistemas Políticos Polis: Agregado de muchos miembros La política como medio para crear orden en medio de la diversidad evitando los totalitarismos La metáfora Sistemas de organización política Autocracia Burocracia Tecnocracia Cogestión Democracia representativa Democraciadirecta Sistemas de actividadPolítica INTERESES CONFLICTO PODER De cometido o de función De carrera Extramuros Trabajo que se realiza Aspiraciones y visiones futuras Estilo de vida Las organizaciones son coaliciones o redes de personas con divergentes que se reúnen por conveniencia INTERESES El poder de un sujeto deriva esencialmente de la autonomía y de la interpretación de los recursos (Pfeffer & Salancik, 1978) Fuentes de Surge en el choquede los INTERESES Metáfora Ventajas Limitaciones Las acciones racionales para el incremento de la productividad pueden tener efectos negativos para los trabajadores Se evidencia que los miembros de la organización poseen diferentes tipos de interés
The Universe adapted/created for Mr. Johnston's 7th grade science class at Brenham JHS TEKS Supporting Standards: 7.9.A&B - (A) analyze the characteristics of objects in our solar system that allow life to exist such as the proximity of the Sun, presence of water, and composition of the atmosphere; and (B) identify the accommodations, considering the characteristics of our solar system, that enabled manned space exploration.Supporting TEKS – 7.2.A & 7.3.A&C Daily Objective: Understand the vastness of the universe, and understand the characteristics of the sun and its relationship to the universe universe - all of space and everything in it Most of our universe is empty.- 25% is dark matter- 70% is dark energy 5% is visible to us There are several theories of how our universecame into existence.Of these theories, oneof the most well knownis the big bang theory. According to the big bang theory, our universe began 10-15 billion years ago with a large explosion. The Universe by Jeremy Johnston on Prezi The Universe by Jeremy Johnston on Prezi
Talk at Migrating arts academies by Adam Somlai-Fischer on Prezi
Coca Cola Company by Annie Nam on Prezi

Coca Cola Company by Annie Nam on Prezi

COMPANY DESCRIPTION Headquartered in Atlanta, GeorgiaBeverage retailer, manufacturer, and marketerOffers 500+ brands and has 3500+ beverages200+ countries125 years in business139,600 worldwide employees49 consecutive years with increased revenue MISSIONAND VISIONSTATEMENT “At The Coca-Cola Company we strive to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference.” PEOPLEPORTFOLIO PARTNERSPLANETPROFITPRODUCTIVITY COMPANY HISTORY Dr. John Stith Pemberton created the first syrup on May 8, 1886Asa Griggs Candler was given the rights to Coca-Cola for $2300Sold bottling rights to Joseph Whitehead and Benjamin Thomas for one dollarBegan expanding in 1923Roberto Goizueta became CEO in 1981 and used "intelligent risk taking" to expandEntered new markets and brands during the 1990s for further growthUniversal product MAJOR CHALLENGES Health Issue Environmental Effects
Gestos de Despido by Fabian Bastas on Prezi