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Inventory: Good examples of stimulating workplaces

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San Mauro Pascoli shoe district: synchronizing work time with co

Luxottica Case - Flexible forms of working time. Fiat Chrysler Case - World Class Manufacturing. SKF case - Employee Care. Employee Care assures a safe working environment and promotes the health, education and well-being of SKF’s employees.

SKF case - Employee Care

SKF’s leadership position has been established over many years through the commitment, knowledge and passion of the Group’s employees around the world. SKF is powered by people and the company’s ability to attract, retain and develop its employees is therefore absolutely critical for maintaining this leadership. SKF cares for our people, and our people care for SKF. This is the essence of employee care. Human rights and labour standards Upholding and protecting human rights principles and labour standards are of the utmost importance to SKF. Safety at work – Zero Accidents and OHSAS 18001 At the end of 2013, 122 out of 233 SKF units worldwide achieved no recorded accidents for a minimum of four consecutive quarters. SKF case - Sustainability indexes. Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), see, are recognized globally in providing asset managers with investment indexes and benchmarks in the field of Sustainability Investing.

SKF case - Sustainability indexes

In 2014 SKF was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes (DJSI World) and the European sustainability index (DJSI Europe) for the fifteenth year in succession. SKF has once more been recognized as best-in-class within both environmental reporting and environmental management. The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes were launched in 1999 and are longest-running and most prestigious global sustainability benchmarks worldwide. Only the top 10% of best performing companies in economical, environmental and social performances are selected for inclusion.

FTSE4Good Index Series SKF has also been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series, see, since the first result was published in 2001. Oekom Research.

SKF case - MOST technology for easing operator work

Bitwise case - office grandma. BMW case - "Today for Tomorrow" project. BMW case - Securing our sustainable future: social responsibility. BMW case - Winning of Global Randstad Award 2014. BMW is the inaugural winner of the Global Randstad Award 2014.

BMW case - Winning of Global Randstad Award 2014

Out of the Global Top 50 eligible companies, BMW is recognized as the most attractive employer and the first company in the 14-year history of the Randstad Award to become the global winner. Of the respondents worldwide, 61% would like to work for BMW. The company scores No. 1 in the categories "competitive salary & employee benefits," "pleasant working atmosphere," and "strong management". The first runner-up of the Global Randstad Award is Sony and the second runner-up Samsung. “In today’s increasingly mismatched global labor market, strong employer brands are crucial to attract and retain the right talent,” says Jacques van den Broek, CEO of Randstad.

The Global Randstad Award survey reveals interesting insights into the perception of potential employees. The most attractive industry sector to work in is IT, according to the respondents, followed by life sciences, consulting, automotive, and technology. Fiat Chrysler case - Work life balance. Fiat Group recognizes that helping employees to better balance their private life with work is a challenge that must be met so that they may be satisfied in all dimensions of their lives.

Fiat Chrysler case - Work life balance

Achieving an optimal balance is also essential for employees to continue delivering an outstanding performance on the job while also gaining self-satisfaction. Effective company support to employees in managing this balance means working within local requirements and constraints, such as job tasks and workplace needs, and available services may differ by region. Flexible working arrangements Fiat Group supports the professional and personal goals of its employees by offering a variety of options related to flexible work arrangements where feasible. These include flextime (starting/quitting times), job sharing, part-time or reduced hours, telecommuting, compressed workweek/summer hours, parental leave and other leaves. It allows salaried employees to work from home up to two days a month.

Festo case - Innovation culture

EnergiMidt case - Great Place to Work at. EnergiMidt is a Danish energy and broadband company that employs close to 600 people and serves more than 176,000 customers.

EnergiMidt case - Great Place to Work at

The organisation’s mission is to increase comfort within private homes and to optimize the operation of companies through its services. EnergiMidt recently developed a new strategy that will be implemented through 2015. The organization values the ideas of its employees; they were active participants in the development and implementation of that new strategy. Employees assessed workplace values and helped articulate a long-lasting and concrete set of shared values in the EnergiMidt workplace.

The plan was launched with a New Year's reception where a warehouse was transformed for a New Year’s banquet. EnergiMidt is characterized by a high degree of self-management and cross-collaboration. European CSR Awards - impactful and innovative collaboration.