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Responsive Web Design: Navigation. The Basics of Mobile-Friendly Web Design. When designing or redesigning a website, you must also consider creating alternative, mobile-friendly versions of the site.

The Basics of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

These versions are not to be confused with native applications that live on your smart phones (the ones you download from app stores). Smart phones all have web browsers and can render your website with varying degrees of success. Essentially, you must make a list of what devices you will support, and design alternative sites to meet these multiple targets. Other than that, the most obvious constraint they all share is the small screen size of phone browser windows. You can add code to your site that detects a user’s device and redirects them to the appropriate version of your website.

*Microscopic: 132 pixels or less wide *Tiny: 240 pixels or less wide *Small: 320 or less wide Given these small screen spaces in which to deliver your web experience, there’s no getting around the need to provide alternative designs. Look at pixels for mobile websites.

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Architecture and design website design. Lauryn Green: Who am I. On this blog I love to mix my work with things I like and daily life.

Lauryn Green: Who am I

I love analog photos, food, drawing, animation and animals. I like to draw clouds, dogs and interesting people. I have an etsy shop where I sell some of my custom designs. En este blog me gusta mezclar mis trabajos con cosas que me gustan y mi vida diaria. Me encantan las fotos analógicas, la comida, dibujar, la animación y los animales. Me gusta dibujar nubes, perros y personas interesantes. I'm from Mallorca, Spain but I just moved to Berlin, Germany. I dream of traveling arround the world with my camera and seeing wild animals like whales, pandas, wolves and elephants. I would like to travel to Argentina, USA, China and Japan. Soy de Mallorca, Espña pero ahora me acabo de mudar a Berlín, Alemania. 10 Of The Most Anticipated Web Design Trends To Look For in 2015. The web design industry keep on evolving, and each passing year we witness the emergence of some great web trends.

10 Of The Most Anticipated Web Design Trends To Look For in 2015

The upcoming year is no different, and you’ll get to see a lot of existing web trends flourishing even more. 10 siti orribili da cui NON trarre ispirazione. Present Plus — innovation studio specializing in design, software development and film. Discover the 10 hottest trends in website design. Website layout, meaning the positioning of its different components, is one of the earliest challenges a team faces in a project.

Discover the 10 hottest trends in website design

It can be one of the hardest or one of the easiest decisions the team will make. How you lay out your site is directly dictated by the purpose of the content, the needs of the user around that content, and of course the needs of the client who commission the work. These three factors don’t always move in the same direction - so it’s the UX designer and the visual designer’s job to find the harmony between them. Follow the trends In addition to the theoretical aspect of it, the web design industry like any other creative field goes through phases, and these phases are defined by trends.

I’d like to believe that trends are always for the best and push everybody in the industry to step forward and make even better products. Inspiring examples 01. A more descriptive name for this trend could be called “show me what I care about about when I care about it”. IdA buehrer wuest architekten sia ag. Siti internet dinamici. Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog.

30 Portfolio Websites With Unconventional Designs - 5 - Pelfind. MAKE – Inspirations – MAISON&OBJET PARIS. Misprinted Type. Katie Kovalcin - Writing. I’ve been extremely happy that so many people have used this list to expand their timeline to include amazing, smart, funny, talented women.

Katie Kovalcin - Writing

Also, since it’s still being used, I thought I’d update it to include some women who I’ve been enjoying since this is first published. There’s also a GitHub repo that was created by Amira Hailemariam that you can PR and add to, to add your own favorite accounts to. This list is a super awesome resource, and I’m glad to see it still being updated by others! However, for posterity on my own site, I wanted to include my updates as a post on here as well. Andreas Neophytou. The Best of the Best - html inspiration. In memory of Àlex Catalan.

The Best of the Best - html inspiration

The Best of the Best Lukas Linden 1 year ago The Office of Jason James 1 year ago. Strategy, branding and web design - Portfolio. 5 esempi di web design che spacca - Total-Photoshop Magazine. Abbiamo parlato delle nuove mode che stanno influenzando il web design e del minimalismo, di bianco come colore per identificare gli spazi negativi, di siti web progettati per blocchi interamente visibili all’interno di una pagina e così via.

5 esempi di web design che spacca - Total-Photoshop Magazine

Una volta capite le regole, siamo andati alla ricerca di siti internet fatti così bene da lasciare senza fiato. Abbiamo scelto di cercare pagine web capaci di lasciare gli utenti a bocca aperta per due motivi: - Le regole esistono per essere infrante ma con intelligenza e metodo - Presto ci troveremo davanti a pagine web completamente differenti rispetto a quelle alle quali siamo abituati e ci servono ispirazioni concrete Mahedine Yahia è un designer francese di soli vent’anni che si presenta sul web attraverso un sito a scorrimento orizzontale molto particolare.

Satorisan fornisce un eccezionale esempio di shopping online. Cyclemon è un sito dedicato alla vendita di illustrazioni. Per concludere proponiamo il sito del caffè Illy.