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Autoresponder Examples

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Successful Direct Response Copywriting Samples. After we wrote his web letter, Larry Denis hired us to write a sequence of five email messages.

Successful Direct Response Copywriting Samples

Prospects who subscribe to Larry's email list get the first message instantly. Then every two days, they get another. As you can see below, Message #1 repeats the benefits of Larry's home study course, "Fast Cash In Home Based Recruiting", and offers the reader a free “peek” at one of Larry’s magnetic flyers. The second raves about someone else in the prospect's city who bought Larry's course and earned her first referral fee in just 8 days. The third offers the prospect a free “peek” at Larry’s phone script.

According to Larry, "The autoresponders are an integral part of the success of my website... SUBJ: Trevor, a FREE "sneak peek" at one magnetic flyer Trevor, thanks a lot for subscribing to my "Recruiting Secrets" newsletter. You just need a little push to break out of your comfort zone. I'm going out on a limb because you deserve to know that I'm for real. Why is this flyer so powerful? Autoresponder Samples - For autoresponders that get results... Samples : AutoResponder Copy. Autoresponder-Samples. Best AutoResponder Services - Customer Reviews Of Top Email Marketing Responders. Email Marketing: Sample autoresponder messages. (Sending time: Day 10) SUBJECT: Can you hear me now?

Email Marketing: Sample autoresponder messages

Your Report #4 on internet marketing secrets has arrived. Internet marketing is a whole new game: new rules, new crowd, new methods and a new generation. Would you like to find out why repeating yourself is not only recommended, but required? ***You are receiving this message because you requested information from WebMoney or one of our partners We’re talking money, money, money…aren’t we? Not exactly. Using repetition in your internet marketing does not mean putting the same word or phrase together multiple times to give your web site more keyword pull. It’s annoying. So what am I supposed to repeat?

For the purpose of this lesson, “repetition” does not refer to the number of times you use a certain word or phrase, but the number of times a customer sees your advertising message. Autoresponder Message Sample Series. WV Copywriter Email Autoresponder Services: Services/Samples. NOTICE: This domain name expired on 06/20/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion. • Register domain names – up to 70% less with the world's #1 registrar! • Go Daddy Auctions® – bid on, buy and sell domains. • Build it yourself with one of our easy sitebuilders! • Reliable website hosting keeps your site up and running. • Let our Web pros build your website, logo and more. Register a new .COM for $11.99 $7.49* per year! How to overcome one of the Internet's worst nightmares.

. • SSL Certificates protect your customers from online threats. • Fast, spam-free email with a memorable email address. • Marketing tools help you promote your business online. • Sell online with 2009’s “Most Popular Shopping Cart” • Create a unique email address based on your domain Visit for the best values on: Domain names Web hosting Website builders Email accounts SSL Certificates eCommerce tools See product catalog Go Daddy Super Bowl® Commercial Danica Patrick Dale Jr Go Daddy Girls® Autoresponder Message Sample Ideas. Home > Hot Articles > Autoresponder Message Sample Ideas Sending autoresponder messages is a powerful email marketing strategy.

Autoresponder Message Sample Ideas

Here are some autoresponder message sample ideas to help you write money-making email messages. #1. Personalize Your Message Personalized autoresponder messages are much more effective and have a higher conversion rate than other messages. The easiest way to personalize your messages is mentioning their name in your subject line and the body of your message. A good autoresponder service lets you keep at least 10 personalized data fields for each of your customers. . #2. People are looking for benefits, not features. If you explain how your product saves time, money, or energy, you're giving a benefit... and that's what makes your copy sell! #3. People first read the subject of your message and only if it's interesting and makes them curious, they will open your message and read it.