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Manual/Motion Tracking From BlenderWiki Introduction Motion tracking is a new technique available in Blender. It is still under development, and currently supports basic operations for 2D motion tracking, 3D motion tracking, and camera solution. It's already ready to be used in production, as validated by "Tears of Steel." Getting started Using Blender for 3D Printing : Knowledge Base Blender is one of the most powerful 3D modeling applications freely available for open source. It has an insane number of features, but unfortunately the interface has a mixed reputation. Although more recent versions have made huge strides in improving this, it still can be a bit overwhelming for the beginner, especially if you're only looking for the features that are relevant for 3D printing. This tutorial should get you started,

A complete IOR list Here's a long list with ior values you can use when you create various materials and liquids and much more. This is a compilation of various ior lists scattered all around the web, so there may be duplicates in the list but they're there for comparison purposes and so you can pick either ior value that fits your specific needs. I hope this long list will be useful for someone.. Transparent materials Eye, Aqueous humor 1.33 Eye, Cornea 1.38 Eye, Lens 1.41 Eye, Vitreous humor 1.34 Glass, Arsenic Trisulfide 2.04 Glass, Crown (common) 1.52 Glass, Flint, 29% lead 1.569 Glass, Flint, 55% lead 1.669 Glass, Flint, 71% lead 1.805 Glass, Fused Silica 1.459 Glass, Pyrex 1.474 Lucite 1.495 Nylon 1.53 Obsidian 1.50 Plastic 1.460 - 1.55 Plexiglas 1.488 Salt 1.516 Metals Aluminum 1.39 Copper 2.43 Gold 0.166 Mylar 1.65 Nickel 1.08 Platinum 2.33 Silver 1.35 Titanium 2.16 / Magnus

Blender 2.5 tutorials and training game · level · character Using the Blender tutorials and training available below, learn how to use Blender 3D for content creation and game development. Pick up essential skills for properly optimised models, efficient level design and texture making. In-depth, extensive and unique explanations of methods and principles you won't find anywhere else, seriously! Not just on using Blender 3D, but also the 'hidden' and less talked about core subjects associated with content and game development, all of if freely available to those looking for it. Blender modeling tutorials ^ Draw All Edges object property Sometimes being able to see the structure of a mesh in it's entirety is advantageous when working.

Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Modeling/PrintToolbox From BlenderWiki Example of Cura with an exported mesh. The purpose of this addon is to be a collection of useful tools when printing. Currently there are 5 main sections to this addon which can be accessed from the toolbox. LuxBlend 2.5 installation instructions - LuxRender Wiki From LuxRender Wiki This page contains installation instructions for LuxBlend25, LuxRender's interface and export script for Blender 2.6x. LuxBlend will only work with LuxRender 1.0 or higher (preferably the latest stable version), not with earlier versions. Please be aware that LuxBlend for Blender 2.49 is a different script and will not work on Blender 2.5x/2.6x or any release after it.

Vers sculptris-comme la sculpture!Code Tinker « Hi :) As my new year surprise for the community I will show you my recent advances in the subdivision algorithm for Unlimited Clay: now those ugly long and thin stretched triangles belong to the past! hope you like it :) PS: before you ask, no, this is still not committed to my branch: there´s a bunch of issues not shown in this video that will prevent this for public usage yet but don´t worry, I´m working very hard to get as soon as possible a public build! Best wishes for this new year!

Avatar – Fan matte painting Warning: strip_tags() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/vhosts/ on line 631 Forum: Digital Matte Painting Posted By: pkorion8 Post Time: 01-14-2010 at 10:17 AM Text: Hello there, Being one of the biggest avatar fan,i finished this matte painting during last week in a very tight schedule.Character is done by Nobel Sjaaf in Z-brush and we then worked together in art direction for the piece. Empty seascape and some other photograph i took at the beach. wanted to create alot about Pandora but surely next time with different shot. Softwares Photoshop Z-brush

tutorials Make bvhacker the default for opening bvh files It is possible to open bvh files in bvhacker by double clicking a bvh file. This page shows you how to quickly and easily associate bvh files with bvhacker. Video Tutorial 4: Converting Beyond Motion bvh files Shows how to convert one of the Beyond Motion bvh files for Second Life. Bouncing virtual ball with Arduino (and Blender) I'm quite new on this Arduino stuff and I may have misunderstood something. But anyway, here are some observations of using Arduino and Blender's game engine. It's easy!

Free Blender 3D Tutorials : CG Masters contact us | view cart CG Masters - Blender 3D Modeling, Texturing and Game Tutorials. Welcome to CG Masters, a training platform for Blender that provides high quality training DVD's and free tutorials. Learn the tricks and tools of the trade from experienced trainers certified by the Blender Foundation. Home » Free Blender 3D Tutorials ArduinoMeetsBlender - chrisworld-projects - Arduino, Processing and Blender Interactive Programming Demonstrations. by Chris B Stones January 13, 2010 This project demonstrates how to use the Arduino to control items in Blenders Game Engine via the OSC protocol. It was initially created for real time digital puppetry. But it can be used as a starting example for any project that needs to communicate with Blender's GameEngine via the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

Blender 3D Design Course Blender 3D Design Course Note: Added new Lesson #13 - NURBS Surfaces / Meta Objects - April 27, 2013 Note: Added new Lesson #14 - Rigid Body Dynamics- June 1, 2013 Students: This course is also available for downloading to your iPhone or iPad via Tufts University iTunesU. (Install the iTunesU app / Search Colleges and Universities - Tufts University / Subscribe to "3D Design - Blender").

Attention Steph_any, ce site n'est pas une traduction de, mais bien un forum français des utilisateurs de Blender. Je le recommande vivement, venez nous rejoindre. by stefbreizh May 19

Ce site n'est pas un équivalent du, c'est un forum d'échange entre membres de la communauté de Blender. C'est le plus important forum français, les gens y sont réactifs et les commentaires souvent constructifs. by jskey Mar 7

Ce site semble être une traduction française du site officiel Blender. Ainsi, nous y retrouvons les mêmes éléments que dans celui-ci. En effet, on y retrouve des forums, des galeries de vidéos, des tutoriels, etc. Par ailleurs, puisque ce site est en français, il est beaucoup plus facile d'utilisation par les élèves que le site officiel. by steph_any004 Mar 7

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