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Installation Each thumbnail links directly to an archived sIBL-set. Watch out, these are big downloads. Click to download, then expand the zip achive as a folder and place the folder in your sIBL-Collection. Starter's sIBL-Collection Including 4 sets: apartment, empty room, backlot, office-eden Update Pack Already collected the sets as they came out monthly? License All sIBL-sets on this page, including the images within, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Remember: Do what you want with them, but always mention where you got them from...

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Creating Realistic Grass in Blender Let’s welcome Jonathan Lampel to Blender Cookie Tutorial: Learning how to create realistic grass in Blender Hi guys, and welcome to this written tutorial about creating realistic grass in Blender. This blender tutorial is meant to teach you how to create and add grass to whatever scene you need, by showing you a simple and fast technique. A few things to note before starting: This tutorial is going to be using Cycles, but you could take the technique to Blender Internal if you wanted, but you will not be able to follow along exactly while creating the materials.

HDRI resources Store: Individual HDR and sIBL Files. Page 5 (81-100.) This section contains individual HDR files including sIBL sets for sale and electronic download. The panoramic images below are tonemapped/LDR previews. Textures from West Texas Most designers find inspiration all over the place and I’m no different. Colors, textures, patterns, materials – and every combination in between can be used for inspiration. I went out to remote West Texas last week on vacation and spent my time hiking around Big Bend National Park and exploring the tiny town of Marfa, Texas (Pop. 2,121). My wife has been married to me for a long time so she probably wasn’t surprised when I started taking pictures of walls … but I’m not sure what the people watching me were thinking. I know I’m not the only designer who takes pictures of walls but I’ll admit that I would look around to make sure the coast was clear before I took most of these pictures, it’s just easier than trying to explain what you are doing and that you’re not actually a criminal casing the joint.

Thirty magical buildings designed to look like other things Supplied Supplied SUPPLIED Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied Supplied HOLYPLACES.TUMBLR.COM Supplied Supplied Supplied PHIL TAMPLIN/ALAMY NAGLESTOCK COM/ALAMY ARCHITECTUUAL.COM BLOGCDN.COM PICASA Supplied Supplied 1. The Piano House in Huainan, China resembles a giant transparent violin sitting next to an enormous piano. The two buildings are connected by a staircase and serve as places where local college music students can rehearse. 2. The Chang Building in Bangkok is designed to look like an elephant with cartoon eyes and yellow tusks.

Visualize Audio with your Music Visualizing Sound One of the more fun effects that I have discovered was the use of sound to animate different things in Blender. Basically, if it can be animated, it can be controlled by sound.To create a visualization for sounds or music in Blender 3D, we will set up some basic text and materials, animate our text using the sound of your choice in the F-Curve editor, and go over how to tweak the result with F-Curve modifiers. Scene Setup To start, let's delete everything in our scene except for the camera. Our final scene will consist of a camera, some text, and a plane to act as the backing wall. ernie-echols Ernie Echols a fine artist who resides in the great state of Colorado. He is drawn in by the inspiration of the beautiful nature and scenery surrounding him. Ernie has found deep and devoted ways to express his talents through his inspirations. His talents are well defined in his wildlife and nature photography. He spends most of his free time searching for that special shot and his ability to get up close to wildlife enables him to capture unique photos.

david-patterson I am a very diverse artist, creating soft pastel paintings, digital photography, and colorful glass sculptures. My digital photography consists of a wide variety of images - Including classic cars, Man Cave items, and scenes from the Pacific Northwest to the Adirondack area of New York. My soft pastel paintings are mostly impressionistic landscapes and cityscapes. I have created over 150 beautiful solid glass sculptures. Though each painting, glass work, or photograph, has a special meaning to me, I want the viewer to walk away with their own emotions from the work - in this way they also become part of the creative process. I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington State University, where I specialized in graphic design and photography.

Model the Perfect Cup of Italian Coffee in Blender by Filippo Veniero Step 4: Create Materials and Textures The next step is creating the materials and textures. You can download the textures that I've used here. Select the cup, jump into Edit mode and unwrap the mesh. bruce-bley Hello my name is Bruce Bley. I am a retired art instructor. I taught in a public high school for 35 years. I enjoyed teaching students and helping them develop their own style of work. Now during my retirement I am pursuing my own passion for creating artwork.

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