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Reducing Noise — Blender Reference Manual. When performing a final render, it is important to reduce noise as much as possible.

Reducing Noise — Blender Reference Manual

Here we’ll discuss a number of tricks that, while breaking the laws of physics, are particularly important when rendering animations within a reasonable time. Click to enlarge the example images to see the noise differences well. Rendering - How to reduce fireflies in Cycles? One of the most effective measures against fireflies in scenes with caustics or sharp reflections involved is to increase the size of the light sources.

rendering - How to reduce fireflies in Cycles?

For example, a sun with a size of .1 will produce significantly less noise and fireflies (and travel through glass a lot better) than a sun with a size of .01. At the same time, of course, increasing the lamp size will make shadows softer and might not be what you want in a scene, but it is good to know the correlation so that you can find a sweet spot between the amount noise and the desired look.

Realistic skin??? and head modeling. Originally Posted by speed777777That Gif looks great, Thanks for taking the time out to go into such detail, did you do in PS, would love some pointers on workflow if you have the time.

realistic skin??? and head modeling

Texturing & Shading a Stylistic Character « CGCookie. Make your Cycles materials more tangible and appealing!

Texturing & Shading a Stylistic Character « CGCookie

In computer graphics, “shading” is the process of developing surface qualities for 3D models. The way your model interacts with light is very important. It’s a key step in achieving realism, tangibility, believability, and appeal. If you ever have doubts about this, go watch the film “Rango”. The artists responsible for the visuals in that film clearly spent a lot of time perfecting the thousands of material types throughout the movie. Texturing & Shading a Stylistic Character « CGCookie. Make your Cycles materials more tangible and appealing!

Texturing & Shading a Stylistic Character « CGCookie

In computer graphics, “shading” is the process of developing surface qualities for 3D models. Download Center. Simple Skin Shader in Blender using material nodes. Fast Lighting in Blender. How to Make Clouds with Cycles. Realistic skin shader with Cycles. OpenPSTD Acoustic Simulator. The OpenPSTD project from the Dutch Eindhoven University of Technology simulates sound fields in geometries in Blender.

OpenPSTD Acoustic Simulator

Thomas Krijnen writes: We just released our first public release of openPSTD. Accurate wave-based acoustic simulation right inside Blender. Currently only 2d orthogonal geometries, but the roadmap is ambitious. Developed at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Blender 2.67 - with anaglyph(red cyan) viewport - This build of blender provides anaglyph 3D editor viewport (red-cyan).

blender 2.67 - with anaglyph(red cyan) viewport -

It is quite interesting way of working, which I definitely recommend to try. Beside the fact that it's simply cool, it can really help with orientation in complex parts of models. The only problem with red-cyan system is that your eyes and brain has to accustom to it which may take up to one hour of working for being comfortable, so dont expect anything amazing at the moment you turn the anaglyph on. 3D in the Viewport? – Teaser. By admin|blender What if we could work in a stereoscopic 3d animation and wanted to preview the work in the viewport?

3D in the Viewport? – Teaser

Blender 2.6 - Cycles and Lighting. Blender 2.6 - Cycles, Materials and Nodes. Blender - Math for Animators. Dive Into Python. Task Automation with Python Scripting in Blender. There are lots of things we do over and over again in a normal workflow.

Task Automation with Python Scripting in Blender

It might be that you need to add and apply a modifier to a hundred objects, or change the display traits of many objects, or any other repetitive task. These things add up quickly and increase the time it takes to finish our project. Luckily for us Blender has a complete Python API that allows us to access most of Blender’s tools and settings via scripting. Python scripting in Blender is straight forward and relatively easy to learn but it can be very confusing if you don’t know where to start. Math for Animators.


View topic - Videotexture Video4Linux2. 2.6/Manual/Game Engine/Python API/VideoTexture. From BlenderWiki The VideoTexture module allows you to manipulate textures during the game.

2.6/Manual/Game Engine/Python API/VideoTexture

Several sources for texture are possible: video files, image files, video capture, memory buffer, camera render or a mix of that. The video and image files can be loaded from the internet using an URL instead of a file name. In addition, you can apply filters on the images before sending them to the GPU, allowing video effect: blue screen, color band, gray, normal map. VideoTexture uses FFmpeg to load images and videos. FR/2.4/Manual/Game Engine/Python API/VideoTexture. Creating Mist in Blender and Cycles with Z Depth. When you’re creating expanse environments that are believable, one of the things you need take into account is the saturation of far away objects.

As things get farther and farther away, they appear less saturated, almost like they’re covered in a slight mist. In order to create believable CG this is a very important detail to consider, particularly when creating your environments, as it greatly adds to the realism of your scene. HDRI 360° forrest salzburg 02. Composer des images HDR. Pour commencer, une image HDR c'est quoi? En fait pour bien comprendre l'intérêt il faut déjà se rendre compte que les photos issues de nos appareils ne sont pas toujours capable de rendre toute la plage de lumière existante dans la scène capturée.

Cela est très flagrant dans les images prises à l'intérieure d'églises où lorsqu'on capture un paysage qui comporte un fort contraste entre le ciel et le sol par exemple. Il vous est sûrement arrivé de prendre une photo dont certaines zones étaient "cramées" ou "bouchées" L'intérêt d'une HDRI (Hight Dynamique Range Image : image avec une grande plage dynamique) est de permettre dans le même fichier de combiner plusieurs photos d'un même sujet mais avec des réglages d'exposition différents.

Techniquement, une HDRI est composées de plusieurs photos prises avec plusieurs étapes dans le réglage de l'exposition, cela peut être fait sur la majorité des appareils. Understanding Interference Patterns in Soap Films - Eric Tompkins. Introduction: We are all intrigued by the beautiful array of colors we see when observing an oil slick or a soap bubble. This phenomena sparks interest from the time we are infants creating soap bubbles for amusement all the way into adulthood. What many people don't realize is that there is a tremendous amount of physics being demonstrated in these magnificent colors. To fully understand the origin of these colors, one needs to create a mathematical model that embodies the laws of physics. In this report, vertical soap films were observed and the color patterns they display were quantitatively analyzed using a spreadsheet to evaluate formulas and plot graphs.

Index of Refraction. Mrdoob/three.js. WebGL Water. 4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Cycles. The Blender Clan 'tchat - WebGL : Plus rapide que Cycles ! Inaccessible is Accessible. Blender export — X3DOM v1.4-dev documentation. Openfootage.

Realistic Bubble Material? How to make a bubble material - LuxRender and Cycles. Bubbles! Rendering a Goldfish in a Bubble with Cycles. Cycles - Wavelength Nanometer to Color NodeGroup.