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Blender Underground Video Tutorials

Blender Underground Video Tutorials

2009 novembre « Imppao’s Weblog nov30 Bonjour à tous, dans le prochain tuto vidéo sur inkscape, nous verrons comment réaliser ce type d’illustration on utilisera quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités d’inkscape 0.47 le fichier .svg est là Poser - Complete 3D figure Design and Animation Take a Video Tour of Poser Fitting Room to convert your existing clothing and props to fit any figure* Comic Book Preview Mode for color and B&W cartoon illustration and animation Pixar Subdivision Surfaces for fast and efficient scene building Bullet Physics for Soft Body Dynamics, Rigid Body and Hair Morph Brush now supports Sag, Tighten and Loosen so clothing works better Magnets and Deformers with Weight Maps for the ultimate precision *Poser Pro 2014 Feature Buy Now Poser comes with everything you need to create incredible digital art or 3D animation. 3D Characters, Animals, Vehicles, Props, Scenes, Cameras and Lights, all included! Poser is simple to learn, but powerful. Best of all, it's fun.

KOPILOT - Tutoriels HD en francais - Video formation - Blender 3D - Accueil Vers sculptris-comme la sculpture!Code Tinker « Hi :) As my new year surprise for the community I will show you my recent advances in the subdivision algorithm for Unlimited Clay: now those ugly long and thin stretched triangles belong to the past! hope you like it :) PS: before you ask, no, this is still not committed to my branch: there´s a bunch of issues not shown in this video that will prevent this for public usage yet but don´t worry, I´m working very hard to get as soon as possible a public build!

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