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Free Blender 3D Tutorials : CG Masters

Free Blender 3D Tutorials : CG Masters
contact us | view cart CG Masters - Blender 3D Modeling, Texturing and Game Tutorials. Welcome to CG Masters, a training platform for Blender that provides high quality training DVD's and free tutorials. Learn the tricks and tools of the trade from experienced trainers certified by the Blender Foundation. Home » Free Blender 3D Tutorials Free Tutorials Easily Mirror A Walk Cycle Animation Quick tip on how to easily copy over animation from one side of the body to the other for perfectly syncing walk/run cycles! Blender Tutorial : Hard & Soft Edges (Without Modifiers) Confused about soft and hard edges? Blender Tutorial : Linking And Appending : DO’s and DON’TS! HUMANS! Creating Facial Shapes in Blender In this tutorial: Learn how to make and pose facial shapes in Blender! Creating your own Matcaps (a cool way to viz characters in Blender) Learn how to make our own ‘matcaps’! Modifying a Rig to a New Character [FREE CHARACTER] Character Creation Vol.2 – Rigging Page 1 of 1112345»10...Last »

tutorials Make bvhacker the default for opening bvh files It is possible to open bvh files in bvhacker by double clicking a bvh file. This page shows you how to quickly and easily associate bvh files with bvhacker. Video Tutorial 4: Converting Beyond Motion bvh files Shows how to convert one of the Beyond Motion bvh files for Second Life. Video Tutorial 3: Converting CMU bvh files and zeroing joints Tutorial movie showing how to convert one of the CMU Daz friendly bvh files for Second Life. Video Tutorial 2: Preparing for upload to Second Life A short tutorial describing how to best prepare your bvh file for upload to Second Life. Video Tutorial 1: Converting Animazoo bvh files to Second Life format A short tutorial showing how to convert one of Animazoo's bvh files for Second Life compatibility. A note on intellectual property rights If you do sell animations made with bvhacker you have an obligation to obtain permission from the original bvh motion file creator to re-sell their work.

Creating Rope INTRODUCTION Rope is a fairly common prop used in many different 3D scenes. To create this rope in Blender 3D, we are going to start by modeling the shape of the rope with the help of a few modifiers. Then we will spend some time creating a good looking material with the node editor, and end with a final render of our rope. The rope you end up with should be usable in a wide array of scenes. Head down to the children section of the particles system. Tutoriel: Blender: Notions de base de peinture dynamique Creation date: 2010-8-4Last update: 2011-8-26 Dynamic Paint is a new Blender tool available in versions 2.61 and later. It allows you to use meshes and particles as "brushes" to paint on other objects. This tutorial shows step-by-step how to set up a simple scene using Dynamic Paint. Check out my blog for more info about Dynamic Paint. Tutorial contents 1. 2. First I'm going to set the monkey head to a Dynamic Paint canvas. Enable Dynamic Paint Canvas First select the suzanne object. Now click "Dynamic Paint". Default canvas settings are fine for this tutorial. 3. Now setup the "Brush" object. Select it and add "Dynamic Paint" modifier from "Physics" tab just like before. Now brush settings are visible. Click the color selection box and change color to blue. 4. Now that both brush and canvas have been set you are ready to try it out. Dynamic Paint is processed real-time as you playback the animation. You can also bake canvas, so that current "paint animation" gets saved. 5. 6.

Tutorial Track « Back to Series Directory 1 Screw modifier - lathe objects Create a bottle using the screw modifier 2 Glass materials Make objects look like glass 3 Create springs Create springs using the screw modifier 4 Animated modifiers (springs) Animate a suspension spring 5 Textured lights for added realism Apply textures to lamps 6 Download support files (Optional download) - Download support files for this series (ZIP). Blender Mesh » Blog Archive » Creating a Fancy Watch in Blender Welcome to another Blender Mesh tutorial! This time the tutorial is a text tutorial! Orginally it was supposed to be a video tutorial but it was not to be. Also, for the first time, there’ll be two things at the bottom; the best pictures created with the tutorial, and also some inspirational pictures that go with the tutorial. Enjoy! The final result: The tutorial begins … Start off by deleting the default cube. Add a cylinder. Shrink the cylinder down on the Z-axis to an appropriate size. Go into Edit Mode and delete the middle top vertex of the cylinder. Extrude the top outer edge inwards about as much as shown, then raise the new edge slightly on the Z-axis. Also open up a reference picture so that your model is more accurate. Next, extrude your edge upwards on the Z-axis a little. Extrude that edge inwards about as much shown and raise it upwards a little on the Z-axis. Then extrude downwards to create the inside of the watch face. Add loop cuts to sharpen the edges of the watch. Pocket Watch

Bsurfaces 1.5 - Modeling and Retopology tool. Results – Tutorial Contest for 2.72 Results – Tutorial Contest for 2.72 Posted by Chris Plush on November 10th, 2014 | 4 Comments CG Masters Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.72 Here are the awesome results for the CG Masters Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.72! You can view all of the entries, the contest rules, and information about the contest on the original contest page. 1st Place – $150 and four CG Masters DVDs of your choice 2nd Place – $100 and two DVDs of your choice 3rd Place – $50 and one DVD of your choice Honorable Mentions – Tutorial published on Create Splashes by Steven Lund Check out his website: CG Geek on YouTube Download the project files here:Tutorial FilesHDR Files Using the Sun Beams Node by Luca Scheller Check out his website: Download the project files here:Tutorial FilesOriginal BlendSwap fileHDR Files Create a Grunge Wall by AnandhaRaja A Check out his website: Blender Talkies Animate a Basic Quadruped Walk Cycle by John Montgomery Check out his website: John on YouTube

KOPILOT - Tutoriels HD en francais - Video formation - Blender 3D - Accueil Blender's VSE Blender Tutorials | Computer Graphics Why and How to Use a Camera Rig in Animation 2.44K Views0 Likes Why and How to Use a Camera Rig in Animation A camera rig can make your life easier, and help your complex shots to look a bit more convincing.In CG, we often don't think of our camera as a physical object. Volumetric Lighting in Blender 1.26K Views0 Likes Volumetric Lighting in Blender Gleb Alexandrov - This tutorial to discover how to create godrays, light shafts, thick fog and other stuff related to volumetric lighting. How to Make Snow in Blender 1.80K Views0 Likes How to Make Snow in Blender Blender tutorial showing you how to make snow in Blender and rendering with Cycles. Create a Snowman in Blender 422 Views0 Likes Create a Snowman in Blender The most important part of the character is the snow shape and material itself. Lens Vignetting the Right Way in Blender’s Compositor 433 Views0 Likes Detail Using Drivers in Blender 525 Views0 Likes Creating a Low Polygon Scene in Blender 1.13K Views0 Likes 491 Views0 Likes 860 Views0 Likes

Blender 2.5 tutorials and training game · level · character Using the Blender tutorials and training available below, learn how to use Blender 3D for content creation and game development. Pick up essential skills for properly optimised models, efficient level design and texture making. In-depth, extensive and unique explanations of methods and principles you won't find anywhere else, seriously! Not just on using Blender 3D, but also the 'hidden' and less talked about core subjects associated with content and game development, all of if freely available to those looking for it. Blender modeling tutorials ^ Draw All Edges object property Sometimes being able to see the structure of a mesh in it's entirety is advantageous when working. Updated for the latest version of Blender. Learn Blender: make a simple map Tutorial on using Blender to make .map based levels (Quake format). Blender & activating Add-Ons Blender & two-sided materials Blender Metric & Imperial units Blender view, grid & camera properties Blender & collision hulls for game models

Video Tutorial Contest #1 – Results Video Tutorial Contest #1 – Results Posted by Lee on February 5th, 2013 | 5 Comments CG Masters Video Tutorial Contest Here are the final results for the CG Masters Video Tutorial Contest! You can view all the entries, the rules, and all other contest information on the original contest page. 1st Place – $150 and all CG Masters DVDs (Character Creation Volumes 1 & 2, Car Creation, and Environment Creation) 2nd Place – $100 and two DVDs of your choice 3rd Place – $50 and one DVD of your choice Honorable Mentions – Tutorial published on Blender 2.6 Tutorial: Creating the Awesome Blast Effect from Inception Created by: LaustinartCheck out his websites: youtube channel – portfolio – twitter – vimeo channel Download the final blend files here: Before Bake – After Bake(final) Rock, Paper, Scissors – Blender Overview Tutorial Created by: Aidy BurrowsCheck out his website: Download the final blend file here Blender 2.65 Camera Mapping Island Tutorial

Tutorial Archives - Page 2 of 2 - KOPILOT - Blender 3D vidéo tutoriels en français Imprimez vos rendus Blender 3D et décorer votre chez vous avec vos propres créations ! Dans... Posted by: Thierry 18/12/2011 Cette vidéo KOPILOT présente la création du carte de Noël. Posted by: Thierry 2/12/2011 Cette vidéo KOPILOT présente la création du téléphone du futur. Posted by: Thierry 23/10/2011 Cette vidéo KOPILOT présente la création d’une balle de tennis. Posted by: Thierry 17/8/2011 Cette vidéo KOPILOT présente la création d’une paire d’écouteur iPhone like! Posted by: Thierry 15/7/2011 Cette vidéo KOPILOT présente la création d’un carton d’invitation hype… pour la plus hype des fêtes... Posted by: Thierry 14/7/2011 Dans cette vidéo KOPILOT, vous découvrirez comment modéliser une clé USB originale dans Blender… en LEGO... Posted by: Thierry 8/7/2011 Cette vidéo KOPILOT présente la création d’une capsule de café “Nespresso like” dans Blender. Cette vidéo KOPILOT consacrée à Blender présente la création d’une lune. Posted by: Thierry 2/7/2011