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3D Printing Design & Modeling Software Autodesk 123D DesignEasy-to-use yet powerful modeling tool with library of existing components or the ability to create from scratch. Also available for the iPad. Integrated and prints directly to Shapeways. Learn how 123D Design and Shapeways work together Windows, Mac, Online Service PixelProspector - the indie goldmine On the 30th July 2014 the site got updated, restrutured and redesigned… however the update is still not finished and thus this new Indie Resources overview page is partly incomplete. In case you are missing something you can still check out the outdated old Indie Resources page until the update is complete. Thank you for your understanding. (Game Making Tools, Game Design, Postmortems, Programming, Project Management…) (Create/Download Graphics, Hire Graphic Designer…) (Create/Download Sound + Music, Hire Sound Designer/Musician/Voice Actor…)

Beginning Blender Tutorial: Animating and Rendering a Mushroom If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! Learn how to make this mushroom bounce! Tree[d] Tutorial Wciow's Tree[d] Tutorial Tree[d] is a free program for the creation of 3d trees. It vastly speeds up creating trees and bushes for Glest tilesets as it does all the modelling and uv work for you, turning what used to be hours of work into minutes. However in order to use your creations they must be exported via Blender as G3d models. This tutorial shows you how. The Making of “Her Majesty's Zeppelins” I’m excited to present the making of “Her Majesty’s Zeppelins”, full version. We’ll touch various aspects of Blender: modelling, making uv layouts, texturing, lighting, rendering layers and passes, optimizing viewport performance, establishing project structure and so on, to make a detailed picture. In 1880 young Nikola Tesla proved the existence of the Ether and capability to use rotating magnetic field to create the lift force directed upwards. Tesla believed that the technology was the common heritage of mankind, thus he sent packages with the detailed description of the technology and all the instructions for the production of “Ethereal engine” to Governments of all the major world powers.

Tiny House Design Sponsored Link Undoubtedly we have seen a lot of really neat structures in the recent years and it has really become much of a trend to have a smaller, yet unique types of houses. When we ran across this one it really stood out to us and felt the need to share it with you! CSS Tutorial - Learn CSS Codes and Layouts CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a stylesheet language that acts as the presentation layer for markup languages such as HTML and XHTML. The presence of CSS allows us to separate the layout component from the information component. In essence, the HTML document becomes the information component, while the CSS Style Sheet becomes the layout component. Using CrazyBump to Create Realistic Texturing Not a fan of videos? No worries! Here’s the text summary:

Arion 2 Key features: Interactive rendering and editing, CUDA empowered, displacement, photo-realistic materials, physically-based, unbiased... Arion raw raytracing speed is vs. quality ratio is unprecedented and can produce the cleanest and the most beautiful artworks. Thanks to its carefully engineered rendering core, it outputs an astonishing amount of work in the same time as traditional renderers. Beside a deep optimization of the core that affects raw speed, Arion 2's new sampling strategy leads to an even faster image convergence. This excellent performance applies to all the different samplers in Arion 2, including Metropolis Light Transport (MLT). LightMixer light layers are back.

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