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The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project

illustration : julio dolbeth A net das coisas nova emoção, digital drawing blue design magazine, cover, 2008 southern europe, wad magazine, pencil and collage ✥ Z Gallerie Subway Art Knock Off ✥ I've been longing for some subway art for awhile. I didn't want to do a stencil or paint project because I wanted it to look legit! I wanted to basically have this Z Gallerie piece that costs hundreds, but of course I'd like to pay umm, nothing 40 bucks.

Le figure dei libri Questo post è per quelli come me, che non si sentono né carne né pesce, che da eoni bazzicano nel mondo dell’illustrazione e ancora non hanno capito che farne veramente di tutto questo. Elilisa Lunedì mattina la sveglia è alle 5. Finché guido la macchina per arrivare alla stazione dei treni più vicina, mi dico che questa sarà l’ultima fiera. Typewriter Letters *** Because someone asked..yes! I have one in my Etsy if you would like...smiles~*** Oh have I got a good one for you today {I hope}. EMMA LEWIS illustration Here’s my illustrated paper watch for Templar publishing. Decided to revert the digital clock back to a traditional facade, complete with resplendent snake skin strap and vintage box. [edit] You can now bid on my watch to own for yourself to frame/display/wear, right here: Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Care!

How to Block Print A guest post by Ania of Paper Cut Works. Block printing is the exact opposite of paper cutting, a new adventure for my “x-acto knife-wired” brain & hand. You begin by transferring a soft-pencil sketch onto the block, then using a chisel to carefully carve out the portions of the design you’d leave intact in a papercut. About - Laura Gee Illustration About lllustrator / artist/maker/ London Email at All content Laura Gee 2014 © No reproduction without express permission. The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

ATELIER ILUSTRACE Atelier ilustrace má právě výstavu v Muzeu umění a designu v Benešově. Můžete si prohlédnout práce za poslední dva roky - komiksové sešity a plakáty, edukační tabule, ilustrované knížky... Vstup do muzea je dobrovolný a mají tam i jiné věci k vidění (například sbírku české grafiky). BYLO NEBYLO Jump to Navigation Ukolébavka pro malé pávy prohlédnout >> objednat knihu >> Julia Selin Sketchbook drawings by Julia Selin. Sarah Dyer - Location Drawing © Sarah Dyer | created at Cancel fine fine books: Planeta Tangerina: Interview with Isabel Minhós Martins Voilà, here it is, the previously announced much more detailed post about the wonderful Planeta Tangerina books, PLUS an interview with author Isabel Minhós Martins! Really, I think, these are the most beautiful picture books published at the moment. Sure, that you stumble across them on the internet quite often lately. The Portuguese studio Planeta Tangerina was founded in 1999 by four friends: Isabel, Bernardo Carvalho, Madalena Matoso and Joao Gomes de Abreu.