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Principles of Marketing 1.0 About the Authors Jeff Tanner Source: Photo by Lilly Tanner, used with permission. John F. (Jeff) Tanner, Jr., is professor of marketing and associate dean of faculty development and research at the Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University. He is an internationally recognized expert in sales and sales management. Pasta&Vinegar New topic, new project line here: the repair and maintenance practices of electronic objects. Nothing fancy so far, I'm just writing a research grant. But, as usual, it's hard not to start the project before getting the grant. True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business [Infographic] The most prominent brands in the world are defined by their colors. Think of McDonald’s golden arches, the name Jet Blue, and UPS’ slogan, “What can Brown do for you?” These companies, and many others, strategically use colors in their logo, website, and product to appeal to customers.

Reputation Management and Value You understand this quite well as individuals -- your reputation builds your credibility. Your credibility is the ultimate value of why someone would choose you over someone else for a project. It creates trust. Making the customer journey a seamless experience Shopper marketing is about making the customer journey as smooth as possible as they journey through the multitude of shopping channels. Morag Cuddeford Jones discovers how brands are using insight to deliver this. Furniture retailer Dwell aims to make the customer journey seamless The rise of the multichannel route to purchase has led to a dramatic change in consumer behaviour, forcing brands to combine their existing marketing techniques into new shopper marketing strategies. Brands recognise they need to develop new shopper marketing strategies but are unsure how to define this as a separate discipline. “Shopper marketing is about making the customer journey through the channels seamless,” says Sean Galligan, marketing director for furniture retailer Dwell.

Study: Which Content Marketing tasks are typically in-house or outsourced A team of online marketers usually have a lot on their plate, especially when campaigns are using multi-channel strategies that involve social media, blog content production, email and pure SEO. These tactics thrive on content, and because the demand for quality has been escalating in the past few years, there has also been a call for expert writers, graphic designers, and content distribution marketers that are competent enough to compete against thousands of other online marketers. However, you can’t rely on outsourcing for the entire content marketing operation, because would deprive you of managerial control and supervision. You need to do some of the things in-house to keep you in touch with the activities of the campaign. So which of the usual tasks are better off delegated to an outside firm? For reference, let’s take a look at a study conducted by MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute.

The Visual Thinking Revolution is Here! We are in the midst of a “Visual Thinking Revolution” and leaders in all types of organizations are embracing visual thinking as a literacy of the future. Source: MBA Career Service Professionals (click to enlarge) This revolution’s “tipping point” came earlier this year at the International Forum for Visual Practitioners annual conference, which drew 100 visual practitioners from across the globe. The panel I moderated with Business Models Inc. CEO Patrick van der Pijl and Doodle Revolution’s Sunni Brown kicked off the conference with an expansive discussion on the future of visual thinking. Captured by three different graphic recorders in real time, we explored 10 significant external forces that are fueling the Visual Thinking Revolution:

The Future of the Call Center Let’s imagine you’ve got a problem with your cable. Say, you’ve ordered HBO to catch the new Game of Thrones season, but you can’t see the channel. Who would you contact? And how would you contact them? Your options, these days, range from your cell phone to your Twitter account. 15 Innovative Uses for Twitter Those of us who are daily Twitter users already grok the power of the application and it’s potential. But there are still a lot of Twitter critics out there, as well as those people who just don’t understand how to use it. I recently saw this comment on a blog: “I’ve been tweeting but… from what I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks, it’s either a ‘look at me’ or a ‘look at this’ arena.” Sure Twitter is a great communication channel and as such, you do find a lot of self-promotion and name dropping. But there is so much more to Twitter. The comment got me thinking, would the critics feel the same if they could see more innovative ways to use it?

Customer Experience and Customer Service Shortcuts To Help or Harm your Business Who doesn’t just adore a time-saving shortcut? One of my favorites is most likely the ability to type in the first two letters of a web address into my browser and being magically transported to the site! But can you, or should you, take shortcuts with your customer experience? The problem with shortcuts is that they are often in the wrong areas, leading to shortcomings and a tendency to overlook what really matters. Based on my own experience and that of many of my clients, I’m offerning a simple set of Do’s and Don’ts guidelines on this.

What is Your Marketing Data Culture? Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, recently wrote an article for Forbes entitled, “2014 Is The Year Of Digital Marketing Analytics: What It Means For Your Company.” The article takes a quick look at some strategic approaches digital marketers can take to improve their performance in 2014. All of the approaches involve data and analytics, and one concept particularly caught our eye - corporate data culture. Embedding service design in a big organisation The shift to embedded service design. In the recent Restarting Britain report that I helped put together, we discussed different ways that organisations could bring service design to bear. I’ve experience working in or with almost all of the models presented. But for me the embedded one is the most interesting as it’s where I believe most organisations are maturing to.

Advertising best practice, evidence and insights LONDON: Twenty years ago, possession of the latest gadget or CD might have been a talking point among the younger generation, but for Millennials experience is paramount according to new research. Bauer Media, owner of a range of youth-related brands across print, online, radio and music TV, undertook a year-long research project among 16-34 year olds which included workshops and in-depth interviews. One of the major findings, The Drum reported, was that 71% of Millennials agreed that "I'd rather tell people about something I've done than something I've got". Bauer insight and research director Martin Diamond suggested this signalled an important change in outlook. "People are less likely now to shout about their new MacBook," he said. "Experience is increasingly valued and potentially this can be more important than ownership."

Mobilosoft, the Mobile Retail Company On the 29th of March, we organized with Mobilosoft the second edition of the SoLoMo Academy. The objective was to help Retailers better understand the challenges around geolocation Marketing. The first challenge is the correct listing of the point of sales. Currently, the …

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