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Pepita - Diffuser et vendre en ligne tous les contenus numerique

Pepita - Diffuser et vendre en ligne tous les contenus numerique
Connect your business to our distributed e-commerce platform and start spreading storefronts and carts anywhere your customers are: inside your own software application or game, on social networks and blogs, on affiliates' websites... Our platform gives you control over a wide range of e-commerce features that adapt to where they are applied. With Pepita, get your software, your social networks and your partners ready for promoting and selling your products!

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Guguchu Promote music, only better! Guguchu is a powerful one-stop direct-to-fan platform. We’ve set out on a mission to enable every artist, band, manager and label to manage the relationship with their fans directly, provide data-driven unique insights and cut down on the overhead needed to build everything from scratch. Topspin Media About Products Topspin Platform ArtistLink Creative Services API Fulfillment Blog Support Sign In Topspin Platform ArtistLink 8 Great YouTube Channels for Music News As we well know by now, YouTube isn't only about cats running into mirrors and hyperactive video bloggers. There's also a lot of great music-related content yonder. We've combed through YouTube to find a selection of channels boasting music news and videos that will appeal to a spectrum of fans; from those who like hip-hop to those who prefer punk, and a goodly selection of genres in between.

Articles This multimedia site features streaming MP3s, annotated lyrics, articles and links. The recordings are of songs in the public domain plus artists’ originals used with permission. The emphasis is on … “We feel affinities not only with the past, but also with the futures that didn’t materialise, and with the other variations of the present that we suspect run parallel to … Personal Finance News & Advice I handle customer complaints for a living – the good, the bad and sometimes, the incredibly stupid. Let’s talk about the incredibly stupid for a minute. When it comes to online transactions, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen outrageously dumb behavior that could have easily been prevented and that cost customers thousands of dollars. Here are five standouts. They buy the same product twice:

Music Store Audiosocket Audiosocket is a music, media and technology company that delivers today's hot, up and coming talent to the marketplace. We have 33,000 songs in our catalog that come from more than 1900 emerging bands, composers and record labels from around the world. Extensions Purolator is one of Canada's largest courier services. This shipping module provides real time ship.. Price: $30.00 Average Rating: 5 50 Music Sites That Matter Photo and Feature Photo: Yuliya Libkina Bored with your music collection? Feeling out of the musical loop? Matador Editor-At-Large and globetrotting music journalist Paul Sullivan offers us fifty music sites that offer some of the best and most up-to-date sounds on the planet. Whether you dig the Spice Girls, The Strokes or Stockhausen, you’re bound to find something here.