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How to Meditate on God's Word My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promises. (Ps 119:148) Perhaps one of the most neglected disciplines in the Christian life these days is that of Meditation. I believe that very few Christians have been taught how important it is to pay close attention to what they think about. Free Oldies Music - Top Country Music Songs of 1970 .............................................Radio Channel for the Year The Top Country Music Songs

Is the Universe a Holographic Reality? The Universe as a Hologram by Michael Talbot Does Objective Reality Exist, or is the Universe a Phantasm? In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century.

Old Time Radio (OTR) - Radio Days: A Radio History (03/5/2014) Beginning to update various web pages including several news-related sites so that they will better work with tablet and smartphones. Latest updates include news index page, Murrow, Munich, Austria Anschluss, and Kaltenborn pages. (01/17/2014) Updated the Comedy page mostly in design and to html5 formatting. Links are no longer Realaudio and are now mp3. Enhance your meditation with relaxing music! Music can play an effective role in helping us lead better, fruitful lives. Listening to specific kinds of music at specific times of the day has been shown to be helpful in maintaining good health. Indian music, with its many Ragas, is known to be particularly therapeutic.

10 Great Screenshots From The Maury Povich Show Love him or hate him, Maury Povich knows how to entertain. So for your enjoyment, we’ve scoured the internets for screenshots and gifs, and compiled a top 10 list of great moments in The Maury Povich Show. There are also several excellent Maury videos on YouTube, but we’ll save those for another list. 10 Great Screenshots From The Maury Povich Show Collections Lum and Abner was an American radio comedy network program created by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff that was aired from 1931 to 1954. Modeled on life in the small town of Waters, Arkansas, near where Lauck and Goff grew up, the show proved immensely popular. In 1936, Waters changed its name to Pine Ridge after the show's fictional town. Like several of their contemporaries, Lauck and Goff had the opportunity to bring their characters to life in movies. The Lum & Abner radio show of March 29, 1940, "The Store Closes to Shoot a Movie," announced a break in the radio series in order to make the first film of the series, Dreaming Out Loud, which was released the same year.

Christian Meditation Techniques: How to Meditate on GOD : Christian Meditation, Affirmations, & Relaxation Christian Meditation Techniques How to Meditate on God Meditating on the Lord can be one of the easiest yet at the same time most difficult activities we can do to draw closer to God and grow spiritually. The simplicity is in the act of just being still in silence and solitude. The difficulty is that sitting still and being quiet for more than a few minutes can cause a minor anxiety attack. Many of us are not very comfortable with our thoughts and being alone with God.

tips and downloads for getting things done @← (: Using your phone as a clock seems to be the most obvious use case. There's also other apps that can display useful information. @← (: The more screens I have on my desk, the cooler I feel. Superficial and immature? Yes. Tommy Thunder and The Tales of the Aether Age.: The Official Launch of the Dieselpunks ePulp Showcase! Press play, then continue... After much trial and tribulation (and more than a few curse words at Amazon for being so annoyingly stubborn) the writers of would like to present: Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase (volume 1) Do you need more gritty, hard-boiled noir in your life? Do you feel the urge to drag on your beaten coat, tip your fedora to just the right angle, and slum it in a smoky speakeasy?

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