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Buddhism and the God-idea Do Buddhists believe in a god? No, we do not. There are several reasons for this. Gripped by fear people go to sacred mountains, sacred groves, sacred trees and shrines. Primitive humans found selves in a dangerous and hostile world, the fear of wild animals, of not being able to find enough food, of injury or disease, and of natural phenomena like thunder, lightning and volcanoes were constantly with them. The second reason the Buddha did not believe in a god is because there does not seem to be any evidence to support this idea. The third reason the Buddha did not believe in a god is that the belief is not necessary. But if there are no gods how did the universe get here? All religions have myths and stories which attempt to answer this question. What does the Buddha say about the origin of the universe? It is interesting that the Buddha's explanation of the origin of the universe corresponds very closely to the scientific view. You say there is no evidence for the existence of a god.

Audio: Meditation Guided Meditations with Malcolm Huxter Body Scan gives instructions on bringing awareness to bodily sensations. For the most part this exercise is relaxing. Progressive Relaxation gives guidance for a common muscle tension and release exercise often used for stress management. Calming the body with the breath, describes a mindfulness of breath exercise coupled with relaxation. Cultivating peace and joy with the breath, is an extension of the track "Calming the body with the breath". Mindful Standing and Walking, provides simple instructions for mindful standing and walking. Mindfulness of Breath gives instructions for mindfulness of breath, as is it experienced as movement in the abdomen. Mindfulness of sound and thought, firstly instructs on how to use sound as an object of meditation then asks the listener to shift attention to thoughts. Open awareness. A guided Loving kindness meditation.

view on buddhism Mind Hacks Причины, примеры и решение проблемных ситуаций. 1 часть | психология, веды, йога, развитие личности, секреты успеха, дизайн жизни, саморазвитие Предлагаю на Ваш суд тренинг, который я проводил с моей клиенткой. Тема беседы затрагивает такое явление, как ПРИЧИНЫ возникновения и РЕШЕНИЕ ПРОБЛЕМ в жизни, таких как болезни и негативные ситуации. Моя задача была раскрыть как можно больше информации о проблемах и методах их решения. О том почему в нашу жизнь приходят болезни и неудачи, а так же о том, как их решать доступно и просто. Так как встреч и бесед было несколько, то я решил разбить материал на несколько частей, где-то по 30 минут каждая. Сейчас Вы можете прослушать первую часть. Итак, в первой части Вы узнаете ответы на следующие вопросы: #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. ↓ Кликайте на Play ниже для прослушивания тренинга (31 мин) Скачать mp3-файл тренинга можете по ссылке ниже. [box type=»download» border=»rounded»] P.S. P.P.S. [/like_to_read]

sacred texts buddhism Sacred-texts home Journal Articles: Buddhism OCRT: Buddhism Buy CD-ROM Buy Books about Buddhism Modern works Southern Buddhism Northern Buddhism JatakaLinks Modern works The Gospel of Buddha: Compiled from Ancient Records by Paul Carus [1909]A modern retelling of the Buddha's work and life. Buddha, the Word by Paul Carus Amitabha by Paul Carus [1906]Buddhist concepts of God, non-violence, and religious tolerance. The Buddhist Catechism by Henry S. The Creed of Buddha by Edmond Holmes (2nd. ed.) [1919]A Pantheist looks at contemporary Western views of Buddhism. The Life of Buddha by Andre Ferdinand Herold [1922], tr. by Paul C. A Buddhist Bible by Dwight Goddard (1st ed.) [1932]An edited (but not watered-down) collection of key Zen documents, a favorite of Jack Kerouac. The Smokey the Bear Sutra by Gary Snyder.A much beloved short poem about the relationship between Buddhism and ecology, written by one of the 'beat' era poets, simultaneously funny and profound. Southern Buddhism Jataka BBS Files

ribbonfarm — experiments in refactored perception How to Meditate Note: These instructions are drawn from the vipassana traditions of Mahasi Sayadaw and Chao Khun Bhavanapirama Thera. It is assumed the reader is familiar with the article, What is Vipassana? Contents This article offers step-by-step instructions for nine insight meditation exercises, as well as a detailed explanation of mindful eating, hints on dealing with problems such as wandering mind, sleepiness, disturbing mental images, unpleasant emotions, and more. The following exercises are not necessarily listed in order of difficulty. Exercises suitable for beginners are noted. To start, choose one or two exercises and practice them daily. If there's something you don't understand at first, please don't let that daunt you. Although these Buddhist meditation exercises come from the traditions of the Burmese teacher Mahasi Sayadaw and the Thai teacher Chao Khun Bhavanapirama Thera, you don't have to be a Buddhist to practice them. A Suitable Place Clothing Sitting Styles Resolution(Optional) Pain

shambhala UFO Sighting Photos leaked out of NASA-Johnson Space Center, 100% clear UFOs In High Detail. Alert...NASA HAS DELETED ALL THE LINKS TO THESE UFO PHOTOS AS OF JAN 2013. :(UFO Sighting Photos leaked out of NASA-Johnson Space Center, 100% clear UFOs In High Detail! Take a look at these amazing photos that were leaked out of NASA Johnson Space Center. At first when I watched the below video I thought it was not real. The UFOs it shows are in the NASA photos. I'll have to admit I was a little taken aback when I saw the original photos. Don't take my word for it. And to Zzentityzz who found an posted these on Youtube, great find! Source Photos at: ☯ Scott C.

10 Ways to Alter Your Consciousness Without Drugs Binaural beats are created by playing two loud tones in each ear that are very close in frequency. The brain processes this by filling in the difference and creating a third tone that is roughly the difference of the two. For instance, if you play a 400 Hz tone in one ear and 410 Hz tone in the other, your brain will create a binaural tone of 10 Hz. The five cognitive states that your brain operates within are Gamma (>40 Hz), Beta (13 - 39 Hz), Alpha (7 - 13 Hz), Theta (4 - 7 Hz) and Delta (<4 Hz). My experience: I went into this experiment with expectation that this was a bunch of new age hippie nonsense and wouldn't result in much, but to my surprise, I must say that listening to this audio does in fact have an effect on my conscious states. To keep things interesting, I did not research exactly what the different clips were supposed to do prior to listening to them, but upon looking them up later, most of them induced a feeling in line with that particular brain state.

YOUR PREMIERE CONSUMER BIPOLAR D Mantra Meditation Journey – Home Deva Premal & Miten's 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey saw over 64,000 people in 201 countries explore the transformative power of a daily mantra practice. This beautiful program, featuring 21 specially selected mantras with guided meditations by Deva & Miten into their meaning and essential energetic properties, is now available for purchase as an mp3 download. These 15 minute sessions will support you in beginning, or continuing, a daily mantra meditation practice. Chanting these ancient sound formulas carries us into a state of deep inner peace and well being: • The mantras revitalize us on a physical, cellular level - as we chant, the throat (5th chakra) naturally opens and our breathing relaxes, activating a healing wave of prana (life energy). • As mantra practice deepens, we move beyond our usual boundaries, losing our sense of separation, and opening to self-acceptance, compassion towards ourselves and others, and a deeper connection to our life's purpose.