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Rainy Mood The magic button — Make Everything OK How to Meditate - Guided Meditation Techniques - Buddhist Meditations Dave Jams introdoucing, 20104............ the NEWD YEAR Gigapause status: STILL GIGAPAUSED. It's almost over, right? Um, no, sorry. I still have no time estimate, or specific date I am shooting for. 4/13 would be the COOLEST date to shoot for, right? What is the status, then? Homestuck probably needs another month of writing before I can start making panels. Kickstarter - Speaking of the game, I sent out a backer update just before the newd year. One question I feel like I should answer out in the open even though I kinda thought it was obvious (there is no such thing as obvious) since I see it come up so much: yes, you will be able to purchase the game, even if you did not back the Kickstarter! Contest - In the near future, I'm going to be putting out some neat things through We Love Fine. But before they formally launch any Homestuck stuff, they're running a fun shirt design contest. Another Secret Project - Remember a while ago, I mysteriously mumbled something about a secret project?

Artist Bio Love The Fold (Full Song Arrangement) Big 30 (30 Sec Song / Ringtone / Jingle) Some More of Your Love Full Musical Arrangement Daniel Castady is a multi-talented writer and musician with the unique gift of being able to write a demo of a song, and then bring it all the way across the finish line — without leaving his home studio. Advice from Somewhere ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. This came around anonamously, identified as from a "Chinese Tantra Totem" - One definition of a tantra being a statement of principle or religious practice and collections of such principles and practices.

Buddhist Meditation Meditation is the practice Buddhists know very well. The meaning of meditation or bhavana means “cultivation of the mind” . It is therefore an activity that is determined to increase their understanding and wisdom that are essential for the eradication of ” dukkha “. There are many different Buddhist meditation techniques depending on the tradition and school, for example in the Theravada Visuddhimagga there are listed up to 40 meditation methods. All of them are based on two components called Samatha (calm abiding, peace of mind) and Vipassana (direct knowledge, intuition). We must take into account that different traditions of Buddhism Mahayana developed their own unique methods. Buddhism is a means of individual and social transformation. Buddhist Meditation Technique Buddhist meditation does not mean only sitting on the floor to develop a contemplative awareness. In addition you are advised to take the pose of the actual Buddha . Meditation in the different schools 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Patatap Artist Bio Safe to Say Valencia Pieces Control The Future Perfect How Fast Promise of Redemption It's no surprise Shane was raised on a blend of classics: Springsteen, Petty, Seger, etc. Shane also currently works in New York City as an engineer and producer for the recording studio at music publishing powerhouse BMG Chrysalis, and has found much success through commercial and film songwriting. Shane's voice and passion for music are his strongest instrument. So, let him tell your story...