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How British cook Rachel Khoo got a taste for life in Paris Food provided her with a way of connecting with the city, especially, she says, when trying to strike up a conversation with her new neighbours: "The way I discovered Paris was through food – visiting my local butcher or grocer, building a relationship with them, being passed on their knowledge. It's a great way of discovering France, because everyone has a point of view on food." Before long, she had developed her own signature style of French cuisine: "classic French recipes with a fresh and fun approach", as the Paris Kitchen book cover proclaims. Are the French ever snobbish, I ask, about a rosbif trying to spruce up their culinary heritage?

Farmigo: Tapping Into The Power Of The Web To Bring You Fresh Veggies It’s no secret that fresh produce straight from the farm can often beat the potato skins off of its supermarket counterpart — and why farmer’s markets are becoming increasingly popular. But unless you set aside that chunk of time every weekend to pick up your veggies from local growers, you’re probably stopping by your supermarket anyway. The solution to this has been the emergence of Community Supported Agriculture programs, where members of the community agree with farmers to purchase a certain amount of produce, and then pick that food up at local dropoff points at regular intervals. But, while they’ve been around for decades, these programs aren’t necessarily easy to find or use. If only we could use technology to make things a bit more efficient…

MarsEdit 3 - Desktop blog editing for the Mac. Rich And HTML Text Editing Whether you love HTML or can't bear the sight of it, MarsEdit's editor will thrill you. If you prefer the best of both worlds, you can switch easily between the two. Wildly Compatible 20 Great Web Page Backgrounds You Can Certainly Use Advertisement There can be times when your web design is almost done but you can’t finalize a beautiful background for your site. Importance of a Background can not be ignored since a site is viewed differently in different browsers and resolutions and the empty space at the background kills the foreground’s beauty. Designing a background yourself is a time consuming process and its hardly required when the fellow designers have heartily and happily contributed so many beautiful backgrounds and patterns for websites. We have collected few sets of Beautiful Backgrounds which will surely be useful to you. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Wallpaper Patterns, Damask Pattern Collection, Grunge Backgrounds, and Great Photoshop Backgrounds.

Must-Eat Dishes, From Myanmar to Mexico City Photo To accompany our cover article on regional food specialties around France, we asked some food experts to weigh in with their tips for must-eats in other parts of the world. Following is a selection. Also, share your favorite regional dishes in the comments section. Augmented Reality App Instantly Translates Foreign Text On Signs, Menus If you ever wanted to be able to read text on a street sign or on a menu in a restaurant when abroad, your smartphone might be able to help you soon. Japanese electronics company Omron has developed a smartphone application that can instantly translate (short) foreign texts you come across – firing up the app and pointing the phone’s camera at the text in question is enough. Omron says that in its current form, the app (which isn’t available yet) can handle English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Translations are superimposed over the text shown on the display (in the picture below, you can see three items on a Korean menu shown in yellow Japanese letters).

eyeOS – Cloud Computing – Web Desktop – Cloud Desktop That said, this is not a new application or add-on: once you are in eyeOS, you have already joined the conversation. The wall made it to the top menu and now it has a spot next to the projects menu. You will find two options: Feed and My Wall. The feed gathers all the activity from the groups you belong to in one place. 20 Pretty *free* Printables I spotted some wonderful printables last week while working on the *bespoke* newsletter, and it inspired me to put together this grand list of lovely things! In this post you’ll find 20 useful, cute, fun, and inspiring things to print out and use, and – best of all – they’re all free! 1. Sweet little fruit stickers from Funkytime! Each one is a cute little pun.

A Complete Keto Diet Guide for Beginners- Love of Lady Keto diet is popularly known as a low carb diet, where the ketones produced in the human liver are used as energy. This diet is also called as a ketogenic diet, low carb high fat (LCHF), low carb diet, etc. Ketosis is a natural process our body starts to help us persist when the food intake is low. Here, we yield ketones that are produced from the break of fats that are stored in our liver. The final goal of a Keto diet is attaining the process of Ketosis forcefully so that one can lose their fats that are piled up in their body.

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