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The Easiest Way to Manage Your Restaurant

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eRestaurant Information Sheet - Altametrics. Altametrics Brochure - Altametrics. How to Manage Your Restaurant Inventory eBook - Altametrics. Learn How to Properly Manage Your Restaurant Inventory. A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Manage Inventory in a Restaurant - Altametrics. As restaurant menus continue to get more extensive to attract customers, food prices continue to rise further, leaving most restaurants in the dining industry to struggle with the rocketing costs and food spoilage.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Manage Inventory in a Restaurant - Altametrics

That being said, a very high proportion of restaurants still fail to realize the importance of efficient inventory management as a key element of business success, and an effective player in combating rising food costs. The main purpose of conducting inventory counts is to calculate the amount of food, supplies and other products your restaurant uses over time, which can eventually be converted to cost of goods sold and facilitate a profit and loss analysis.

Follow this simple guide to establish an efficient inventory management system for your restaurant. Step 1 Inventory management begins with revealing the numbers. Step 2 Having a well-organized inventory management system can make every aspect of the process rampantly easier. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5. Word of Mouth Marketing - Altametrics. Is word of mouth more effective than other forms of marketing in driving customers to your business?

Word of Mouth Marketing - Altametrics

Yes, word of mouth can be a much better tool for attracting customers. This is especially true in the restaurant industry. That would mean that the best, most effective way to spread the word about your business is also free. If that seems a little too good to be true, it’s because it is. While enjoying the benefits of good word of mouth advertising may not be an expense in your operating budget, running a business that gets people buzzing requires a lot of work. What is “Word of Mouth”? Why is word of mouth the most mutually beneficial marketing tool you could ever hope for? Positive Word of Mouth Advertising Naturally, every restaurant would want to take advantage of this free form of advertising, and every business wants the marketing plan where the customer does all the work.

Bad News Travels Faster. How to Save Money with Restaurant Forecasting - Altametrics. What’s in it for me?

How to Save Money with Restaurant Forecasting - Altametrics

With restaurant forecasting, you, and your management team, can easily predict: How many shifts to schedule, meaning no more under, or over, staffing.How much food to prepare, helping you cut food waste.Quantity of ingredients to order.How many guests to expect. Sounds great, right? Then maybe it’s time to consider the Universal Forecasting in eRestaurant, amazingly intuitive restaurant management software. So, exactly how can restaurant forecasting help me plan?

The Universal Forecasting in eRestaurant looks at historical figures and projects what is going to happen in the future: predicting sales, transactions, product mix, and guest counts. Okay, then what makes it intuitive? The universal forecast uses advanced mathematical algorithms to automatically take into account factors such as special events, days closed, and sales trends. Compare the Best POS Systems for Restaurants - Altametrics. Web-Based Point of Sale There is a beefy new restaurant POS in town with a buffet of complimentary features minus the hefty price tag that is helping restaurants around the country improve customer service, productivity and profitability.

Compare the Best POS Systems for Restaurants - Altametrics

The solution is called Hula and aside from a minimal support and subscription fee, it is a completely free and scalable full-featured solution that you will never outgrow. It runs off of cloud based technology and autoupdates to keep your restaurant above the status quo. In fact, it has many features not found in competing POS solutions like Oracle Micro, NCR Aloha and Xpient, for example. Plus, Hula is the only POS that is designed by restaurant professionals for restaurant professionals. See a feature comparison of the leading POS systemsReturn on Investment Conversational Ordering Enhancing Customer Service While guests are relaxing in the dining room waiting for their tasty dishes to arrive, Hula has already alerted the chef and kitchen staff.