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Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets. (3) China: An app for home-cooked meals. Kitchens Without Borders. Delicious homemade food - From Home Chefs near you. What To Eat In San Francisco. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Fast food burgers. Slow food values. Catmint wheel Cake - Accueil. Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts. Katherine Dey Art - Accueil. Katherine Dey Art - Accueil. Vapshot Alcohol Dispensing Systems. LYFE Kitchen. Inspiring healthier communities. Tender Greens. Just Salad. Noodles & Company - Noodles, Pasta, Salads & More. Home Page - Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken : Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. Cake Ink - Weddings, Cakes, Stationery, Children's Parties. Wedding Cakes and Desserts. Dallas-Fort Worth Wedding Cake Bakery. San Diego Wedding Cakes & Specialty Bakery. Dallas-Fort Worth Wedding Cake Bakery.

Knead to make. Amy Cakes. The Cake And The Giraffe. Cake Ink - Weddings, Cakes, Stationery, Children's Parties. Melissa's Fine Pastries. Balzac's Coffee Roasters. Healthy Organic and Vegetarian Food in Chicago. Supercharged Food. Bar Inventory Software in 15 Minutes. Instacart. Farm-To-Fridge Food Delivery Service GrubMarket Grabs $10M Series A. The experience of walking through the booths and shopping for produce at a farmers market is moving online.

Farm-To-Fridge Food Delivery Service GrubMarket Grabs $10M Series A

GrubMarket (YC W15) allows consumers to order fresh, locally-sourced food through their mobile and web apps. Wholesome Food at Wholesale Prices. Always 20-50% OFF! Foodhigh. Meal pairing for your favorite strain Thank you for visiting the site, it's been an awesome response thanks to techcrunch.

foodhigh was built over 24 hours, we are going to take a little time and build out the product. To get a heads up, coupons and more when we launch please submit your email below. To play around with the hack we built click below.. Foodie Wants To Help Pick Your Lunch With A Tinder-Like Swipe System. Jeonguk Lee and John Kim are hoping a different spin on flipping through food reviews is going to help you decide where to eat for lunch.

Foodie Wants To Help Pick Your Lunch With A Tinder-Like Swipe System

It’s an app called Foodie, which the pair showed off at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 hackathon. It shows photos and Yelp reviews of various foods in the area, and users can swipe left and right to save the ones that look good. The goal then is to show how many people in the area also liked what showed up on the app. Postmates On-Demand Delivery. Sprig. Welcome to Peppertap. Free delivery on orders above 250.

Welcome to Peppertap

Welcome to Crowdtap. Get FREE Samples. Reap Awesome Rewards. Influence Cool Brands. Crowdtap Raises $7 Million To Help Brands Connect With Their Influential Customers. Crowdtap, a service that allows marketers to easily collaborate with and mobilize targeted crowds of influential consumers, announced today that it has raised $7 million in series A funding.

Crowdtap Raises $7 Million To Help Brands Connect With Their Influential Customers

The round was led by Foundry Group, with participation from GSA Venture Partners and social media agency Mr. Youth. Mr. Youth invested $3 million of seed funding in Crowdtap back in 2009 (and served as an incubator for the company during its early stages), which brings the startup’s total current investment to $10 million. Crowdtap said that it will use its infusion of capital to ramp up hiring in both its sales and engineering teams.

With an ever-widening gulf between consumers and brands, Crowdtap is attempting to retool marketing to make it a more collaborative and participatory process. Leveraging existing customer bases, along with locating potential new customers, is no easy feat for brands. DailyGobble Dining Rewards Program - Home. Farmigo. Farmigo: Tapping Into The Power Of The Web To Bring You Fresh Veggies. It’s no secret that fresh produce straight from the farm can often beat the potato skins off of its supermarket counterpart — and why farmer’s markets are becoming increasingly popular.

Farmigo: Tapping Into The Power Of The Web To Bring You Fresh Veggies

But unless you set aside that chunk of time every weekend to pick up your veggies from local growers, you’re probably stopping by your supermarket anyway. The solution to this has been the emergence of Community Supported Agriculture programs, where members of the community agree with farmers to purchase a certain amount of produce, and then pick that food up at local dropoff points at regular intervals. But, while they’ve been around for decades, these programs aren’t necessarily easy to find or use. If only we could use technology to make things a bit more efficient… Foodzie is now Joyus. Foodoro - Discover Great Food. Home. Indoor Mapping Software. ZipList: Free Shopping List App That Makes Your Life Easier. Home. Find Dishes - Foodspotting. Find recipes online. Share them with your friends. Products - SavingStar - Cash Back On Your Groceries And Online Shopping.

Augmented Reality App Instantly Translates Foreign Text On Signs, Menus. If you ever wanted to be able to read text on a street sign or on a menu in a restaurant when abroad, your smartphone might be able to help you soon.

Augmented Reality App Instantly Translates Foreign Text On Signs, Menus

Japanese electronics company Omron has developed a smartphone application that can instantly translate (short) foreign texts you come across – firing up the app and pointing the phone’s camera at the text in question is enough. Omron says that in its current form, the app (which isn’t available yet) can handle English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Translations are superimposed over the text shown on the display (in the picture below, you can see three items on a Korean menu shown in yellow Japanese letters).

Users aren’t required to take pictures, as translations are delivered based on live images. Omron says their app can also handle text captured in bad lighting conditions or from difficult angles. Japanese business daily The Nikkei is reporting that the company hopes the app will be pre-installed on smartphones released within 2012. Superb. Olo. GoMobo - Online Ordering. Hoppit - Find Restaurants by Atmosphere. Find Dishes - Foodspotting. - Compare supermarket prices. Nosh - What's good to eat here.

Great food delivered to your office. Find Dishes - Foodspotting. Home - RGM GroupRGM Group. Hoppit - Find Restaurants by Atmosphere. Delicious recipes and fresh ingredients delivered. Order Drinks On Your Phone. Delivery de restaurantes. The Best Deli on Goldbely. Blue Apron: Fresh Ingredients, Original Recipes, Delivered to You. Diner Connection. Rezbook: Easy online reservations. Get delivery from your favorite restaurants. Restaurant Reservations Singapore.

Welcome. Chewse - Feed your office online in seconds. Local Take Out Restaurants & Menus for Corporate Meals. Company Catering Made Easy. Great Catering Delivered Effortlessly to Your Office. Corporate Catering Services. Shop for Local and Organic Groceries - Online! Good Eggs. Farmigo. Nutrino: Smart Nutrition. Bar Power Is A Nightlife App To Help You Be Less Of A Jerk At Bars.

Once you’ve had a few drinks at a bar it’s easy to let loose and blow off steam.

Bar Power Is A Nightlife App To Help You Be Less Of A Jerk At Bars

Unfortunately, while you’re having fun, you could end up annoying others around you, namely the staff at the venue you’re at. By acting like a fool, you’re jeopardizing your future visits, since bartenders tend to remember who was a jerk and who was a great customer. A project at our Disrupt Hackathon called “Bar Power” is an app that will remind you to “not be a douchebag.” It’s somewhat of a game, walking you through nice things to do when you enter a bar. For example, the app will suggest that you say “hi” to the bartender and introduce yourself. The really interesting part of the app comes into play when you’ve done something wrong.

Order Food Delivery Online from Local Restaurants. Restaurant Takeout. - Dining Experience, Supper Clubs, Local Food and more. Munchery - San Francisco Delivery, East Bay Delivery, Peninsula Delivery, and North Bay Delivery.

HealthyOut Is Like A Personal Nutritionist For Healthy Food Deliveries. New York-based startup HealthyOut already has a popular iPhone and Android app for quickly finding nearby restaurants and dishes that users can order and have delivered.

HealthyOut Is Like A Personal Nutritionist For Healthy Food Deliveries

Today at Disrupt NY 2013, HealthyOut is unveiling a new service, which will provide users with personalized menus of food delivered to help them lose weight or just eat better overall. Launching first in New York City, HealthyOut’s delivery service is designed to provide users with healthy options two times a day, five days a week. HealthyOut. Shopmium - « Exclusive offers » in your nearby store. - Your neighborhood. Delivered. Grocery Comparison Site mySupermarket Launches U.S. Megastore For Finding Best Prices Across Amazon, Walmart, Target & More. On the heels of reports that Amazon is preparing to significantly expand its online grocery service AmazonFresh, grocery comparison shopping site mySupermarket is today bringing its service the U.S.

Grocery Comparison Site mySupermarket Launches U.S. Megastore For Finding Best Prices Across Amazon, Walmart, Target & More

Operating something like a Kayak for grocery and drugstore products, the new U.S. version of mySupermarket lets shoppers find the best prices across top stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens,,, and mySupermarket was founded back in 2006, and now has offices in London, New York, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. The company currently operates a U.K. version of the site which offers price comparisons across major European retailers including Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsburys, Boots, Superdrug, Majestic and Virgin Wines. That business has 4 million monthly users, and sees average baskets of around $130. MySupermarket - Compare Prices - Shop Online - Save Money.