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Remember people When you meet someone, you can enter their information manually, scan their business card, or instantly connect to a group of people using the Hello Connect feature Make meetings memorable Hello automatically brings in related information about the people you meet from your calendar, Evernote account, online networks, and more. Build a rich history You now have a full history of meetings and important information about the people you meet. Related:  Networking - Building Professional Connections

iphone-4s Web Clipper (YT) Back To School: 5 Evernote Tips for Students As a part-time college professor, I love Evernote: I can clip articles, make lecture notes and cross reference assignments between different courses. But the more I get into Evernote, the more I see how my students could benefit from using it even more than I do. Here are five top tips for students who want to use the service to organize their class work. 1. Capture Those Whiteboards Most of my students have complained about professors who ramble through an equation-intense lecture and erase their scribbles from the whiteboard before students can copy down all of the information. 2. Megan Cotter, one of Evernote’s student ambassadors, still likes to take some notes by hand. 3. Evernote has social plug-ins that allow you to share notes and other course materials with classmates. 4. A simple Chrome or Firefox extension lets you clip Web pages for future reference. 5. You have ten minutes before your calculus exam starts but you can’t remember the forumula for L’Hospital’s Rule.

5 Contact Apps to Boost Your Network Out of all of the features on your average smart phone, the standard, run-of-the-mill Contacts app is one that induces a fair amount of ambivalence. Sure, it’s a fine bin to stash the numbers and email addresses of your family, friends and acquaintances, but it’s got an exceptional ability to be, across the board, completely and totally unexceptional. The blase nature of the traditional contacts app can be taken or just as easily left in a folder for minimal use. But, perhaps most importantly, what the traditional contact managers actually show is the relatively little change its made in the process from analog to digital. In a lot of ways, a contact manager can incorporate new, innovative services to not only help users take a smarter approach to meeting new people but also transmit readily available information from social media profiles directly into that contact profile. Plaxo Pros Cons Even with just the bare bones, Plaxo isn’t exactly the most intuitive application on the market.

Skype Video Recorder | Callnote Premium | Kanda Software Development Services Advanced Skype Call Recorder Callnote 3.0.26 (Windows), 2.3.7 (Mac OS X) Download Download Callnote Premium is a Free Skype Call Recorder: Record Skype Video Calls Save Skype Videos to Evernote and Dropbox Share Call Records on Facebook, Youtube or via Email Record Shared Screen and Chat from your Skype calls Take instant snapshots during your video calls Manage Skype Call Recordings on PC ATTENTION: Due to the limitations of Skype API , users who have Skype 6.13 or newer installed, might have a problem hearing Their Voice on Callnote recordings. Please downgrade to versions below 6.13 to avoid this issue. Free Skype Call Recorder Callnote Premium automatically captures Skype video, shared screen and chats. For more advanced capabilities, including Hangouts, Facebook and Viber video call recording, check out Callnote Pro. Callnote Premium is more than just a Skype Call Recorder – it is also an audio and video recordings manager. Features: System Requirements: Installation:

Penultimate (YT) 10 Tips for Using Evernote to De-Stress College from Student Ambassador Megan Cotter We’ve talked to a lot of students who use Evernote for everything from taking notes to working on group projects and today we’re excited to announce our new Student Ambassador, Megan Cotter. Megan is a college student who’s here to share her tips for ways to use Evernote in a college or university setting. Megan is kicking things off by sharing a few of her top tips for using Evernote in college, just in time for finals. 10 Tips for Using Evernote to De-Stress College College students have to keep track of a lot of things: every set of class notes, every internship/job application, every piece of information for every extracurricular activity, and on and on. 1. As students, we get bombarded everyday with something else that needs to get done done, from homework to internship applications to extracurricular responsibilities. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The Evernote Ambassador Program Join the conversation Download Ambassador Guides Evernote for Schools

How to network: 5 methods by top experts They say networking is vital but nobody explains how to network How to network is the real question. But first, in case you’re a doubter, some quick proof that networking is essential: Research shows networking is essential to staying employed, salary growth and job satisfaction.It makes you more likely to get a job. Via Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference: In his classic 1974 study Getting a Job, Granovetter…found that 56 percent of those he talked to found their job through a personal connection. More likely to be successful in a job. Via The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work: MIT researchers…found that the more socially connected the IBM employees were, the better they performed. And more likely to be creative on the job. Via Imagine: How Creativity Works: So why aren’t there any good resources on the nitty gritty of how to network? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5) Just be a friend Tags:

Clearly Distraction-free reading Create the perfect online reading experience by clearing away everything but the content. Make it your own Choose from several pre-set themes or build one to suit your needs. Save it for later If you don’t have time to finish reading, tap on the Evernote icon to finish reading later. Penultimate (WS) Penultimate 5.0 and later versions come with the ability to zoom and Drift so you can get a close-up view of an area of the page for more detailed writing or sketching. To zoom in, use the two-finger, expand gesture to zoom in on a particular area on the page To zoom out, use the two-finger, pinch gesture to zoom out of the page and return to a full-page view Next With full Evernote sync, it's easier than ever to access and search your Penultimate Notebooks everywhere you have Evernote installed. Receive Evernote Notifications In Your Inbox Evernote is a great place to keep track of your thoughts, cool things you find on the web, and ideas as they come to you. It can also make a great place to keep track of the tasks you need to accomplish, but it is lacking any sort of notification feature to actually remind you to do the task. With, that problem goes away. It sends you email notifications for tasks in Evernote. Now you can have your ideas and your to-do list in one place. Using Evernotify is incredibly easy. Once you have your lists set up, you can use the Evernotify web app to tweak how often and when you receive email notifications. For the avid Evernote user, this a must-have app that will take it to another level. Features: Create to-do lists in Evernote.Receive email notifications for your tasks.Simplistic list style.Easy to use and free. Check out @