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Remember people When you meet someone, you can enter their information manually, scan their business card, or instantly connect to a group of people using the Hello Connect feature Make meetings memorable Hello automatically brings in related information about the people you meet from your calendar, Evernote account, online networks, and more. Build a rich history You now have a full history of meetings and important information about the people you meet. Related:  Networking - Building Professional Connections

France : réseau social pour professionnels 5 Contact Apps to Boost Your Network Out of all of the features on your average smart phone, the standard, run-of-the-mill Contacts app is one that induces a fair amount of ambivalence. Sure, it’s a fine bin to stash the numbers and email addresses of your family, friends and acquaintances, but it’s got an exceptional ability to be, across the board, completely and totally unexceptional. The blase nature of the traditional contacts app can be taken or just as easily left in a folder for minimal use. But, perhaps most importantly, what the traditional contact managers actually show is the relatively little change its made in the process from analog to digital. In a lot of ways, a contact manager can incorporate new, innovative services to not only help users take a smarter approach to meeting new people but also transmit readily available information from social media profiles directly into that contact profile. Plaxo Pros Cons Even with just the bare bones, Plaxo isn’t exactly the most intuitive application on the market.

How to network: 5 methods by top experts They say networking is vital but nobody explains how to network How to network is the real question. But first, in case you’re a doubter, some quick proof that networking is essential: Research shows networking is essential to staying employed, salary growth and job satisfaction.It makes you more likely to get a job. Via Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference: In his classic 1974 study Getting a Job, Granovetter…found that 56 percent of those he talked to found their job through a personal connection. More likely to be successful in a job. Via The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work: MIT researchers…found that the more socially connected the IBM employees were, the better they performed. And more likely to be creative on the job. Via Imagine: How Creativity Works: So why aren’t there any good resources on the nitty gritty of how to network? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5) Just be a friend Tags:

18 Easy Conversation Starters For Networking Events I think one of the hardest things about networking events is just getting a conversation going with someone – without being awkward about it. Related: 10 Tips For People Who Hate Networking Approaching someone new can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. So, what are some natural and easy ways to break the ice? Here are some tips and tricks: Go Fishing At The Food Table While waiting in line for the food, start chatting up the person next to you. So, instead of just standing there in silence, start a conversation. “Oh man, everything looks so good… I’m not sure what to get! Who knows, you might leave the buffet with a better plate of food AND a new contact! Find A Loner If you see someone standing alone in the corner, clutching his or her drink, and looking miserable, don’t be afraid to walk up and introduce yourself. Here are some ice breakers: “Man, these networking events can be so crazy. If someone is standing alone, he or she is probably feeling uncomfortable or unconfident.

8 Critical Networking Skills to Boost your Sales Growing revenue is critical to all organizations. Yet finding new markets, new buying points, or new needs in existing clients is increasingly difficult. That is why organizations desperately need all employees, not just salespeople, to be able to effectively uncover new opportunities. But it is not that easy. • A US engineering firm, thinking that a financial incentive would generate new business, began offering its consulting engineers a bonus for uncovering new business from the clients they service. However, after a year, of their 35 engineers, only three had found new business opportunities. • Research at the Stanford Shyness Institute suggests that almost 60 percent of young adults entering the business world have difficulty introducing themselves and engaging in conversations with potential prospects. • A study in Harvard Business Review shows that strategic networking skills will help organizations uncover and capitalize on new business opportunities. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

untitled Leadership Networking: Connect, Collaborate, Create This guidebook is available for eBook purchase and download from Apple's iBookstore; Amazon's Kindle; Google eBooks; Sony iStore, and other reputable distributors of eContent. A Free Membership That Supports Your Leadership Needs - Join and Save Did you know that you can join the open and always-free myCCL at no cost and get a discount on this CCL Press Publication? CCL provides myCCL members with a 5% discount on CCL Press Publications like this just for being a member. Membership is complimentary in order to support our non-profit goal of connecting a world community of leaders and providing the best in leadership and leadership development for the benefit of societies world-wide. Dive Deeper and Get More Benefits Through myCCL PREMIUM For those leaders that want deeper discounts and access to the latest and greatest CCL has to offer, CCL provides a paid level of our online community — myCCL PREMIUM. Already a member? We look forward to supporting you on your leadership journey!

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