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Web.AppStorm | Web Applications Reviewed, Rounded Up & Explained Beyond Facebook: The Rise Of Interest-Based Social Networks Editor’s Note: This guest post is written by Jay Jamison, a Partner at BlueRun Ventures, who focuses on early stage mobile, consumer and enterprise investments. He also serves on the boards of AppCentral, AppRedeem, Foodspotting, and Thumb. You can follow Jay on Twitter @jay_jamison or read his blog at With the pending public offering of Facebook anticipated to be the largest tech IPO in history, it’s an interesting time to think about where we go from here. Some say “social is done,” Facebook is all the social media anyone would ever want or need. But while some may pronounce that Facebook is all the social we’d ever need, users clearly haven’t gotten the memo. The numbers tell the tale around users’ appetites for these new interest-based social networks. On Thumb, a community for instant opinions, user engagement has mushroomed in its short history. Interest-based social networks have a markedly different focus and approach than Facebook. Both.

Vom Beziehungs- zum Interessen-Netzwerk, oder von Facebook zu Pinterest Bei Facebook geht es um Beziehungen zwischen Nutzern und Marken. Kontakte gehören meist zum persönliche (erweiterten) Freundeskreis und man tauscht sich über private und berufliche Erlebnisse aus. Anhand diese verschiedenen Aktivitäten, hat sich Facebook auch zu einem Empfehlungs-Netzwerk entwickelt. Inhalte die meinen Freunden gefallen, könnten auch für mich selbst interessant sein. In vielen Fällen trifft das auch zu, oft unterscheiden sich aber auch die eigenen Interessen, mit den Interessen seiner Facebook Freunde. Genau hier setzt Pinterest an. Aus diesem Grund ist es auf Pinterest auch sinnvoller Boards (Themen) zu folgen, als kompletten Nutzern. Wie Twitter, können Nutzer auch selber viel aus Pinterest ziehen, ohne selber aktiv werden zu müssen. Facebook hat Jahre damit verbracht seinen Open Graph zu füllen und mit den Open Graph Apps, wurde dieses Konstrukt nochmals deutlich erweitert. Sein genanntes Beispiel trifft es auf den Punkt. Evtl. klickt man trotzdem auf diese Links.

Medium Social-Media-Marketing: Wie die Top-Shops Pinterest nutzen Auf Basis der Liste der umsatzstärksten Onlineshops in Deutschland wollte Searchmetrics wissen, wie beliebt die einzelnen Shops bei den deutschen Pinterest-Usern sind, und analysierte, ob und wie oft die (deutschen) Domains der einzelnen Unternehmen auf der virtuellen Plattform auftauchen. Aufgrund der unterschiedlichen Zusammensetzungen der einzelnen Shops müssen die Ergebnisse jedoch differenziert betrachtet werden: So führen zwar Apple und H&M das Ranking mit den meisten Pins (642.468 und 189.416) an, allerdings läuft das komplette Onlineangebot beider Unternehmen in einem internationalen Shop zusammen - somit fließen die weltweiten Pinterest-Aktivitäten in die Messwerte ein. Konzentriert man sich dagegen auf ausschließlich deutschsprachige Webshops, setzt sich Zalando an die Pinterest-Spitze: Obwohl der Onlineshop im Umsatzranking derzeit auf dem 20. Platz liegt, pinnen deutsche User am häufigsten Bilder von Zalando-Waren an ihre virtuelle Pinnwand.

Free Web Toolbar Small world experiment The "six degrees of separation" model The small-world experiment comprised several experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram and other researchers examining the average path length for social networks of people in the United States. The research was groundbreaking in that it suggested that human society is a small-world-type network characterized by short path-lengths. The experiments are often associated with the phrase "six degrees of separation", although Milgram did not use this term himself. Historical context of the small-world problem[edit] Mathematician Manfred Kochen and political scientist Ithiel de Sola Pool wrote a mathematical manuscript, "Contacts and Influences", while working at the University of Paris in the early 1950s, during a time when Milgram visited and collaborated in their research. Milgram's experiment was conceived in an era when a number of independent threads were converging on the idea that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Results[edit]

37 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed What better way to end Social Media Week than by catching up on all of the new Mashable digital media resources you may have missed? This week we've covered a special hack to trick out your Pinterest boards, ways for your business to avoid a hashtag disaster and a rundown of the tech skills companies are looking for in the coming year. You'll also find the 10 best digital and tech-related quotes from TED Talks, reasons why Twitter is sexier than Facebook and paradoxes that are shaping the future of mobile commerce. We even had a wedding proposal via infographic on Valentine's Day! Look no further for this week's very best resources on technology and digital culture. Editor's Picks Community Managers Share The Best Apps and Tools For ProductivityCommunity managers from different businesses offer their insight on how to best increase your productivity.Stacy Green, Will You Marry Me? Social Media

The Social Commerce and Payments Platform About MarsEdit 3 - Desktop blog editing for the Mac. Rich And HTML Text Editing Whether you love HTML or can't bear the sight of it, MarsEdit's editor will thrill you. If you prefer the best of both worlds, you can switch easily between the two. Wildly Compatible Works with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type and any blog that supports a standard MetaWeblog or AtomPub interface. Perfect Previews Build a template to match your blog, then let MarsEdit's live preview show you how your posts will look before you publish them. Your Editor Or Ours Combine the power of MarsEdit with your favorite editor. Media At Your Fingertips Quickly scan your iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, or Flickr libraries, and insert images into your blog post with the click of a button. Easy File Uploads Upload images and files directly to your blog, or attach them to a post for automatic upload-on-publish. Re-Blog It! Add our “Blog This” bookmarklet to your browser's button bar. Offline Freedom Write when you want to, without an internet connection.

Entrecard, The Droppers How To : Lobo Links Blog This sort of feel like it will be a long post, but I really don’t want you skimming. I took the time to write this because I have found a system that works for me and that grants a share. Since the addition of the Entrebar the Entrecard system has become very user-friendly and it opened up some big doors for constant droppers. Entrecard Favorites, It is most important Favorites are somewhat fairly new to the Entrecard system and with them you can supercharge your returns from your time consuming work. How to Add Favorites As mentioned above, the Entrebar opened up the network to many new possibilities and easily adding favorites is one of them. Feel free to test it out on my site, snicker. Why do I need to use Entrecard Favorites? This will be the first list you use and eventually the last one after we have learned to maximize the favorites use. Who should I add to my Entrecard Favorites? This is where the top Entrecard droppers widget & others like it start to come into play. Drop Everyday

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