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Call center. Architrecture. Marketing. Menu. Self checkout. Touch the simplicity. Reservation. Pos. Engage.transact.multiply. Mapfap/pos. Wingie/Android-Restaurant-Menu. VentureConceptPlan.pdf. Point of Sale Software & Solutions Sydney AUS. How Restaurants Are Using Technology to Deliver Better Customer Service. The Presto Tablet. Intuitive Touch Interface Users are intimately connected to the menu, through the Presto’s lightning-fast touchscreen.

The Presto Tablet

Customized Menus Dynamic availability and pricing supports happy hour, daily specials, and out-of-stock items. Charcoal Interactives India Private Limited. Etouchmenu Interactive Menu System. "The design staff of Menu Masters have been great to work with.

etouchmenu Interactive Menu System

They brought fresh, creative ideas to the table and came in under budget on the printing of our full color brochures. " Marketing Director, Hotel and Convention Center, Milwaukee, WI. Touch based Interactive Digital Menus for Restaurants and Bars. That Tablet on the Restaurant Table Will Make You Spend More. Chili’s Grill & Bar (EAT) has spent the last six months testing tablets that allow diners to order beverages and desserts or pay their entire bill without having to flag down a waiter.

That Tablet on the Restaurant Table Will Make You Spend More

Things have gone so well at the initial 180 or so restaurants that the company decided to install the devices at most of its 1,266 U.S. restaurants by the first half of 2014. No, it’s not an effort to replace wait staff with machines and cut down on labor costs, insists Nicole Cochran, senior director of marketing at Chili’s. The table-top tablets give the dining experience a novel and modern flair, but that’s not why Chili’s is moving ahead with the effort.

Tabletop ordering: The digital revolution in your favorite restaurant. Restaurants across the world (most notably in US and Japan) are embracing tabletop ordering systems, which is a fancy way of saying that guests can order directly from the table without the help of serving staff.

Tabletop ordering: The digital revolution in your favorite restaurant

In the restaurant of tomorrow (and for some of you, today) you sit down and use a device to browse the menu, select your create your order and get it delivered to your table. A lot of restaurants contemplate mobile or tablet apps for tabletop ordering, but statistical data from the most popular tabletop ordering apps shows that only every 25th guest decides to order with their smartphone or tablet. Ziosk - Industry leading tabletop ordering, entertainment and payment solutions. ​Perusing menu options. Digital Dining Review 2015. When it comes to increasing the performance of your restaurant and streamlining efficiencies, Digital Dining shines.

Digital Dining Review 2015

This iPad restaurant POS enables your servers to take orders and send them to kitchen staff without having to leave the customers. The system easily integrates with hardware from your previous iPad system, which makes this an excellent system to adopt in place of a less-suitable POS solution, such as one that simply lacked a mobility system. This iPad POS for restaurants is only cloud-based for reporting, which means you still need a main terminal and server running Digital Dining's software.

It offers hardware options in case you lack the technology infrastructure to begin, but if you already have a system in place, all you need is the software for both the terminal and iPad. After that, you can begin setting up your menu and quickly start selling. This app has several unique and important features. Digital dining: Restaurants uploading menus, wine lists onto iPads. CHICAGO - The bar is buzzing on a busy night at Chicago Cut steakhouse as regulars Keith and Peg Bragg sit at a high table scanning the wine list.

Digital dining: Restaurants uploading menus, wine lists onto iPads

Within seconds, they have all bottles under $40 at their fingertips using an iPad supplied by their server. "You can very quickly look through to see the price per bottle," said Keith, a finance executive, as he scrolled through rows of selections. "You can read the wine tasting note, how long it has been aged. " The upscale eatery on the northern bank of the Chicago River has invested in 40 iPads at about $700 each for wine selection. Since April, when Apple debuted the tablet, the device is now in use as a full menu at upscale restaurants, hamburger eateries and quick-service chains like Au Bon Pain.

Chicago Cut partnered with a technology firm to create a custom app that looks like a virtual wine cellar. Restaurant Mobile Apps and Website Solutions - Anubavam. 6 Mobile Payment Solutions for Restaurants and Bars. When it comes to mobile payment processing, the restaurant industry is in a league of its own.

6 Mobile Payment Solutions for Restaurants and Bars

Mobile platforms that are designed for a wide cross-section of businesses don’t always have the features that restaurants need, like menu integrations and add-on tipping tools. As restaurant owners look for ways to streamline the payment process and improve table turnover rates, an increasing number are utilizing mobile payment solutions built specifically for their industry. Vendors are using hyperlocal technology to speed up the process of tallying checks and collecting on tabs. The apps that these vendors are creating allow diners to split bills, calculate tips, and in some cases, even place orders and settle their tabs without waiting for a server’s assistance.

This results in faster turnovers, larger tips and more repeat customers. Here are six mobile payment solutions built for restaurants.