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Here's Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years

Here's Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years

The 3 Tech Giants: Income Statements Compared « my digital nationalism You can tell a lot about a company by looking at its financials. The purpose of this post is to look at income statements of Apple, Google, and Facebook. And we try to point out any interesting similarities or differences between these companies, based on the numbers. The A/B Test: Inside the Technology That's Changing the Rules of Business Photo: Spencer Higgins; Illustration: Si Scott Dan Siroker helps companies discover tiny truths, but his story begins with a lie. It was November 2007 and Barack Obama, then a Democratic candidate for president, was at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, to speak. Siroker—who today is CEO of the web-testing firm Optimizely, but then was a product manager on Google’s browser team—tried to cut the enormous line by sneaking in a back entrance.

iPad E-Reading Market Share Stagnates as Tablet E-Reading Rises By Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World, @JDGsaid Google is taking a bite out of Apple among consumers who read e-books. Two out of five e-book readers who choose a tablet as their primary reading device use an iPad; at the end of 2011, two-thirds of those e-book readers were using an iPad, roughly a 25 point drop, according to a new study from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). Some 25% of all readers who read e-books are now reading on tablets, up from under 20% at the end of 2011.

55 SEO Productivity Tools We Use at Single Grain Looking for a new tool that will help you get the most out of your SEO campaigns? Consider any of the following programs that we use at Single Grain in order to maximize the efficiency of our SEO activities and our general productivity: Tool #1 – Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool Although the free Keyword Research Tool offered by Google’s Adwords doesn’t offer as many features as standalone SEO programs offer, this resource is a great option for checking general search, competition, and CPC metrics on the fly. Be sure to check out the feature that allows you to brainstorm keywords by URL in order to uncover the keywords your competitors may be targeting! Tool #2 – Google Trends

Build a team they'll never leave: the 4 things that matter - Kevin Gibbs I’ve mentioned before that keeping people on your team is one of the most important tasks that a manager has. It’s hard to hire people, and it’s harder still to hire great people. But the hardest task of all is keeping those great people on your team, month after month, year after year. Once you have hired and put together your team, as a manager you should then treat that team like your most valuable possession. You should do everything you can to build an environment where your employees want to stay. On engineering teams, I have found that there are four things that are primarily responsible for creating an environment where your team members will want to stay.

Most Mobile Time Spent In Apps: Google Has Top Reach, Facebook Has Highest Engagement Mobile analytics provider Flurry reported previously that people are spending huge amounts of time with mobile apps, more time than with the mobile browser and more time than on the PC. This may seem to some implausible, but comScore adds further credibility to the findings with its first “Mobile Metrix 2.0″ report. The data show that “4 in every 5 mobile media minutes” is spent with apps (vs. the mobile browser). Previously comScore had been reporting that apps and the mobile browser have roughly equal audiences. That’s still true but the company now confirms that people spend far more time with apps. Google has the greatest mobile reach of any company. Do Consumers Really Prefer The Mobile Web To Apps? Yesterday Nielsen wrote a blog post that looked at apps and mobile web usage in the retail segment. The post carried the headline, “Retailer Mobile Websites Beat Apps among US Smartphone Owners.” Several media outlets picked up on the headline and the finding, which was reported as follows: “Nielsen’s detailed analysis of smartphone usage reveals that retail websites are more popular than retail apps, and that Amazon’s is the most popular retail mobile website of all.” The headline and the post are somewhat misleading and suggest that consumers have a preference for mobile websites and may be consciously choosing the mobile web over apps for shopping. That’s not the finding.

The Must Read Enterprise 2.0 Articles – A Guide Browse:Home/The Must Read Enterprise 2.0 Articles – A Guide By Mark Fidelman on April 2, 2010 Whenever there are a series of thought provoking articles on Enterprise 2.0 – those that actually teach you something, I like to share them with you. How a Utah man used YouTube to build a multi-million dollar business From time to time, we post about how entrepreneurs have used Google tools to build successful businesses—both on and offline. In this post, you’ll read the story of how a Utah entrepreneur used YouTube to build a market for his tongue cleaner product, the Orabrush. Starting this month, CVS/pharmacy will begin carrying the product in stores across the United States. - Ed. When Dr. Bob Wagstaff invented the Orabrush tongue cleaner, he tried all the traditional business strategies to sell his product.

How a Google Search Works in Only Half a Second It only takes half a second for Google to return a search based on keywords you type in, but there's a whole lot more happening behind the scenes to give you the results you need. Google on Monday launched a video that explains the science behind how the massive search engine actually works. Matt Cutts, software engineer head of Google's webspam team, details in a YouTube video how the search engine giant thoroughly scours the web on a daily basis to provide the most up-to-date results to users. "There are three things you need to do to be the best search engine in the world.