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Incredible Things

Incredible Things

Worth1000 Home Welcome fans of If you're looking for Worth's amazing creative content, then you've rocked up to the right place! Just in case you missed the news, is now part of - and we've preserved all the amazing Worth1000 content here so you can search the archives to find old favorites and new contest art. We're delighted to have Worth1000's talented users and their treasure trove of imaginative and original content, built over many years, as part of our design community. But enough of that, we assume you want to get on with checking out some great design tips, brilliant creative contests, or even find some paid design jobs.

Port Forwarding QNAP TS-419P on the Netopia 3347W What is Port Forwarding? If you don't know what Port Forwarding is yet, you might want to start by reading our What is Port Forwarding guide. View Netopia Router Screenshots from our Database You might also be interested in our huge collection of Router Screenshots where you can see every page of every router that we know of. Before Forwarding a Port Setup a Static IP Address To setup port forwarding on the Netopia 3347W router your computer needs to have a static IP address.

Beautifully Shot Short Film About the Art of Letterpress Filmmaker Danny Cooke has just released a beautifully shot documentary about the art of letterpress. Called Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film, it gives us an inside look at one of the few remaining movable-type printing workshops in the UK, at Plymouth University. When we asked Cooke why he created it, he told us this. "I sat outside the letterpress workshop on the University of Plymouth campus, whilst eating a sandwich and I peered in through the window intrigued at what a delicate process letterpress appeared to be and was inspired to make a film. "In the past, I have made documentaries about a traditional sign-writer and glass guilder and also a glassblowing studio, so I thought an outdated process such as letterpress would further add to this theme. I enjoy recording these crafts for historical purposes.

TASTE - The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences (Editor's note: I am ambivalent about putting anything on TASTE that is in the slightest way commercial, but since I will be using the referral fees from web sales of this just published book to help support the TASTE project, and because the material will be of great practical interest to the kinds of people who visit and contribute to this site, I've decided to make this information available. The following is modified from the book jacket.) Charles T. Tart is internationally known for his more than 50 years of research on the nature of consciousness, altered states of consciousness (ASCs) and parapsychology, and is one of the founders of the field of Transpersonal (spiritual) Psychology.

Myth, culture, and consciousness Wow. When I look back over the last five (!) years at all of the stories that we've shared here, it kind of blows my mind. Sky - Digital Learning Environment meets Content Management System Custom Curriculum Publishing is a tool used with the platform that allows you to organize your district’s digital content into ready-to-assign lessons, units, or courses. These curriculum assets can be easily shared across your entire district or with a select number of schools. Easily Organize and Share By sharing your own digital curriculum assets, you can help support your district’s instructional goals, such as supporting new standards, preparing students for online assessments, integrating technology into core instruction, or implementing project-based learning.

Blog This website is operated and maintained by Betterment LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Terms & Legal Brokerage services provided to clients of Betterment LLC by Betterment Securities, an SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Investments: Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • May Lose Value. Investing in securities involves risks, and there is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities. Before investing, consider your investment objectives and Betterment's charges and expenses.

To Have A Productive Day, Make Work A Series Of Sprints Got a case of mush-mind? It's because your brain is overloaded and your attention is over-divided. How do you cure it? By selectively sprinting into your most important tasks. That's according to Tony Schwartz, an engagement consultant who's worked with the likes of Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola. Writing for the New York Times, Schwartz makes an intuitive argument: that since quality work requires focus, and you only have the energy to focus for so long, you need to be conscious of how and when you focus in order to do your best work.

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