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Amazing Pop Up Card Tutorial

Amazing Pop Up Card Tutorial
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Paper Faces, Héctor Sos Di­rec­ción de arte y diseño gráfico para el catálogo-muestrario de papel Creator de Tor­ras Papel. “Paper Faces” nace con la in­ten­ción de re­lacionar el uso del papel Creator­Vol, un papel para el sec­tor editori­al como algo natur­al, vivo y cer­cano; de ahí la re­lación y la metáfora que se es­tablece entre papel y rostro. A par­tir de esta idea y de la necesidad de mostrar las cualidades del papel en la im­presión de una cuat­ricomia se pro­cesan una serie de elemen­tos dis­tin­tivos rea­lizados con estruc­turas de papel que re­cubr­en el rostro de los dif­eren­tes modelos. Papel y color son los elemen­tos que dan fuer­za al pro­yec­to y como si de un acto per­for­mativo se tratara, se ar­ticula una sesión fotog­ráfica donde la ac­titud que se busca por parte del modelo es similar a una sesión de re­trato tradicion­al, con giros del busto miran­do a la cámara, per­files y tres cuar­tos clásicos, bus­cando una estética de mar­cado carácter ur­bano, joven y con­tem­poráneo.

Medieval Leather Pouch : 4 Steps After your done stamping, it’s a good time to add your clasp (I finished the entire pouch, then realized I didn’t have a way to keep it closed) Tape can be your friend at this stage. Take all pieces and put them together taping the gusset to the back and front panels. Next fold over the front flap and not where it closes to. I used a “Box latch” but you could use a strap and buckle, thong and toggle, etc. Mark with a pencil where the flap stops, then remove the tape. Next is to stain, burnish (slick the sides) and first coat of protectant. Warning: If you’re like me and want to wear it out, then you need to waterproof it with your choice of waterproofing. Add your style choice of belt loop to the back panel, punch and rivet them on.

MATTSHLIAN.COM How To Clean Faux Leather Furniture - Home Decor Bliss One of the biggest advantages of faux leather furniture (aka “pleather”) is that you can get the appearance of beautiful leather for less than half the cost of true leather furniture. Faux leather comes in different grades, similar to real leather. It also requires care and maintenance similar to genuine leather. It’s vital to properly care for faux leather furniture to keep it looking its best. So what are the best ways to clean faux leather furniture? Here are a few ways that you can safely clean your faux leather furniture: Vacuum the furniture (if applicable)Use liquid dish soapUse baking sodaApply rubbing alcoholUse distilled white vinegarRub in a mild laundry detergentUse olive oil and vinegar Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to the overall appearance of your faux leather furniture. Methods To Clean Faux Leather Furniture Things that you’ll need: Vacuum the furniture (if applicable) Use Liquid Dish Soap Click here to see this dish soap on Amazon. Use Baking Soda Dye Transfer

POP-UP... - Branding Identity DesignBranding / Identity / Design From the lenticular cover that changes with the angle of your hands, all the way to the Z, ABC3D is as much a work of art as it is a pop-up book. Each of the 26 dimensional letters move and change before your eyes. C turns into D with a snap. M stands at attention. X becomes Y with a flick of the wrist. Designed by MARION BATAILLE Electronic Popables by Jie QiA pop-up book that explores the integration of paper, electronics, mechanics, and computation. Pop Up Office Pop Up, 2009, cardboard, tape, 94 x 275 x 400 cm, by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Levi’s Pop-Up Closet Daan de Haan, Marianne Lock, Stefan van den Boogaard & Tim Typo and Popup Book A book alphabet by Marion Battles - The alphabet in volume is connected in the shape of an edition bearing the name of the character. The Pop-up Book of Phobias Mehr Infos zum Buch: Pop up book – A.I. (2008) The Pop-Up Artist Auburn’s David A.

DIY liquid Air Wick refills at DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo Shortcuts to other sites to search off DuckDuckGoLearn More Settings Privacy, simplified. Twitter Reddit Blog Newsletter Videos Canada (en) Safe Search: Moderate Any Time Any Resolution Any Duration Any License Air-wick Refill Plug-in Pinterest DIY YouTube48K views How to make your own liquid plug-in air freshener... YouTube104K views DIY essential oil diffuser with Air wick holder!! YouTube120K views #DIY #Airwick Plug In Refill YouTube3.1K views Airwick Freshmatic Refill Replacement Fix (New) -... YouTube73K views How To Refill Your Plug-in Air Freshener Air Freshener Refills The Cheap, Easy, Organic Way YouTube375 views DIY | Making an Air Freshener Using Liquid Fabric... YouTube19K views Never Buy Air Freshener Refills Every Again. YouTube37K views Air Wick 82291 Scented Oil Refill, Snuggle Fresh... YouTube1.1K views Air Wick freshmatic air freshener refill hack. YouTube159K views Better than Febreze homemade air freshener YouTube16K views DIY refillable plugin air freshener! YouTube5.9K views +More Show More

Behind the Scenes Davy always had the dream of creating a theatre performance that opened up like a pop-up book. A show that would mix video projections with live actors to create a totally immersive experience. We wanted to create a full scale, life-size theatre production. The idea for the Icebook was to create a miniature maquette for this dream – a demonstration model to show to producers and other funders in the hope that they would give us some money to make the full scale show. We love the old pre-cinematic optical illusions, such as zeotropes and magic lanterns, and the magical way in which they can mesmerise audiences through basic mechanics. When Kristin first held a pop-up in front of a lamp we were fascinated by the utterly beautiful effect of the light coming through the paper, creating shadows and silhouettes which we could then enhance and complement with back projected film-footage. While Kristin worked on the pop-ups, I created the projections in After Effects.

How to Make Foaming Soap - DIY Homemade Hand Soap I’m going to go into this assuming you know foaming soap is a rip off. You know that, right? You pay the same, or more for foaming soap and for that you get – less soap. Here’s how to make your own diy foaming hand soap. Skip right to the tutorial. This soap tutorial has been the number one thing people have been coming to my site for since the world changed. It’s the little things in life that get me all riled up and in a good mood. Foaming soap is one of those little things. That’s right. What of it? The one thing I don’t like about foaming soap dispensers is refill soap for them is harder to find than regular soap and is usually more expensive. So I figured out how to turn regular liquid hand soap into the sort of soap that will work in a foaming dispenser. Regular liquid hand soap won’t work in a foaming dispenser because it’s too thick. So genius me decided I could probably just add water to it to thin it down. Genius me was right. Getting the proportions right isn’t even difficult.

Architectures de papier à la Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine - Webmômes Ze Blog 10 décembre 2012 Architectures de papier à la Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine Sans vouloir paraître monomaniaque, j'ai emmené Lola et Livia voir l'exposition-atelier Architectures de papier à la Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine. L'exposition présente 5 artistes de différents pays : Béatrice Coron, Mathilde Nivet, Peter Callesen, Ingrid Siliakus et Stéphanie Beck. Béatrice Coron travaille sur la découpe du papier et crée des univers très riches de détails (on peut voir entre autres un panneau inspiré des Villes invisibles d'Italo Calvino). Mathilde Nivet crée des photomontages qui donnent l'illusion du relief. Peter Callesen utilise en général une simple feuille de papier A4 et utilise TOUS les morceaux de papier. Ingrid Siliakus travaille les plis et les découpages également à travers l'architecture origamique, recréant des monuments du monde entier avec une seule feuille de papier. L'exposition est visible jusqu'au 17 mars 2013! Commentaires Poster un commentaire

15 Household Uses for Bike Inner Tubes | Networx If you’re prone to daydreaming about such things, you might see a parallel between conventional bike inner tubes and the incandescent light bulb. Both technologies were cool and innovative in their day, but now they’re about as “with it” as bloodletting is to modern medicine. The problem is that bike tubes and light bulbs are pretty cheap to buy and very cheap to produce, so the juicy profit margin discourages innovation. Anyway, the next time you’re daydreaming, maybe you can do all cyclists a favor and come up with an affordable puncture-resistant inner tube. 1. Screw some straight lengths or loops of tube to a wall or sheet of plywood, using wood blocks to prevent tearing at the connections. 2. Headbands, arm bands, belts, wallets, bracelets, you name it. 3. Cut tube material into any shape you like, as long as the coasters lie flat. 4. There’s a designer in Holland who has an entire line of couture clothing made with bike inner tubes. 5. Boring, but useful. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

OEM Rear View Camera Installation (for Fusion's Not Factory Equipped) OEM Rear View Camera Installation (for Fusion's Not Factory Equipped) Adding the OEM rear cam is best to do when doing the 4" to 8" swap since you have everything already apart. But doesn't necessarily have to be. This project was a bit time consuming only because I tried to keep it like it came from factory. So, before looking for the harness and just to make sure it would work, I used wires I already had laying around. Doing this, I soon found that since the cam wasn't installed from factory, it wasn't going to be just plug-n-play. ******FIRST THING TO DO IS CHECK THE FACTORY WIRING. You will need this in order to connect the OEM cam to the vehicle wiring as there is currently no connector. If you plan to just add the camera and keep the 4" display, unfortunately, you will have to splice/tap power. This wire must be spliced/tapped to connect to this connector which is located behind the panel on the passenger side of center console. in order to supply power to the camera. finished look

How to Make Peach Schnapps from Scratch - Drinxville Image (modified): Dennis Hill August is stone-fruit season, and no pitted fruit tastes more like summer than a fragrant, ripe peach. Whether biting into one until the juice runs down your chin, or enjoying the flavor in cobblers and pies, peaches reach their peak flavor during a brief harvest window, filling stores and farmers markets with a bounty that all too soon gives way to other, more durable fruits. Learning how to make peach schnapps from scratch is a rock-solid way to capture in a bottle that mouth-watering flavor of summer. Schnapps are a snap Schnapps are basically a clear alcohol like vodka or grain alcohol infused with fruit flavors. They come in two general types: European schnapps, higher in alcohol content and more like flavored eau-de-vie; and American schnapps, fortified with sugar and better classified as liqueurs.​ ​You could spend months macerating cut peaches in white alcohol to create a true, strong European schnapps. How to make peach schnapps at home 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Yuma's Bargain Warehouse White Tarps Are you looking for the best heavy duty white poly tarps of all sizes at the best prices on the market? We have a wide range of heavy duty white tarps suitable for diverse uses all year round. Our strong white tarps are manufactured with versatility in mind and can adapt to changing seasons while protecting your valuables against damage from rain, snow, and elements. Our white tarps are also perfect for your vendor booths, reception canopies, and any event where white is the ideal color and sufficient natural lighting required. The heavy duty tarps are quite versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications from tent covers, for weddings, as tent sidewalls, vendor canopies at fairs, as car or boat covers. Key features of our white heavy duty poly tarps The white tarps we have in stock are manufactured to last while ensuring that your valuables are well covered in all seasons. • They are made from reinforced polyethylene material with a 12mil thickness