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Me Wanty! The page of Wants

Me Wanty! The page of Wants

Cryoscope: A Touch-based Weather Communicating Device by Robb Godshaw So Kickstarter, It is looking like this is not going to make it. I started this campaign to see if the Cryoscope as it currently exists would be suitable for the market. It provided an opportunity for me to refine the design, and gain experience in videography and design. I'll be putting the project on ice for a while. Puns aside, the Cryoscope may live again someday, with a new design and more tightly controlled costs. I'd like to thank all the backers, bloggers, and friends that helped the Cryoscope come this far.

How to Make Your Own Seed Tape We managed to find a little time this weekend to make our own seed tape. My four-year-old walked into the office to find me with flour paste, a paint brush, and dozens of strips of newspaper. He was instantly intrigued. He ran to get his own brush and we got started. Gifts for the Geek Home A home should be an expression of who you are. Sure, when you're young and broke, your room or apartment might be an expression of who your parents or the people who donate to Goodwill are, but gradually you collect items that express your personality, whether you receive them as gifts or purchase them yourself. If you are a technologically oriented geek, there are plenty of manufacturers and vendors catering to your tastes in home decor. Interactive LED Dining Table Windell Oksay of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories built a dining room table with 448 LEDs inside. The lights respond to movement on and above the table surface!

Original Archive Newspapers See more: Personalised Memories An original newspaper from the day of someone’s birth makes a truly wonderful and thoughtful gift. There isn’t much out there that would beat it. Well, perhaps if you were to give them a million quid or a Lamborghini, but none of us are really that rich and this is still a brilliant gift idea!

Dress Pant Sweatpants Dress Pant Sweatpants: Boardroom Style, Bedroom Comfort One of our very favorite things (besides burritos) is taking fantastic fabrics and using them in interesting new ways. Like when we took superfine merino wool and transformed it into an Executive Pinstripe Hoodie. Or when we knit the fleeces of Montana’s most notorious ovine outcasts into a Black Sheep Sweater for the black sheep of the family. Now here’s our latest curious combination of designs and materials: Dress Pant Sweatpants. More than a pair of sweatpants, they're an experiment in sartorial subterfuge.

Eight great gadgets for college dorms It's almost time for college students to begin fall classes, so I thought it would be good to compile a list of gadgets for college dorms and apartments. The obvious ones, like smartphones, laptops, iPads and calculators aren't listed here because I went for the fun and unique gadgets instead. Take a look and let me know if you've found something cool that should be included. (Scroll to the bottom to see a video that demonstrates the gadgets.) 1.

Jak pak tent jacket As a regular reader of, you know that we keep sharp about developments in hobotech: From hobo-conventions for techies to rolling hobo shelters. So it's with great excitement that we bring you the JakPak, a jacket that converts into a tent. Previously, we'd only seen student concepts of this sort of idea. But the JakPak--pardon the egregious, vaguely pornographic name--will be available for $250 this spring.

Beer Jug Jokki Hour Foam Maker Get that freshly poured beer drink taste even at home with the super useful and fun Beer Jug Jokki Hour from Takara Tomy. The original Beer Hour was a big hit and made pouring beer cans a cinch. Now the same team has turned its attention to that izakaya favorite, the large beer jug. Kevlar Socks Kevlar Socks February 18th, 2012 | Tech | Innovative cut resistant socks will protect your feet from sharp objects and allow you to walk, run, and go rock climbing without shoes. Swiss Protection Socks provide absolute barefoot feeling like no other footwear. They are made out of kevlar, polyester, spandex, and cotton.

Bulbs Unlimited - Lamps BULBS Unlimited Designer Light Objects made of Bulbs Unlimited shapes: Bulbs-Unlimited Packs could be used for the creation of an unlimited number of possible light objects. Due to the usage of opac, mirrored or coloured light bulbs the look and feel of each light object could be varyated in countless different types. - Shop Wiper Mirror - SuckUK – funky mirror with windscreen wiper The Wiper Mirror by Suck UK definitely makes cleaning your bathroom mirrors less of a chore. If you’ve just stepped out of the shower or bath into a steam-filled bathroom and you want to check out your panda eyes or brush your teeth, this mirror is brilliant. The Wiper Mirror by Suck UK features a car windscreen wiper which will get a fair amount of that pesky condensation out of the way so you can admire your appearance. Measuring 49cm x 49cm, this Suck UK mirror makes a fantastic feature out of a usually ordinary bathroom accessory. This Suck UK funky mirror with windscreen wiper makes a fabulously creative gift and is definitely a bit of a talking piece.

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