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Amateur Electronics Supply

Amateur Electronics Supply

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DX Engineering – Amateur Radio and Ham Radio Systems and Equipment, Antennas, Antenna Components & Station Accessories Don’t Be Left Out! Add Your Antenna to our Customer Showcase Be a DX Engineering Superstar! You put a lot of time and effort into designing and building your DX Engineering-equipped installation. So why not show the world what you have created? Enter Your Installation Tips for DX stations and DXpeditions Do you enjoy a combined family and radio holiday ? Or are you working abroad and 'radio activity' is an option? Or perhaps you are totally nuts (according to your XYL) and prefer spending your money on a DXpedition? Odds are you will make transmissions from a 'wanted' entity. The more wanted, the more chances you'll have to encounter situations as above mentioned: 'cops', nobody listening to your instructions, etc.

Ham Radio Products, Yaesu,Icom, Kenwood,Heil,LDG,TYT, Baofeng,QJE Stealth Amateur Radio In the episode of the famous TV comedy series "Hancock's Half Hour" called "The Radio Ham", Tony Hancock says: "It's a wonderful hobby. I have friends all over the world. None in this country, but all over the world!" If you live in a modern urban or suburban development, it can be difficult to be a radio amateur and stay on good terms with your neighbours. Times have changed since the days when power and telephone cables were routed overhead on poles, every house had a large H or X antenna for TV reception, and a ham antenna would go largely unnoticed - or at least, not make the skyline look any worse than it did already. Nowadays, phone and power lines are buried, most houses have nothing more in the way of antennas than a UHF TV antenna and a small satellite dish, and an elevated dipole, full-sized vertical or tower and beam would stick out like a sore thumb.

Amateur Radio Supplies Enter - Power Density Calculator Amateurs are required to perform a routine evaluation of the strength of the RF fields around their stations, subject to certain exemptions based on peak envelope power (PEP) levels at the various amateur bands. However, the FCC regulations on permissible RF exposure are not based on peak envelope power (PEP), but on average power over a 30-minute time period for uncontrolled environments, or a 6-minute time period for controlled environments. The part of the regulations that determine whether a station operator must perform a periodic evaluation, however, is based on PEP. To estimate your average power, first start with your Peak Envelope Power (PEP). Multiply that by the duty factor for the mode you are using, then by the maximum percentage of time you expect to operate within the averaging period.

Fractal HF antenna: science or fiction ? When I first got interested in Amateur Radio, I quickly realized that antennas were one of the most important components in an efficient radio station. One of the most popular type of HF antenna used today is the typical dipole antenna. Invented over 125 years by a German physicist, this antenna is simply two oppositely charged wires and stretched in opposite directions (or poles). These two wires, when energized create an electro-magnetic field that in rapid succession will generate waves, radio waves. EMC & EMI Test-Antennas, Activ directional Antennas, RF Near Field Probe Sets Position:Home »Products »Antennas 1Hz (3)5Hz (4)10Hz (5)100kHz (3)20MHz (13)30MHz (17)50MHz (18)380MHz (23)400MHz (29)680MHz (35)700MHz (42) 1kHz (5)100kHz (3)1MHz (3)30MHz (17)700MHz (42)1GHz (40)2,5GHz (31)3GHz (25)4GHz (22)6GHz (18)8GHz (12)10GHz (6)18GHz (2) Directional Antennas (24)Passiv Directional Antennas (12)Active Directional Antennas (8)Highend EMI-Antennas (2)Biconical Antennas (15)Probes & Sensors (6)Isotrope / Radial isotrope (2)Near-field measurement (2)Conductive measurement (2)Vibration measurement (2)GSM900 (39)GSM1800 (30)GPS (28)Microwave (24)UMTS/3G (30)DECT (28)2,4GHz WLan (28)5-6GHz WLan (14)Tetra/BOS (22)ISM433 (26)ISM868 (26)Radar (0)Radio broadcasting (UKW) (15)TV broadcasting (VHF) (15)TV broadcasting (UHF) (28)Citizen Band radio (11)UWB (FB1) (6)UWB (FB2) (22)UWB (FB3) (19)UWB (FB4) (19)UWB (FB5) (15)UWB (FB6) (15)UWB (FB7) (15)UWB (FB8) (6)UWB (FB9) (2)UWB (FB10) (2) Searchresults: Near Field Probes & RF Sniffer