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The Dark Mountain Project

The Dark Mountain Project

Uncivilisation 2011 | the sustainability centre, hampshire: 19 - 21 August 2011 | Uncivilisation 2011 Medicine Buddha Sangha guptaoption Antiquities of the Illuminati :: Grey Lodge Occult Review :: Freedom is a Two-edged Sword :: These rights must be counterbalanced by certain responsibilities. The liberal accepting them must guarantee these rights to all others at all times, regardless of his personal feelings or interests. He must work to establish and protect them, live in a manner commensurate with them and be prepared to defend them with his life. He must refuse allegiance to any state or organization which denies these rights and he should aid and encourage all who, without qualification or equivocation, endorse them. He must refuse to compromise these principles on any issue or for any reason. It must also be understood that we cannot force man's rights upon him. Freedom, like charity, begins at home. He must smelt these ores in the fire of life; forge his own sword, temper it and sharpen it against the hard abrasive of experience. He may then find himself in a difficult predicament. Many liberals are familiar with this situation but few seem to have deduced the conclusion. Freedom is a two-edged sword.

TheFWD submissions From Appropedia Below you can see all of the submissions below, inserted into the collaborators list below the author. Return to The future we deserve Please excuse any formatting weirdness. Vinay Gupta, Hexayurt Project, , @leashless Put links to your ideas about what you're going to write about on the line below your name. [ edit ] The Future Of Poverty The Future of Poverty will discuss how the arrival of the internet in the villages and slums is going to change how the entire world sees the poor, and how the poor see themselves. A condensation of: In the end, there were only seven of us in the army. The rising destructive power of small groups is one of the biggest worries of national security types. When you add biotechnology to this equation, things darken dramatically. What to do? Like all wicked problems, it is going to take many approaches combined to get a lid on small group power. This is scant hope, but it is all I have for you. Well, no.

The Bucky-Gandhi Design Institution › Free science and engineering in the global public interest A follow up to my bitcoin magazine interview on natural monopolies, cartels and power law distribution of wealth. Nothing special is required to constitute the State within strict libertarian thinking. It is simply a monopoly landowner: that is the _definition_ of the State if we are honest. You do not like this, but it is [...] Read more → Your browser does not support the video tag. Read more → Maker / Culture Wednesday 17th of September, 2014 at @MakersCAFE London TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE ON EVENTBRITE Examining the fertile borders where the Makers touch the world The team that brought you TRUTHANDBEAUTY at Hub Westminster and Big Picture Days at Limewharf is delighted to present a new event at MakersCAFE, a new fabrication venue in [...] Read more → So I thought I’d kinda-sorta got my direction set for a few year – steady, reasonable job doing a variety of things in a think-tank setting. Read more → Read more → Read more → A sequel. Read more → Read more → Read more →

The Institute for Collapsonomics ClubOrlov UNCIVILISATION: The Dark Mountain Network - Come to our first festival - 28-30th May 2010 in Llangollen Paul Kingsnorth Gentle Apocalypse Vagrants Among Ruins