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Olof Storm. Animation, tutorials, & assorted topics. Exaggeration: The 12 Basic Principles of Animation. We’re still working our way through the 12 Basic Principles of Animation.

Exaggeration: The 12 Basic Principles of Animation

Next up…EXAGGERATION! Learn more from pro Dana Boadway-Masson about how you can use this principle to become a better animator in a BIG and BOLD way. EXAGGERATION (see what I did there?) In animation is its own principle, but in many ways it can best be explained as how it can be applied to some of the other principles in order to breathe more life energy into the characters you’re creating, both physically and emotionally.

One of the key things to note is that you can generally exaggerate in your animation a LOT more than you think you can. IMPORTANT NOTE: Principles that are not listed below are generally applied more in relation to the ones that are are listed, as far as exaggeration goes. Squash and Stretch Contrast is the name of the game with squash and stretch. Proportion is the key here…the less contrast there is between the squash and the stretch, the lower the energy level will be. Staging Arcs 1. 2. Alejandro Garcia. מידפוינט- הנקודה האמצעית. AnimSchool Classtime - Acting Essentials.

Skwigly Animation Magazine. Acting ref/tips on Pinterest. A Humble Professor. 10ThingsToThinkAbout Archives - Thinking Animation. Learning - Ten Things to Think About - #9 Eyes 10 Things to Think About - from the book Thinking Animation by Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff.

10ThingsToThinkAbout Archives - Thinking Animation

This is one of the lectures I use at the online school I created this list for my book Thinking Animation to help animators create a clear and solid message with their work. I will post the 10 Things to Think About over the course of the next 10 weeks. ~Enjoy! 10 Advanced Acting Performance Tips for Animators. We have a very SPECIAL blog post from our veteran mentor and acting extraodinaire, Dana Boadway-Masson.

10 Advanced Acting Performance Tips for Animators

She walks you through her secrets on acting and performance tips that helps you create believable, living and breathing characters. A must read for any animator that needs to take it to the next level. Learn, absorb it, and go animate that shot! Acting. Share “You have to be in it for the process.”


An excellent analysis of charm in film by fellow AM graduate and classmate, Dan Fox. Actor Brian Cox, Rector at Dundee University took time out to talk to the animation students of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design about acting theory and film making. Continue reading → Kevin Spacey follows Dustin Hoffman with a five hour acting course at MasterClass. On Animation Blog at Movieclips. Top Ten Posts. Comedy for Animators.

Acting For Animation: Character Development. How to get under that character’s skin Last time we looked at observing, rehearsing and timing to help you to prepare your animation.

Acting For Animation: Character Development

As a result you should now be avid people watchers as well as being more observant of your own movements, more comfortable with rehearsing these moves in front of a mirror and better prepared when it comes to timing (and recording) your movements. But what about the characters themselves? Acting For Animation - Observation. So what do you need to do to make your performance better?

Acting For Animation - Observation

So last time we looked at what you need to consider when preparing yourself as a character animator by unpicking the basics of the acting process. But of course there’s more to it than that! Animation is not just simple movements fractured frame by frame. Acting For Animation - Observation. Acting For Animation: Character Development. Tim's Animation Mentor Blog. Job, Joris & Marieke are a small studio based in The Netherlands who produce independent short films, music videos, commercials and illustrations.

Tim's Animation Mentor Blog

Their most recognised short thus far, “A Single Life”, earned an Academy Award nomination earlier this year. They have recently followed it up with “( Otto )” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been selected as the Dutch submission for the 2016 Academy Awards. I recently spoke with Joris and Marieke about starting their studio after college, their inspiration for ( Otto ) and their unique style. How to Draw and Animate With Weight. FMX 2013 // Ep. 3: Acting for Animators 1/2. The Animated Cartoon Factory's Animation School. Welcome to the The Animated Cartoon Factory In this new section of the website you'll be able to access some really neat free learning materials that will assist you in your studies.

The Animated Cartoon Factory's Animation School

If you're already enrolled in an animation school somewhere, this information will suppliment the stuff you're getting in class from your instructors. Carlos Baena. Carlos Baena. I'll go over what my method of working is NOT from a Technical point of view, but more from a Planning point of view.

Carlos Baena

Each area is a big area in animation. I wanted to share my thoughts and things that help me in planning a sequence. First of all, whenever I start working on a new shot, I try to keep it as fun as I can regardless of whatever deadlines we have going on. So I try to spend a bit of time at least exploring out the CREATIVE OPTIONS and POSSIBILITIES of whatever shot or sequence I'll be working on. The Lozt Boyz: How I Study Animation. If studying in school is essential to getting good grades, couldn't you say the same for creating good animation?

The Lozt Boyz: How I Study Animation

If you truly want to have better animation, you need to study. More importantly, do you know HOW TO STUDY? When I was a kid, getting good grades never came easy to me. No matter how much I read through all the material, I would still do poorly on my tests. Animation Notes Contents. Cut Outs - Straight Ahead Animation The projects below are not required submissions but the notes may be of interest to you. Please refer to Chris Barker for your animation assignments Metamorphosis - Hand Drawn AnimationKey Pose drawingsWalk Cycle - Character AnimationLip Sync - Making a Character TalkClaymation "The Audition"Pixillation Experimental Animation.

James Baxter - Notes on Acting for Animation. Performance Animators are the ones that throw the switch; the ones who make an audience forget that they are animated characters. The most important thing is to try and find the truth. But you can’t do this by “method” animating. You can’t be in the moment for the length of time it takes to complete a scene. Actors do, while animators describe. Glen_Keane_Animation.pdf. Rethinking the run cycle. While I was looking into options for running again (post hip-arthoscopy), I've started reading a lot about "pose" and "chi" aka, "minimalist" running techniques; essentially landing on the midfoot and keeping a slight bend in the knees as way of lessening impact while running (and preventing more injury) As I looked into it more, I started approaching it all with an animator's eye. One of the things I love the most about animating is researching motion - finding the right movement style for the character, or sometimes just learning how to see deeper into specific types of motion.

Animation Story Writing. Animation Story Writing Lessons Index 1.