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Remee - The REM enhancing lucid dreaming mask

Remee - The REM enhancing lucid dreaming mask

Lucide droom Achtergrond[bewerken] Luciditeit begint meestal midden in een gewone droom als de dromer zich ineens realiseert dat zijn ervaringen niet echt zijn, meestal nadat er iets onmogelijks of ongebruikelijks gebeurt (vliegen bijvoorbeeld). Sommige mensen worden lucide zonder duidelijke aanwijzing. De mate van luciditeit kan variëren. Bij een hoge mate van luciditeit heeft de dromer in de gaten dat de gebeurtenissen zich in zijn hoofd afspelen, dat er geen echt gevaar dreigt, dat hij in werkelijkheid in bed ligt en ieder moment wakker kan worden. Bij een lage mate van luciditeit is de dromer zich bewust genoeg om de gebeurtenissen te sturen, maar onvoldoende om zich te realiseren dat ze niet echt zijn.

NASA unveils Orion spacecraft to hurl humans to Mars in 2021 It’s no Prometheus, but the spacecraft shown in the photo above is what NASA plans on using to put a human on the planet Mars. Yesterday, NASA unveiled the Orion passenger module at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Orion crew still has plenty of work to do on the vehicle before it logs any time away from the ground, but NASA plans to have it run an unmanned test flight by 2014. A manned mission to the planet Mars is scheduled to take place some time in 2021. Lucid dreaming academy Scientist Beams Up a Real 'Star Trek' Tricorder Starships, warp speed, transporters, phasers. Think "Star Trek" technology is only the stuff of fiction? Think again.

Supersonic Flying Wing Nabs $100,000 from NASA An aircraft that resembles a four-point ninja star could go into supersonic mode by simply turning 90 degrees in midair. The unusual "flying wing" concept has won $100,000 in NASA funding to trying becoming a reality for future passenger jet travel. The supersonic, bidirectional flying wing idea comes from a team headed by Ge-Cheng Zha, an aerospace engineer at the University of Miami, and including collaborators from Florida State University. He said the fuel-efficient aircraft could reach supersonic speeds without the thunderclap sound produced by a sonic boom — a major factor that previously limited where the supersonic Concorde passenger jet could fly over populated land masses.

How to Use a Kindle DX as a PC Display Compared with other Kindle models, Amazon's Kindle DX is gargantuan. Its 9.7-inch E Ink screen provides ample space for reading books and viewing graphs and images. But what if you could use all of those E Ink pixels for something more creative, such as displaying your Windows desktop? As it turns out, with a few simple tricks you can use the Kindle DX as a computer display that can show anything your usual monitor can show. Towards A Retina Web Advertisement With the recent announcement and release of the Retina Macbook Pro, Apple has brought double-density screens to all of the product categories in its current lineup, significantly paving the way for the next wave of display standards. While the fourth-generation iPhone gave us a taste of the “non-Retina” Web in 2010, we had to wait for the third-generation iPad to fully realize how fuzzy and outdated our Web graphics and content images are. In the confines of Apple’s walled garden, popular native apps get updated with Retina graphics in a timely fashion, with the help of a solid SDK and a well-documented transition process. By contrast, the Web is a gargantuan mass whose very open nature makes the transition to higher-density displays slow and painful.

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