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Catching Spirits – Les superbes illustrations de Kevin Hong. Joshua-Budich-Whatever-Happens-Happens.-686x914.jpg (JPEG Image, 686 × 914 pixels) Andrew Degraff – Cult Movies Maps. Our favorite heroes visit lots of places in our cult movies… Thanks to Andrew Degraff, their path has become more clear !

Andrew Degraff – Cult Movies Maps

Discover the Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogy maps, hence with the Goonies, Shaun of the Dead and North by Northwest ! Nos héros préférés parcourent beaucoup de kilomètres et visitent de nombreux endroits dans leurs films… Heureusement, grâce au travail remarquable de Andrew Degraff, leur chemin est maintenant beaucoup plus clair ! Découvrez ses cartes des trilogies Indy Jones, Star Wars, sans oublier les Goonie, Shaun of the Dead et La Mort aux Trousses dans la suite de l’article ! Via. Pass me that lovely little gun.

Rockabilly Batman Characters. BLACKMEAL - MARVEL. Epic Marvel Robots. My housemate drew Medieval Style Avengers. Denis Medry – Batman Rockabilly Universe. I already posted about Denis Medry‘s Batman and Spidey Rockabilly universe, I know, but he designed more awesome sketches, and I had to share it !

Denis Medry – Batman Rockabilly Universe

Je sais que j’ai déjà posté sur les Spidey et Batman Rockabilly de Denis Medry, mais le dessinateur Italien a récemment fait d’autres croquis, que je ne pouvais que vous faire partager ! Via. Jeff Victor – The Evolution of the Famous Actors. Meet the awesome work of Jeff Victor on the evolution of our favorite artists and heroes !

Jeff Victor – The Evolution of the Famous Actors

Découvrez le superbe travail de Jeff Victor sur l’évolution de nos artistes et héros favoris ! La solitude des Super-Héros en images ! La vie de Super-Héros n'est pas une sinécure.

La solitude des Super-Héros en images !

Un héros est seul, bien qu'il soit aimé de tous. Ainsi, pour témoigner de ce chemin de croix, de cette dichotomie, un artiste s'est essayé à illustrer le côté sombre de nos idoles. Nous rêvons tous d’avoir des Super pouvoirs qui nous rendent à la fois unique et spécial, au risque de s’éloigner du reste de nos semblables. Demandez donc à Superman ou à celui qui a compris douloureusement qu’un grand pouvoir entraîne de grandes responsabilités.

Marko Manov a créé cette série baptisée « Superhero Noir » qui mixe artistiquement ces mythes des temps modernes au style du cinéma classique. Votre verdict ? 7010978_460s_v2.jpg (460×9633) What If The Justice League Came From The Wild West. Timetravelandrocketpoweredapes: Superhero Media... Timetravelandrocketpoweredapes: Superhero Media Crossovers by Butcher Billy Reblogged 1 year ago from liamdryden (Originally from timetravelandrocketpoweredapes) 60,121 notes Source: timetravelandrocketpoweredapes All things So Geek and/or Chic. ask us anything submit about ustwitter Follow on Tumblr.

timetravelandrocketpoweredapes: Superhero Media...

3 Posters Of "Star Wars" As A Spaghetti Western. Video Games Re-Imagined As Traditional Japanese Prints. Steampunk Spider-Man. The Best Of French Street Artist DRAN. 30 Stunning and Inspirational Comic Covers. In the past it was rejected as a secondary form of art, the 20th century transformed comics into a mass medium.

30 Stunning and Inspirational Comic Covers

From comic strips to graphic novels, the gender has increasingly grown in number of publications and popularity. With the expansion of the gender came the necessity of creating covers that look amazing and attract new readers. Comic book covers are not only the preview of what's under them, but stunning works of art. Sometimes it's a good idea to look for inspiration outside your usual field of action. In this post, we compiled some of our favourite comic covers from the last years. Justinrampage: Artist Malachi Maloney brings a... Toys Photography by Brian McCarty. Amazing Superhero Silhouettes - Design. Thanks to Christopher Nolan's reinvigoration of the Batman franchise, superheroes have seen a moodier makeover, at odds with the smiley, spandex-wearing justice-bringers of our youth.

Amazing Superhero Silhouettes - Design

So as we embark on another summer of superhero adventures, we have a new collection of moody character posters that fit perfectly into the darker run of comic book adaptations. They've been created by the incredibly talented Marcus at PosterInspired and are all available to buy for your Batcave. IKEA Culture: 20 Fanatical Fan Ads, Art & Design. IKEA Culture: 20 Fanatical Fan Ads, Art & Design Article by Steph, filed under Guerilla Ads & Marketing in the Design category.

IKEA Culture: 20 Fanatical Fan Ads, Art & Design

The purveyors of cheap-and-cheerful modern Scandinavian home goods have plied us with their glossy catalogs and Swedish meatballs, and we have responded with wide-eyed devotion. We flock to IKEA warehouse stores en-masse. We marvel at products with unpronounceable names. The most obsessed IKEA fans create fan art, write songs, beg to sleep there overnight and even get married at their stores. IKEA Stonehenge Infographic. Quibe – One Line Drawings. Cool idea by Quibe : drawing geekdom characters with one and only one line ! Arian Noveir – TMNT. I know.

Arian Noveir – TMNT

Again. But those splash Turtles by Arian Noveir are really cool… I couldn’t resist ! Meet the whole team and foes in the full article ! Je sais. Les tortues. Dragon Ball Z : un flipbook impressionnant. Et si l'on évoquait une fois encore l'increvable licence Dragon Ball Z ?

Dragon Ball Z : un flipbook impressionnant

The "Game Of Thrones" Cast, Anime-Style. Game Of Throne – Le jeu de Baston. Miguel Lokia – Pop Culture Game of Thrones Houses. Miguel Lokia designed some great heraldry, both inspired by the Houses of Game of Thrones and the pop culture heroes. Check the other Houses in the whole article ! J.E. Fullerton – A Song of Ice and Fire Illustrated Maps. Game of Thrones est l’une des meilleures séries de SF que j’ai pu lire depuis le Seigneur des Anneaux, et l’univers qui s’y rapporte, immense, détaillé et passionnant est une source de bonheur et d’inspiration inépuisable pour les Geek-Artistes du monde entier. 8lgoY.jpg (1920×1080) Dirty, Scary Disney Characters. 50 Beautiful Pieces Of Concept Art From Classic Disney Movies. Disney Star wars. La triste fin des princesses Disney. Jeudi 28 juin 2012 dans Image La photographe Dina Goldstein a imaginé ce que sont devenues les héroïnes et princesses Disney dans notre monde actuel et de façon triste voir tragique.

Paperman (Disney) Inside The Impossible Anatomy Of A Disney Princess. (2) 9GAG - If Celebrities Evolve Like Pokemons. 18 Pokemon Reimagined As Mayan Gods. 43 Pokemon Mash-Ups That Are Better Than The Real Thing. When The Old Gods Return. Giovanni Costa – Spaghetti Gotham. What if Gotham was a Spaghetti Western town ? Giovanni Costa has the answer… Ian Wilding – Video Games Posters. Really cool work on our favorite video games by Ian Wilding ! H-57 – Shortology Movie Posters. Life is short. H-57 knows it. La vie courte. 7058317_460s.jpg (460×4623) Poke Challenge: Sloth Film Posters. You’ve been making posters for films starring sloths for us today, here are some of our favourites… 1. Slothello By @aptaim 2. One, two Slothy’s coming for you…

Every Single Pokémon Arranged by Color.