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The Best Broccoli of Your Life

The Best Broccoli of Your Life
November 10, 2008 | By Adam Roberts | 370 Comments [Hi, I'm Adam Roberts, The Amateur Gourmet. You're about to read the most popular post I've ever written in the ten year history of my blog. If you enjoy it, and want more posts like it, give me a follow on Twitter or Facebook. You won't regret it. OK, now for the best broccoli of your life.] You know you’ve done something right with broccoli when the person you made it for describes it to someone else the next day as “better than biting into a steak.” Those were Craig’s words and they were a marked change from the first words he uttered about the broccoli, before he bit in: “You made broccoli for dinner? Then he did bite in and his eyes lit up. So what did I do to the broccoli to make it taste so good? I can’t take any credit. I’m going to have a hard time this week not posting all of the recipes from her new book, Back To Basics. Specifically, she loves roasting vegetables at a high temperature until they caramelize. Now, it’s easy.

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7 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again. Scallions You can regrow scallions by leaving an inch attached to the roots and place them in a small glass with a little water in a well-lit room. How Long Does It Take Dell Online Support To Realize You’re Just Describing The Plot of Hackers? Remember that fantastically terrible 1995 movie Hackers? If so, then you’re more cinematically versatile than Dell’s online customer support team. The Jonny Lee Miller/Terrible Haircut Angelina Jolie cyber thriller may not hold up today compared with modern technology, but then again, some might say the same about Dell. I decided to get on with their tech team and basically just describe the plot of the movie to them and see if they could recommend a system to fight off this team of misfit hackers. I posted as Fisher Stevens’ iconic character Eugene “The Plague” Belford.

Parmesan-Roasted Green Beans Recipe 5 ingredients and 20 minutes – that is all. I LOVE french fries, but I would choose these green beans over french fries any day of the week. There is a little crunch to them but they are FULL of flavor. This recipe is Gluten- Free. Spaghetti Casserole 463K+What kind of recipe makes your all-star list? If you are like me, it must be easy, made from ingredients you are likely to have in your pantry and something most people (including kids and picky eaters) will like. Bonus points for something that can be made ahead of time and doesn’t require much last minute preparation. Scooter’s Spaghetti fulfills all these requirements. But who is Scooter you ask? Sweet Thai Chili SauceWith some KICK I’m not some nutjob you know. I do, on occasion, buy preprepared foods. Frozen stuff. And stuff in bottles. That kind of thing.

Hawaii Monitor: Fallen Apple Has Immediate Practical Consequences The budget meltdown and administrative shakeup at the University of Hawaii’s Manoa campus have been very much in the news, but I doubt most people understand just how delicate — to use a polite euphemism — the immediate situation is in the wake of Chancellor Tom Apple’s imposition of an indefinite hiring freeze and the subsequent swirling rumors of his likely administrative demise. The practical problems created by the abrupt hiring freeze are dramatic and carry heavy downside risk for the campus. In just over two weeks, thousands of incoming students, including freshmen starting their college careers and students transferring from other universities, as well as continuing students attempting to make course changes, will be lining up to register for fall semester classes.

Creamed Avocado and Lime Chilled Pasta If you are feeling that you are running out of creamy pasta recipes, or simply want to try something new, what about this one which is made of creamed avocado. I like fresh avocado in a big salad or guacamole style, but thought one day it’s a shame not using this super nutritious tropical fruit in other ways. Warm seasons are already around the corner where getting ripe avocados is easier and they get more affordable. Why not give this butter in the field some fun twist? Creamed Avocado and Lime Chilled Pasta First and foremost, you will need a ripe avocado.

Amazing Ramen Noodle Recipes Going to college requires a lot of your time, which doesn't allow you to cook your common four-course meal. Using the age-old college fallback, ramen noodles, you can cook yourself a tasty treat in a short amount of time without breaking the bank. Preparing Ramen Noodles for a Recipe apple braid Hi all, I’m Rachael from La Fuji Mama and am tickled to have been asked by Jenna to share one of my crazy concoctions here on Eat, Live, Run! Jenna is very brave! I’ve had apples on the brain lately, partially due to these three handsome little fellas sitting on my counter top waiting for me to decide what they would become.

Privacy and Data Security Harms - Concurring Opinions I recently wrote a series of posts on LinkedIn exploring privacy and data security harms. I thought I’d share them here, so I am re-posting all four of these posts together in one rather long post. “It’s just a flesh wound.” – Monty Python and the Holy Grail Suppose your personal data is lost, stolen, improperly disclosed, or improperly used. Are you harmed? Green Bean Casserole Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away, and boy is my whisk tired. I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dishes to share with you and in the process, I’ve even been storing up things like pie crusts and cornbread for my own spread. I’ve have had a blast making a complete mess of of my kitchen. And I’ve considered selling the house when it’s time to clean up. And I’ve told my children to make friends with washing dishes, but fast.

Pita Bread Pita bread is a great bread for beginning bakers or for making with kids. The entire process of making them only takes about two hours too, so it is also a great one for people on a tight schedule. Flat breads can be made in dozens of different ways. They can be made from grains other than wheat, such as corn in corn tortillas. They can be made with no leavening, such as matzo or flour tortillas, with chemical leavening (baking soda or baking powder) such as pancakes or crepes, or with yeast, such as naan or pita bread. They can also be made from a starter.

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