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It's Official- Cell Phones are Killing Bees

It's Official- Cell Phones are Killing Bees
Scientists may have found the cause of the world’s sudden dwindling population of bees – and cell phones may be to blame. Research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has shown that the signal from cell phones not only confuses bees, but also may lead to their death. Over 83 experiments have yielded the same results. With virtually most of the population of the United States (and the rest of the world) owning cell phones, the impact has been greatly noticeable. Led by researcher Daniel Favre, the alarming study found that bees reacted significantly to cell phones that were placed near or in hives in call-making mode. The signals cause the bees to become lost and disoriented. Bees are an integral and necessary part of our agricultural and ecological systems, producing honey, and more importantly pollinating our crops. Via Daily Mail Related:  The Dark Side

Nu publicerar vi förundersökningen om Julian Assange - Magasinet Paragraf Bilden som illustrerar den här artikeln visar hur man i stora delar av världen ser på staten Sveriges agerande gentemot Julian Assange. Jag har en tid haft tillgång till hela den svenska förundersökningen om Julian Assanges påstådda sexbrott. Har varit tveksam till om vi skulle publicera den eller inte. Inte för att den är sekretessbelagd. Det finns ofta anledning för oss på Para§raf att låta publicera dokument som makthavare av olika slag vill dölja. Utan för att den avhandlar intima sexuella detaljer. Frågor och svar Några korta frågor och svar beskriver vad det handlar om: Raggade Assange upp de här två kvinnorna? Nej, de raggade upp honom och erbjöd honom att bo i deras lägenheter. Sa de ifrån om att de inte ville ligga med honom? Nej, inte alls. Använde han våld för att ha sex med dem? Nej. Ville han helst ha sex utan kondom? Ja, men det är inte olagligt. Hade han medvetet sönder en kondom? Blev någon av kvinnorna gravid eller smittad av någon sjukdom? Som en rockidol Varnade Assange

Scientists discover new species of 'blind snake' in Brazilian river (and please stop sniggering at the back) By Eddie Wrenn Published: 15:46 GMT, 1 August 2012 | Updated: 19:05 GMT, 1 August 2012 Forgive us if this puts you off your dinner because, as snakes go, this is not much of a charmer. The unique creature, atretochoana eiselti, was found after engineers drained a hydroelectric dam which spans a river connected to the Amazon. Biologists discovered six of the unusual-looking creatures - each about a metre long - at the bottom of the river-bed on the Madeira river in Rondonia, in Brazil. This blind snake might look a little disgusting, but it is an exciting discovery for scientists, who believe it is closely related to salamanders and frogs Atretochoana eiselti is blind and has been spotted near the mouth of the Amazon river, in warm and fast-flowing water The creatures were discovered in November, however it took until today for scientists to correctly classify the snake's genus - confirming it is a rare creature which has only been spotted sporadically since first spotted in 1968.

Nowe plany depopulacji Niedługo do układów klimatyzacji w samochodach trafi nowe chłodziwo o symbolu HFO-1234yf, 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropan czyli fluorowany węglowodór. Ma ono zastąpić wycofywany z rynku R 134a, jako że ten ostatni został uznany za gaz cieplarniany, a jak wiadomo gazy cieplarniane powodują ocieplenie klimatu, co stanowi nowy dogmat wiary NWO. Nowe chłodziwo ma 300-krotnie mniejsze możliwości tworzenia efektu cieplarnianego i to jest jego jedyna, wątpliwa zaleta. Jednocześnie jednak ma dwie spore wady: po pierwsze, pod wpływem wysokiej temperatury przekształca się w śmiertelną truciznę, fluorowodór, a po drugie jest horrendalnie drogie. Fluorowodór wydzielający się przy silnym podgrzaniu HFO-1234yf bezboleśnie przenika przez skórę, a nawet przez strój ochronny. Przeprowadzono w Niemczech próby laboratoryjne, do których użyto świńskich łów z ubojni. Natomiast w układzie klimatyzacyjnym jest około 600 gram fluorowodoru. Niemiecki Federalny Instytut ds. za:

BBC Nature - Mammals videos, news and facts 13 Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments on Humans The U.S. Government has been caught conducting an insane amount of vile, inhumane and grisly experiments on humans without their consent and often without their knowledge. So in light of recent news of the U.S. infecting Guatemalans with STDs, here are the 13 most evil, for lack of a better word, cases of human-testing as conducted by the United States of America. Get ready to become one of those conspiracy theory nuts, because after this list, you will never fully trust your government again. 1) Mind Control, Child Abuse – Project MKULTRA, Subproject 68 This is the stuff of nightmares. 2) Mustard Gas Tested on Soldiers via Involuntary Gas Chambers As bio-weapon research intensified in the 1940′s, officials also began testing its repercussions and defenses on the Army itself. 3) U.S. As head of Japan’s infamous Unit 731 (a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II), Dr. 5) US Infects Guatemalans With STD’s

NASA-funded study says “irreversible collapse” of industrial civilization likely in coming decades By Nafeez Ahmed / The Guardian A new study sponsored by Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center has highlighted the prospect that global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution. Noting that warnings of ‘collapse’ are often seen to be fringe or controversial, the study attempts to make sense of compelling historical data showing that “the process of rise-and-collapse is actually a recurrent cycle found throughout history.” Cases of severe civilisational disruption due to “precipitous collapse – often lasting centuries – have been quite common.” The research project is based on a new cross-disciplinary ‘Human And Nature DYnamical’ (HANDY) model, led by applied mathematician Safa Motesharri of the US National Science Foundation-supported National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, in association with a team of natural and social scientists. Like this: Like Loading...

It Sounds Pretty Racist When You Say It All At The Same Time Thom Hartmann: Never underestimate the power of the people when they understand the message. Never underestimate that. I think that this is something that can be done quite quickly. I think it's something that can be done rather efficiently. Narrator: And a big part of the issue when creating a multiracial, multiethnic democracy movement is an understanding of how race and racism were constructed in the United States through law, and how those laws informed our culture in much the same way those corporate rights have been constructed through the law to ensure rule of the wealthy minority over the majority, and how our culture reinforces and legitimizes that lack of democracy. Right from the very beginning, Article 4 of the U.S. The Indian Removal Act of 1830. 1854, the People versus Hall. 1857, Dred Scott versus Sanford. 1862, Emancipation Proclamation in District of Columbia. 1862, Homestead Act. 1882, Chinese Exclusion Act. 1924, Johnson Reed Act. 1934. 1942.

16 Signs That You’re a Slave to the Matrix Today’s world is a strange place. We are inundated with signals from early on in life, encouraging each of us to walk a particular path, establishing blinders on us along the way to discourage us from looking for alternatives to what the herd is doing or thinking. Life is so complex that overtime, if we are paying attention, we realize that there are an infinite number of possibilities to what the human experience could be, and we come see that the world is on fire because individuals all too infrequently question why things are the way they are, failing to notice that their mindset or behavior needs adjustment in favor of more intelligent, common sensical, or sustainable patterns of existence. Read on, and please take a moment to comment below with anything you’d like to add to the list or object to. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist.

10 Shocking Photos That Will Change How You See Consumption And Waste As individual and anonymous consumers, it's seemingly impossible to even estimate the physical ramifications of our daily consumption and waste. While our personal imprints may not seem in themselves worthy of alarm, the combined effect of human's habits and rituals is hard to look away from. Cell phones #2, Atlanta 2005 Photographer Chris Jordan works with the debris we as a society leave behind, photographing massive dumps of cell phones, crushed cars and circuit boards. The series, dubbed "Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption," shows the unmistakable imprint of our American culture in all its horror and strange, dark appeal. Crushed Cars, Tacoma 2004 Faced with Jordan's unshakeable images, we lose our ability to shrug off the consequences of our consumption, a small but necessary first step on the way to lasting change. See Jordan's striking works below and watch as dumped electronics morph into something resembling brushstrokes or building blocks.

The Five Biggest Threats To Human Existence In the daily hubbub of current “crises” facing humanity, we forget about the many generations we hope are yet to come. Not those who will live 200 years from now, but 1,000 or 10,000 years from now. I use the word “hope” because we face risks, called existential risks, that threaten to wipe out humanity. These risks are not just for big disasters, but for the disasters that could end history. Not everyone has ignored the long future though. But had these pioneers or futurologists not thought about humanity’s future, it would not have changed the outcome. We are in a more privileged position today. Future imperfect Yet, these risks remain understudied. If humanity becomes extinct, at the very least the loss is equivalent to the loss of all living individuals and the frustration of their goals. With that in mind, I have selected what I consider the five biggest threats to humanity’s existence. 1. The Cuban Missile crisis was very close to turning nuclear. 2. eneas, CC BY 3. 4. gi, CC BY-SA