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What I Learned From Finding a New Barber With Instagram After following my barber from place to place around the Phoenix metro area for five years he moved too far away and it started becoming too time consuming of a drive and wait to get a fresh haircut. I’m a big believer in getting a haircut at least once a week or once every other week. It builds confidence and helps you run a business and your life better if you look good and feel good about yourself. I needed to find a new barber. Artlog Advertise with Artlog Launched in 2007 and based in New York City, Artlog is a portal to professionals and art collectors, emerging artists, and influential industry leaders, including art press, gallery owners, and curators. Through a strong online platform, over 35 events in the past few years, major sponsorships and partnerships with art fairs, auction houses, museums and galleries, Artlog has emerged as a leading resource for art and culture enthusiasts, collectors and industry professionals. Brand messages are packaged online, offline, and through partnerships with major institutions like museums, galleries, auction houses, non-profits and media companies like NBC and the Huffington Post. We offer a number of advertising opportunities on to reach nearly 100,000 monthly visitors and 50,000 email subscribers.

Chicago Lean Startup Circle (Chicago, IL) The Chicago Lean Startup Circle is a group of smart and driven high-tech entrepreneurs that have learned how to discover customers and build products they want. Lean Startups (which can include for profit and not for profit organizations, new product/innovation organizations within larger companies and even government agencies) achieve success faster than most because they get out of the building to talk to customers, validate business model assumptions as quickly and cheaply as possible, use agile development to decrease time to market and leverage continuous deployment to learn as fast as possible. Our mission attracts the brightest entrepreneurs in the Midwest and beyond and help them reduce risk and find a path to success. Our guest speakers like Eric Ries, Mike Evans, Brant Cooper, Patrick Vlaskovits and Troy Henikoff share their stories and techniques so we can all learn from each other.

Hungry But Want to Have Fun Too? See Why You Should Check Out Top Golf Scottsdale Sometimes when you are trying to figure out what to do in Scottsdale on a Friday night where you want grab a bite to eat but still have some fun the best thing to do is go hammer some golf balls at Top Golf Scottsdale while being waited on by some of the best servers in the valley. Top golf Scottsdale has a a few full bars, plenty of servers, food, drinks, and a great atmosphere that gives you that slight night club feeling in an outdoor environment where you get get all the food, drinks, and fun all in one spot. If you are thinking about going to Top Golf Scottsdale there are three things you should know or consider. Their menu, coupons, and reservations.. Reservations is especially key on their busy days and nights because sometimes it can be a one to two hour wait since they are so popular for the experience they offer. Top Golf Scottsdale Menu

Online advertising earnings Here are the details of my online advertising earnings and website traffic for March 2011 in the hope that they help to either initiate or increase your own additional income stream. March 2011 advertising income Amazon Associates: $200.58 InfluAds: $1,428.00 Total: $1,628.58 (£1,000.86 GBP) Amazon Associates I’ve already talked about the commission cheques I receive for helping designers look sharp.

Startup and Tech Jobs in Chicago Post a Job! startup and technology Jobs (353) Remove Filters Job Categories 4 FullProof Way To Generate Water Damage Leads - DIAP Media If you are a water damage restoration business and you are looking to grow your business besides relationships and referrals from insurance companies we have 4 tried and tested ways to use digital marketing and the internet to target customers already searching your local area. This is the best Water Damage Marketing Strategy to get you leads in 2017. If you feel like you don’t have the expertise and rather focus on your water damage business vs. the digital marketing aspects we share below then call our water damage SEO agency today and we can start working on all four of these proven ROI based strategies to help you grow your water damage business to the next level. Google Adwords (Pay per click marketing)

How to get beta signups for your startup in 9 steps - TNW Social Media Launching in Beta is a common method to prevent the havoc of an imperfect release, and lately it’s been utilized as a promotional technique. Most of Google’s products are launched in beta in small, often buggy patches. But indeed, it builds Buzz, pun intended. The important thing to remember is: Finding great beta testers is key to your startup’s success. But how do you beckon early adopters? And what can you do to increase the odds of a press avalanche that will leave users begging to be let in a la Kohort? For most businesses, keeping up to date on social media marketing takes too much time. Since time is a valuable asset for a business, social media marketing is often ignored. Here's the good news: this failure for businesses is an opportunity for you. Businesses today will gladly pay $1,000, $3,500, or even $5,000 (or more) to have someone else manage their social media marketing.

Join Chorus The path to social business starts with your company’s employees, by empowering employees to become brand advocates on social networks. Employee advocates help companies reach new audiences, increase engagement, and improve share of voice. In fact, 400 employee advocates will drive more engagement than 1 million fans. On April 9, Mark Burgess and Cheryl Burgess, co-authors of the best-selling book, The Social Employee, will share case studies from IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Dell, Domo and Adobe that are empowering employees to create and share brand content. During this webinar, we’ll also cover why employee advocates are an integral part of becoming a social business, how to motivate and empower employees to be active brand advocates, and how to measure the success of employee advocate programs

6 Things You Should Know About the Phoenix Art Museum » AZ Charged Before you go to the Phoenix Art Museum here are the top six things people are curious to know about at the Phoenix Art Museum which is the largest art museum for visual art in the Southwest of the US. Before we give you that list, here is a quick background of the Phoenix Art museum and some cool quick stats to learn before your next visit 285,000 Square feetAlden B Dow and Blaine Drake are the architectsDirector is Amada CruzLocated at 1625 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004Phone 602-257-1222Features PHXArtKids and interactive space for childrenCommunity center since 1969More than 18,000 pieces of art works of American, European, Latin American, Western American, modern and contemporary art and fashion design.

Backpage Phoenix, the Craigslist Alternative to Buying/Selling Online » AZ Charged If you are looking for another place online to target people in Phoenix, AZ to buy and sell online similar to Craigslist Phoenix you need to check out Backpage Phoenix. In 2011, Backpage was the second largest classified ad listing service on the Internet in the United States after Craigslist. Also, there are some really great categories on Backpage Phoenix they get a lot of traffic for vs. Craigslist like Guns, Pets, Autos, Jobs and Furniture. Backpage use to be part of the Phoenix New Times but have developed independently again into their own site and entity and still get a ton of local Phoenix website traffic.

How To Use SnapChat: Snapchat Support We compiled an ultimate fool proof list of the best snapchat blog posts, videos and tutorials on how to use SnapChat. This list was inspired by the recent keys to success inspirational snaps of DJ Khaled. In the last few weeks has generated 3 million views per snap and gets 500k of those views within seconds. Since he got lost at sea on his jet ski on Snapchat and really since over the holidays DJ Khaled has created a Snapchat buzz that has the older generation hopping on.