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Coworking Office Space, Benefits, Support

Your second home We're always working to make your office feel like home. We look after your needs with beautiful workspaces, high-speed Internet, printing, designer furniture, cleaning, conference rooms, lounges, digital tools, and custom amenities like screening rooms and editing rooms. It’s all part of your WeWork membership. A vibrant community We create environments where individual pursuit and collaboration collide.

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America's 10 Best Cities to Live and Launch A great place to live can also be a great place to start a business. The financial blog 24/7 Wall St. recently ranked the 50 best cities to live. They used Census Bureau data for 550 cities, including statistics on employment growth, educational attainment and housing affordability to determine which cities are at the top of the heap. Insanely Easy Mobile Publishing Insanely easy to get live 1. Content Give us your URL and our platform automatically crawls and indexes all of your content. Every publisher has a unique set of content and our visual rules engine will allow a publisher to bring in unique content such as Slideshows. Lastly, we’ll be able to follow any content ordering or programming you may have.

16 Cool Coworking Spaces Ready to get out of the basement and into a real office? Before you strike out on your own and get locked into a lease, consider a coworking space. They’re more affordable, full of start-up geeks like you, and probably cooler than any office your start-up could afford. Here are 17 spaces to check out. Lean Startup Tools Please sign in to do this Sign in with Twitter Hey there!

Developer or Marketer - Who Is More Important? By Jonathan Gebauer (@jogebauer) This question often comes up when discussing new projects, online projects in general or even just your consulting fees. And it seems that everyone has his own opinion, and they differ widely. When sharing economy goes corporate: LiquidSpace’s work space rental goes enterprise-level By Erin Griffith On March 29, 2013 There’s a tension between the flashy, venture-backed sharing economy companies gracing the cover of glossy magazines, and the pure-of-heart collaborative consumption community — the original sharers, barterers, car-poolers, and couch surfers that feel the term has, of late, been co-opted and perverted with money-hungry capitalism. One company that’s mostly stayed out of that debate is LiquidSpace. The company may have done that by not trying to align itself with every list, feature, and press mention related to the collaborative consumption. Or it may have done that by co-opting the idea in an even more radical way.

Writing a business plan - How to write a business plan - Submit a business plan - Sequoia Capital Writing a Business Plan At Sequoia we like business plans that present a lot of information in as few words as possible. The following business plan format, within 15–20 slides, is all that’s needed... A Marketer's Complete Guide to Launching Mobile Apps According to former CEO of AppVee and AndroidApps Alex Ahlund, the average cost to develop a mobile app is $6,453 -- and the cost can skyrocket to as much as $150,000 depending on the complexity of the app. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, the money and resources you dedicate to conceptualizing and developing a truly great mobile app can all be put to waste if you don't orchestrate a proper mobile app launch. In fact, in December 2011, the 1 millionth mobile app was pushed to market. To give you an idea of just how quickly these mobile apps are being released, at the end of 2010, there were 300,000 mobile apps.

Creative Commons Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license. Here are some recently added bits and pieces: Attribution License 511: Derek Blair: Running his dream business on his dream island 37 Flares153019--×37 Flares 40 Flares Twitter 19 Facebook 15 Google+ 3 LinkedIn 3 inShare3 40 Flares × Listen to the Episode Below

How to Find Temporary Office Space in New York 25Jun If you’re traveling to New York for business, chances are you’re going to need a space to work. While your hotel room might offer a desk, it’s probably best to avoid the distraction of the TV and the temptation of the bed and find yourself some office space instead. Luckily, it’s easy to find a desk in a shared work environment in New York City. Check out these workspaces, apps, and websites that help you stay productive while you’re on the road. Co Finalists: Two Companies With Responsible Cultures - Business - GOOD As the year comes to a close, we’re wrapping up the GOOD Company Project’s nomination process and planning to unveil the final, 40-company list in the new year. Never fear, we’ll have more stories to come about the companies that populate the list and how they’re changing business for the better; we’re also looking forward to debuting the rest of our video series of company profiles. This week, we’re recognizing two very different companies who share a commitment to a great work culture. Wolff Olins A brand consulting firm based in New York, London, and Dubai, Wolf Olins has been a player in the corporate communications and strategy world since its founding in 1965, working on branding for everything from Apple to the 2012 London Olympics.

7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the Most-Watched TED Talks Speakers You’d never know it, but Simon Sinek is naturally shy and doesn’t like speaking to crowds. At parties, he says he hides alone in the corner or doesn’t even show up in the first place. He prefers the latter. Yet, with some 22 million video views under his belt, the optimistic ethnographer also happens to be the third most-watched TED Talks presenter of all time. Ironic for an introvert, isn’t it? Sinek’s unlikely success as both an inspirational speaker and a bestselling author isn’t just dumb luck.

Affordable Blogger Outreach Solution Inkybee: Finding Relevant Blogs Whether you’re a business, a brand or a blogger you need a way to find relevant blogs. Ideally, you want to be able to rank them by influence and reach and keep track of your interactions with the bloggers. Previously I wrote about the Blog Outreach Management tool Group High, but that solution is only suitable for large agencies and brands because of the high cost.

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