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How to Sharpen Your Powers of Observation: 6 Steps

How to Sharpen Your Powers of Observation: 6 Steps
Edit Article Edited by Devan Braden, Teresa, Dreamboy, BR and 9 others Observation is a whole brain skill. Using your senses at the fullest capacity that you can, paying close attention to many details, focus, analyzing, reasoning, and memory all take many processes in your brain. Many people envy those that are highly observant, degrading their own Powers of Observation. They seem to fail to realize that these skills can be developed and honed through diligence and training. Ad Steps 1Meditate. 5Learn Through Trial and Error. Tips Remember that this could take a while depending on the way you work and how dedicated you are. Warnings Your thoughts can go against you, it's difficult to ALWAYS be aware of everything, stick to what you can do.

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How to Use 43 Folders A very simple guide to leaving here quickly so you can get back to making something awesome. Ask yourself… Why am I here right now instead of making something cool on my own? 50 Awesome Household Tips 1) Toothpaste: Buff a CD/DVD Apply toothpaste to a cotton ball and wipe the disc. Wash with water afterwards and you’ve got a brand new disc! 2) Cornstarch: Untangle Knots Sprinkling cornstarch into tough knots, such as shoe laces helps loosen them. 3) Walnut: Buff Dings out of Wood Furniture Get rid of unsightly scratches and dings on wood furniture by rubbing a walnut on the areas. The blemishes will vanish quickly and your furniture and pocket book will be saved. 15 Lessons from Disney Movies We Should Revisit As Adults Growing up, the movies and T.V. shows we watched were for mere entertainment. Or to distract us so we’d give mommy and daddy a few hours of peace and quiet. Watching them as adults, these movies can hold so much more meaning. Seeing them through the glasses of our age and experiences, they speak to our inner child- delivering a surprisingly deep message. Here are 15 lessons from childhood movies we all should revisit. The Lion King

13 Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough We’ve all gone through hard times. And we all get through them. However, some get through them better than others. So what is their secret? Most of it has to do with attitude. Here are 13 things to remember when life gets rough:

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Energy and the Enneagram Copyright © Ewald Berkers Take the Enneagram test to learn your personality type, and enhance your emotional well-being with the energy healing recommendations for each Enneagram type. These consist of acupressure points and chakra meditations. 14 Things People Who Feel Comfortable With Themselves Do Differently It`s the ultimate dream to feel truly comfortable with oneself; to do, say and believe exactly what you like without bitterness and without worrying about what others may say. To feel fully comfortable with yourself is a long road that requires not only tens of hours of working on yourself but also knowing exactly what you should do. In this article you will learn about what self confident people do differently, and how they feel comfortable with themselves. Read till the end, know what you need to do, share it when you like it (and I`m sure you will) and don`t forget the most important thing – do it. 1. They are only nice to the nice

How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn Instructions for cast iron skillet cleaning often include a lot of don'ts: Don't use soap, don't use steel wool, don't put it in the dishwasher. It's almost enough to scare a cook off from cast iron completely! However, with a few simple techniques, you'll be able to keep your skillet clean, rust-free, and well-seasoned. Fun & Inspiring Archives Ethan, a 6-Year Old Boy with Autism, Plays Piano Man Ethan is only six years old, and he has autism, but you’d never think in watching this video that he’s disabled in any way. He’s vibrant, amazingly talented, and inspiring beyond belief! I love that he’s wearing a Superman shirt, because this beautiful little boy is my new hero. Brown Bear Belly Flops into a Swimming Pool